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4th January 2013

Happy New Year! and Happy New Shutter Sale!

That’s right we are currently having an S-Craft Shutter Sale! This year S-Craft are offering a fantastic 15% off on all shutter retail prices!!

This is a tremendous offer which only lasts until the end of January, so get in contact and let us help you make a great saving!

Please look at our shutter section for more details on our shutter ranges.

Sale must end 31/01/2013!!

Please also look at our Social network pages Twitter Facebook Pinterest and Google Plus accounts for daily updates on all things shutters!!


Shutter Sale!



Shutter Sale only 2 weeks to go!

25th January 2012

As the title suggests the shutter sale, with 20% of all S-Craft shutters, is coming to a close soon!  We at The Pole Company have been enjoying all the shutter attention we’ve received so far this January and are expecting a flurry of Shutter queries and orders in the next 14 days!

This kind of sale doesn’t come round very often, so we highly encourage you to take advantage!  For more information on the sale itself why not look at our previous blog which can be found here but if you’d prefer browsing our site for shutters then please go to our Shutter Section here.   Also if you would like to look at some of our previous work with shutters please have a look at our Gallery section which you find through this link here or here.

Shutter Sale in 2012

Only 2 weeks to go!!



So please do have a look at all our shutter information and pictures, it could be the right option for you! If you would like more information regarding shutters that you can’t find online then please contact us, either by phone or by email-we will get back to you asap! Please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive content and updates!

Thanks for reading!!



21st December 2011

Some of you may feel a bit sad at the end of our Museum and Walcot House curtain pole sale, or may have just found out about it from this blog post.  But here at The Pole Company we like to keep our customers happy so we are extremely pleased to announce that our S-Craft Shutter sale is returning this January!

All the details will be coming over the next month as to what this entails but as it stands we are offering 20% off all of our shutters until Valentines day 2012!  This very exciting for us to announce and we are looking forward to the sale already!

If you would like to look at our current selection of shutters on our website feel free to head on over to our shutter section here.  We will be returning on the 4th of January so please pay us a visit or send us an email! Have a fantastic Christmas and we’ll see you in the new year!

Thanks for reading!


S-Craft Shutter Sale 2012

Shutter Sale 2012-Begins January!!



21st December 2011

The 21st of December 2011. If you believe in the rumors, a year today the world won’t exist… But here at The Pole Company we aren’t letting anything like that bring us down, As its our last day of our online curtain pole sales!

The Sale includes the giant Museum curtain pole Sale! Which has seen a tremendous drop in prices across the range. We highly encourage you to browse our Museum Curtain poles today! You might be tempted! Have a look at them here or if you would like to read more information on these charming curtain poles have a look at one of our previous blogs which can be seen here.

Our other Sale is Walcot House which has seen 20% slashed from their original prices, so what a great time to take advantage of this luxurious curtain pole set! For information on this please look here or if you would just like to view the range have a look here!

As its our last day we can no longer guarantee a delivery before Christmas. Unfortunately a lot of our Curtain Pole traders are taking lengthy breaks this Christmas which inevitably will delay and even halt deliveries. That said if you buy one of these curtain poles from either sale today, you will receive them in the new year but you will still only have to pay sale prices on them! You’ve got until 5pm today…so make the most of these sales while they’re available!!

The Pole Company at Christmas!!

Two Sales One Day
















Have a great Christmas from all of us here at The Pole Company! Enjoy the time off and we’ll catch you in 2012!!!


P.S Our Shutter Sale is returning!!!! So stay tuned. For exclusive updates please look at our facebook page and twitter profile!

Thanks for reading!



10th November 2011

It wasn’t long ago we recently unveiled our Museum Curtain Pole Sale, but here we are again and this time with a very recent addition Walcot House!

We received a very lovely email from our friends at Walcot House letting us know that they had decided to give 20% off for Christmas! Great news!

But I know what you’re thinking, what about the Museum Curtain Pole Sale?? We are pleased to announce that the Walcot House Sale and the Museum Sale will run simultaneously over the next month. Both curtain pole ranges are very different in design and material so we wanted to give our customers the best of both Worlds.

