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10th November 2011

It wasn’t long ago we recently unveiled our Museum Curtain Pole Sale, but here we are again and this time with a very recent addition Walcot House!

We received a very lovely email from our friends at Walcot House letting us know that they had decided to give 20% off for Christmas! Great news!

But I know what you’re thinking, what about the Museum Curtain Pole Sale?? We are pleased to announce that the Walcot House Sale and the Museum Sale will run simultaneously over the next month. Both curtain pole ranges are very different in design and material so we wanted to give our customers the best of both Worlds.

The Sale for Walcot House is an amazing opportunity to get a great deal on some of the industry’s finest curtain pole sets in the UK. The brand has been mentioned very recently before in a blog which gives the run down on why these curtain poles are for you, which you can see here, there may or may not be reference to giant robots here also…read and find out!

Deliveries on this item will be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas if you order by the 5th of December, before 5pm. Unfortunately due to the demand and unpredictability of deliveries made during the Christmas Period any orders made after this date will not arrive until after Christmas and into the New Year.    It should also be noted that this deal will only last up until our last working day of 2011 22nd of December, but any orders made before this date will still be eligible for Sale prices.

Still not sure if Walcot House is right for you? why not take a look at our Gallery shots of Walcot House actually in place and with a lot more detail than just our product shots, you can see the images here. More photos will be added soon so remember to look back here for more pictures!

Walcot House Curtain Pole Sale

Walcot House Curtain Pole Winter Sale Now On!

Walcot House Sale is now on, take a look at our contemporary range in our Metal curtain pole section or in our Wooden Curtain Pole section, and see if you like the look of those hefty discounts. Remember this is for a very short period, so take advantage!! Any questions feel free to contact us or why not try our Facebook or Twitter page we run a lot of interesting promos there exclusively for our fans, well worth a quick look. Good Sale Hunting!


Walcot House Curtain Poles More Than Meets The Eye

24th October 2011

Walcot House is the latest addition to our growing online family-see our last blog for its introduction!

These curtain poles aren’t your average curtain poles….. If you look closely at these pole sets and their immaculate design and finish you may see a slight resemblance to that of a warring race of giant robots?

No? In all honesty this curtain pole range are no robots in disguise, Optimus can breathe a sigh of relief now.  But then how does this curtain pole range stand out from the rest?  Read on and see if Walcot House is the range for you!

Curtain Poles from Walcot House

Walcot House a Fine Collection


Some readers may be disappointed that these incredible curtain poles were not actually forged on Cybertron a millennium ago, but the real story behind their origin is just as mesmerizing if a little closer to home.  The Walcot House company have been creating designer curtain poles and accessories since 1991.  Inspired by their surrounding area in the Cotswolds, their range of curtain poles reflects a tranquil image of mother nature, combined with the modern cool exterior of sleak finished metals (again not from Cybertronian origin), these influences of design create some absolutely gorgeous products.

The range contains over 35 designs including a mix and match option on some of the finials.  The curtain poles are spread across three diameters-19mm, 30mm, and 50mm which can be found in the Metal and Wood sections on our site.  Options for types of curtain pole include Stainless Steel, Brushed Bronze, acrylic and stained wood, all of which go up to 480cm apart from 50mm pole sets which go to 400cm.  Each curtain pole is completed with a fine glossy finish.

Walcot House has a vast array of finials which range from fabric infused metals to delicately crafted glass including Apollo, Bismarck and Riva cube. A particular favourite in our shop is the Moonstone finial. These finials live up to their name, and could have easily been collected from the Moon itself, not the dark side of the moon though Mr Bay.   These finials can easily be added to any of the poles across the three diameters. The Moonstone finials act on a mix and match basis, with a choice of up to 3 finials and numerous stunning colours including Flame, Dusky Pink, Crocus, and Pale Aqua.

Moonstone Curtain Pole

Contact us for Details on The Moonstone Poles

Unfortunately we are still working out the tweaks on our Matrix to allow our online customers to purchase this product, so for the time being the Moonstone curtain pole sets are shop exclusives, but please contact us for more details!!

So there you have it! Walcot house is an extremely special range of curtain poles that we, The Pole Company, are proud to have on our site.  Remember there’s more than meets the eye with Walcot House and these poles truly deserve a closer look.

Walcot House ROLL OUT!


Walcot House is here!

13th October 2011

We would like to welcome Walcot house to our website!  We are very excited about having such a prestigious range of curtain poles on our site.  This is truly a modern classic set of designer curtain poles.  This range is full of absolutely fantastic designs and with such a vast selection we’re expecting it to fit in well with our other products!  So take a look here for metal poles in the range and here for wooden curtain poles!

Walcot House is here!

Welcome to Walcot House!











A more in depth blog on Walcot House is coming soon so keep a look out for it!


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