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The Bradley Collection

Curtain poles from The Bradley Collection are made in the tradition of the best of British workmanship from the highest quality materials. Their innovative manufacture ensures beautiful and technically advanced designs with in-built longevity. Within the Collection are the following ranges:


Bradley's Steel range captures the beauty and variety of the metal in classic forms and 19mm, 25mm and 38mm diameters. The Polished finish is glassy and cool for a flawless accent in contemporary spaces. The Brass Toned finish adds a sophisticated tone with a hint of brass over shone steel for a mellow, translucent glow. The Bronzed finish is rich and soft to complement both neutral shades and vibrant colour palettes. The dark luxurious Waxed finish amply enhances the hand-worked patina of forged steel.


Bradley's Elysian range combines a pared-down modernist style with a hint of decorative sensibility, making these poles ideal for domestic, hospitality or contract settings. With a choice of solid or metallic colour finishes and finials crafted in clean geometric forms, there is an Elysian pole for every modern setting.


Bradley Edge is a modern bespoke aluminium track system which combines a high level of technical functionality with designer looks. The satin finished track is available in both round and flat options and either of these can be teamed with a full range of wall, ceiling, recess and double brackets in Polished, Bone, Pumice or Flint finishes. Finials are available in all the bracket finishes plus glass and matching collars fix the finials to the track. As this is a bespoke system, Edge can be made to fit all types of installation, including bay and bow windows, shower rooms and long span windows in both domestic and commercial settings. Edge provides an opportunity to transform functional curtain track into a design masterpiece.


Decorative from Bradley is a curtain pole range redolent with the atmosphere of grand country houses, where impeccable taste and traditional craftsmanship have been employed in the decoration of both classical and opulent rooms. The 38mm and 50mm diameter poles are finished by hand in either wood stains or standard and customised paint finishes. Finials and brackets can be finished in single or combined colours as standard and poles and rings decorated to co-ordinate. A bespoke service is also available to match poles and components to fabric and wall colours. Finials options are available in both classical and ornate styles to give a time-honoured look for traditional schemes.


Mio is a modern drapery system incorporating conventional and tracked poles for both straight and bay windows. There are two stainless steel finishes - Brushed and Polished and six colour options: Bone, Parchment, Clay, Slate, Cocoa and Flint. The sculpted finials are hand made from metal, wood or glass and are available in five shapes: Basic, Cubit, Pod, Whirl and Shadow.


The Bradley Collection is renowned for superb quality and stunning designs. Foundation is the latest addition to the Bradley ranges and this very modern design can be cut to fit any shape or size of window, including bays. Available in 19 mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm, the finishes include Silver, Bone, Platinum, Graphite, Cocoa, Champagne, Clay, Cognac and Waxed. Custom colours are also available, with over 200 options in the colour selector. There are many finial shapes, including Ball, Urn and Disk.

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