The Sale for Walcot House is an amazing opportunity to get a great deal on some of the industry’s finest curtain pole sets in the UK. The brand has been mentioned very recently before in a blog which gives the run down on why these curtain poles are for you, which you can see here, there may or may not be reference to giant robots here also…read and find out!

Deliveries on this item will be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas if you order by the 5th of December, before 5pm. Unfortunately due to the demand and unpredictability of deliveries made during the Christmas Period any orders made after this date will not arrive until after Christmas and into the New Year.    It should also be noted that this deal will only last up until our last working day of 2011 22nd of December, but any orders made before this date will still be eligible for Sale prices.

Still not sure if Walcot House is right for you? why not take a look at our Gallery shots of Walcot House actually in place and with a lot more detail than just our product shots, you can see the images here. More photos will be added soon so remember to look back here for more pictures!

Walcot House Curtain Pole Sale

Walcot House Curtain Pole Winter Sale Now On!

Walcot House Sale is now on, take a look at our contemporary range in our Metal curtain pole section or in our Wooden Curtain Pole section, and see if you like the look of those hefty discounts. Remember this is for a very short period, so take advantage!! Any questions feel free to contact us or why not try our Facebook or Twitter page we run a lot of interesting promos there exclusively for our fans, well worth a quick look. Good Sale Hunting!



4th November 2011

In the wake of our Wood Works Sale a new Sale arises from the ashes and this time it’s for a range called Museum! Our sale is again focusing on a wooden curtain pole range, but we are very excited to be able to reduce the prices on such a exquisite designer collection.

More information on Museum will be coming soon but for now why not take a look at our current Museum curtain pole collection here?

Museum Curtain Pole Sale

Museum Sale Starts today!!


ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! 10 Reasons Why Wood Works Curtain Poles are perfect for you

3rd November 2011



As stated in our last blog, after 2 short months, Wood Works Curtain Pole sale is at an end!

Its been an interesting journey if somewhat of a quick one.   We are now facing the last 24 hours of the Sale…but here at The Pole Company we didn’t want to finish the sale without one more shot at selling this fantastic range before prices return late tomorrow.  So here are 10 reasons why Wood Works Curtain Poles are perfect for your home.

  1. Prices – This goes without saying, prices on Wood Works Curtain poles are extremely reasonable just for this particular range and a good deal is a good deal!
  2. Well Known Range – Following on from the prices, we want to reaffirm the popularity that Wood Works has as a range in the curtain pole industry.  The Pole Company is very privileged to be able to promote this sale, and this is a great opportunity for you to also own such a prestigious curtain pole.
  3. Natural Colour Appeal – One of the reasons Wood Works has achieved such a status in the industry is partly due to the colour design choice.  Centering the curtain poles on more natural colours such as Oak, Creams and Mahogany creates a back to basics mother nature look and feel but also retains an air of elegance about it.
  4. Minimalist Design – That colourful elegance we just mentioned is only furthered by Wood Works minimalist design which goes beautifully hand in hand with its set of natural colours.  Each curtain pole is smooth and finials including Acorn, ribbed Ball, and Square, all complete the set effortlessly.
  5. A Part of your Home – Wood Works will fit into anyones home.  As you’ve just read, the design of the Wood Works curtain pole has been done to achieve just that.
  6. Durable – Each curtain pole is very strong and has been expertly created to hold heavy curtains.  So if you are worried about the pole breaking why not take a look at the bigger diameters which again have been intensionally designed to hold a great amount of weight.
  7. Accessories Galore – Thats right not only has Wood Works provide a sets of curtain poles but also a huge range of curtain accessories ranging from rings-Holdbacks.  The sale could be a great time to stock up on the smaller items that make a big difference.
  8. Eco Friendly – Due to concern over production, the makers of the Wood Work range have remained extremely environment conscious.  All the wood used for Wood Works curtain poles are sourced from sustainable resources of well managed forests.  A incentive for not only saving the planet but saving the planet in interior design style.
  9. Christmas Pole – This curtain pole won’t necessarily replace your Christmas tree nor do we really recommend this for a loved one to find in their stocking…Mostly as it won’t fit.  But that said taking into account the Design and the natural feel of the pole, a Wood Works curtain pole could be the icing on the cake to complete that winter look.
  10. Previous Blog – If you have read to the end of this list and are still unsure about whether or not to go with the sale, why not take a look at an old blog? it might just change your mind-see if you can spot the film reference throughout…

