Walcot House Contemporary

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Walcot House Contemporary

Walcot House Contemporary combines luminous colour with elegant design. Three pole diameters are available, the 19mm in black or stainless steel is sleek and subtle, the 30mm in stainless steel or brushed bronze is elegantly-proportioned and the 50mm in matt stained woods, high gloss lacquered, stainless steel or solid acrylic complements both classic or contemporary schemes.

Embellish your pole with a choice of jewel-like finials. Moonstone is one, two or three coloured glass spherical or cubed stones. Lunar is an elegantly shaped coloured frosted glass finial with smooth cut facets. Rock Candy is layers of hand-cut deliciously-coloured glass interspersed with clear glass. Bobbin is a stainless steel end cap with different coloured and textured inserts and Beaded is a combination of rings of beaded coloured glass.

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