No we hope that this has nudged you in the right direction and you want to give Wood Works a chance take a look here-If you’re still not convinced you can always contact us directly for a chat or join our Facebook group for exclusive fan content.



21st September 2011

The Wood Works curtain Pole Sale is well under way now. We’ve seen a lot of interest in the Sale which we are all very happy about here.

Classic Wooden curtain poles

Wood Works a classic range of curtain poles

Wooden curtain poles on sale!

Wood Works Sale Now on!












Thanks to Neo we experienced the age of Metal here at The Pole Company and now we find ourselves in the age of wood.   Its a great feeling seeing one of our favourite ranges getting such a warm response from online customers.

For many products it can be difficult to stand out online and unfortunately, similar to the selection process of a school team, are often the last to be picked.   Letting Wood Works shine through, is perfect to rouse interest in wooden curtain poles here on the site.

We highly suggest you take a look at this fantastic range while the prices are as low as they are!  Check them out here!


SALE-Wood Works the Curtain Pole to rule them all?

8th September 2011
Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale

Fantastic Bargain for Wooden Curtain Poles

Like most good sales they are never late, nor early, they arrive precisely when they mean to. As I’m sure you are now aware the Wood Works Sale is well in swing however to a lot of customers Wood Works is just another title in a forest of wooden curtain poles.
One does not simply walk into a sale, at least without having some familiarity with the brand or range in question so this blog is to help show you the customer why Wood Works is worthy of our Autumn sale and why you don’t need to be king of Gondor to afford them!


Over the years Wood Works has established itself as one of the most prominent wooden curtain pole ranges in the industry and the kingdom of men. It hails under the Hallis Hudson banner which you can take a look at here using our new brand selector tool.

The Wood Works collection has a mix of natural and warming colours including Cream, cream gold, Dark Oak, Mid Oak and Light Oak. This is perfect for creating a tranquil effect in any room, needless to say if you have a flat in Mordor you may benefit from this in particular.

Wood Works also has a moderate number of complimenting finials which truly complete the curtain poles. These include the classic ball (Coincidently this happens to be the White Wizard’s personal favourite) and ribbed ball finials, acorn, square, teardrop and the urn, all of which are available in all of the colours mentioned previously. Diameter wise this range comes in 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm to suit most types of curtains.

Wood Works Curtain Pole in Dark Oak

Wood Works Curtain Pole!

If whole sets isn’t what you’re searching for this time we have a fair few Wood Works items in our Accessory section such as the ‘one’ ring, in a pack of six. So have a look at these too!

So that concludes our brief introduction to Wood Works curtain poles. It is a ‘precious’ vast collection which you won’t need to scour Middle Earth for, so please take this great opportunity to look at this fantastic range at an unbeatable price. This a bargain for any customer looking for a nice set of wooden curtain poles for their own ‘bag end’. So don’t be fool of a took and hesitate have a look here today!

And our check out is now Balrog free so you shall pass no problem.


NEWS: Wood Works Sale!

6th September 2011
Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale!

Sale Sale Sale!

So our big news, as our title suggests, is another sale this time for the wooden curtain pole brand Wood Works! Now to some of you that name may be unknown but after looking at some of the products and more importantly the prices it’ll be hard not to have heard of wood works curtain poles!

Due to the success of our previous sale and promotion of Neo curtain poles we’ve decided again to keep this sale open for not one, but two months so you have until the first week of November to get in on this fabulous deal.

But don’t just take our word for it have a look at the wood works here.

We’ll be back soon with more info on Wood works curtain poles soon!


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