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Neo Metal Curtain Pole Sets

3rd June 2014

Neo Metal Curtain Pole Sets are one of our most popular products on the site.

These are a fantastic choice for any home as they provide a designer look at an affordable price.

Neo curtain poles come in 3 diameters including 19mm, 28mm, and 35mm. Available lengths include 120cm, 180cm, 240cm, 300cm, and 360cm (this length is only available on the 35mm diameter curtain poles).

Colours include Black Nickel, Chrome, Spun Brass, and Stainless Steel.

Finials include Ball, Bullet, Stud and Trumpet. Each finial length, bracket projection and back-plate diameter will be given with each of the Neo products, but please contact us if you are unsure about any aspects of the product.

An Eyelet curtain pole option is also available.

Quick and easy to order, Neo Poles are a solid product that we can’t recommend enough please visit the Neo section.

This product also has many other curtain accessories to choose from including Brackets, Holdbacks, and Rings. Charges on delivery are noted in the Delivery section.

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Neo Curtain poles now in our metal section!



Neo Premium: Close the Loop

15th October 2012

The year is 2044.  Time Travel has not yet been invented but 30 years from now, it will have been.  As soon as it is invented it will be immediately outlawed, with only few using it in secret including Doc Brown, The Terminator and The Pole Company.

In the present, we employ Loopers.  Loopers are individuals that pick up new curtain pole ranges sent back from the future by outlaw designers and pass them onto businesses like us, and they become a part of history if you like.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense? Hey, don’t think too hard about the risk of temporal paradoxes.  This time travel business, just fries your brain like a egg.

But anyway what we would like to talk about is the Neo Premium collection.  A brand new range from Hallis Hudson expanding on the classic Neo range.  These curtain poles are a fantastic addition to the Neo range and have a very futuristic appeal to them.

The curtain poles arrive in 2 diameters (28mm & 35mm) and four classic colours including Black Nickel, Chrome, Spun Brass and Stainless Steel.  The finials, include:


Faceted Ball-This design was inspired on the natural formations of crystals and gemstones.


Faceted Ball Finial

Neo Faceted Ball Finial



























Plain Ball-A modern classic combining the simplicity with elegance.


Plain Ball Finial

Neo Plain Ball Finial (Spun Brass)



























Tear drop-This timeless design playfully  reflects light beautifully blending with a wide range of interiors.


Teardrop finial

Neo Tear Drop Finial (Stainless Steel)



























Barrel-The dynamic new barrel design is heavily influenced by using wires


Barrel Finial

The Neo Barrel Finial (Chrome)



























The new Neo Premium curtain pole collection is available in our shop only at the moment.  We have a brand new display set up in shop today and when we are able to, we will be uploading them to our Website!  But for now please contact us! Or visit!

Of course time travel is preposterous and we are letting our movie going habits taking over our blogs again, or is that what we want you to think..?

Got to go close the loop.

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Game of Curtain Poles

22nd June 2012

Winter is coming.

Well with the Summer Solstice now over and the weather forecast recently we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that.  

The Pole Company is well aware that we are not the only curtain pole retailer in the South West or the rest of England for that matter.  As Robert will tell you ruling a kingdom, even one populated by curtain poles, is difficult at the best of times.

Our quest is to give the best well rounded service we possibly can, both online and in our lovely shop.  We offer a large selection of quality products from high end designer curtain poles such as Alison Davies’ exquisite hand made curtain poles to more affordable ranges including Wood Works and Neo curtain poles.

With so much selection online vying for your attention its hard to choose which site is best for your needs.  To separate us from the other online ‘houses‘ The Pole Company aims to deliver a quality experience similar to that received by customers visitng our shop.   All of our online selection has been accurately categorised and filled with additional information to help you make the right decision for your home.  If you find yourself wanting more information then please contact us.  We pride ourselves on our in house knowledge and years of experience in the design industry, so do not hesitate to send a raven today!

Another way we stand out from the crowd is attempting to promote and sell specialist curtain poles.  These include Lawson Johnston’s glass curtain poles; hand crafted beyond the wall by the white walkers (possibly) see our link to a previous blog on them here, and Out of the Fire our favourite local blacksmith who specialises in hand forged wrought iron curtain poles.

If you find yourself in Winterfell, I mean Bath, then please come and visit.  We are open 9-5 all week and 10-5 on Saturday.  There will always be an expert designers in The Pole Company.  Our helpful staff are on hand to answer any questions you have about any of our products and general advice.   Ideally when paying we would like you to follow the Lannister’s code of conduct when it comes to debt.   For more details on what to expect when visiting the shop please see our previous blog!

So there you have it, why we think you should use us over any other site out there!  For the time being we sit happily on the throne of poles but we know that competition is always out there so we ensure to deliver the best service possible to every customer and make sure they walk away with a valuable experience.

If you have guessed the subtle theme of this blog by now then we would like to just take a moment to emphasise that unlike the inspired source material our staff won’t be subject to swift removal in medieval fashion like Mr Stark, among others, nor do we have a dire-wolf/wolves present in the shop although regular dogs are welcome!

As always please check our Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts for more information and exclusive updates! thanks for reading and remember…

When you play the game of curtain poles, you win or you go out of business.  There is no middle ground.


A Very Special Testimonial

7th October 2011

Testimonials can play an important role when deciding whether or not to buy from online businesses.  We see it all over the web, and here at The Pole Company we take this very seriously and are always on the look out for recommendations and feedback on our previous work.

We have just found a very special testimonial that we’ve taken a little time to piece together from a recent customer.  See if you can work out who this could be?


Dear Pole Company,

I must firstly congratulate you on a splendid, if not slightly compact considering the amount of poles and blinds and other window goods you sell, shop.  Small but not too small mind you, or maybe thats just me? can I suggest implementing Tardis technology? all the rage in Gallifrey, well at least it was a millenium ago.

Doing as much travelling as I do, sometimes temporal solar flares can throw me out a decade or two but I’m glad I stumbled across your fine establishment!

Your collection of curtain poles were inspired, I’ve never seen such a collection so early in this century!   I believe you tried to show me Wood Works Curtain Poles?  I


believe there’s an internet sale on at the moment? Oh yes there it is, nice and red, very good, don’t know why I didn’t spot that before!  But yes, back to the point no wooden curtain poles, not really my thing, sonic screw driver doesn’t appreciate them, no, found that out the hard way in a quiet library a few years back, oh, and with the Silurians.  I know I really should fix the design fault, not the first time I’ve mentioned it either…but where we?

Ah yes, no to wooden curtain poles, so next they pulled out a glass curtain pole.  An astonishing creation! Absolutely fantastic!  I did think long and hard over this one, definitely went in the ‘maybe’ pile.  We moved on to the Metal curtain poles, now this was something I could get behind!  Neo Curtain Poles very nice, very very nice.  Sleek, shiny very modern.  But no, my ideal curtain pole was a beautiful Jones pole.  It was a Square finial set I believe.  Very reminiscent of the old Mark Beta six Sonic Screwdriver, perfect reminder for anyone missing me.  But a brilliantly designed curtain pole!

And your team! Yes, I must say your team were marvellous!  A fine group of assistants if ever I met one!  A shame they didn’t fancy coming along for a ride, would’ve got them back for tea, well give or take a month or two.  Must also check the psychic paper is still working, seemed to be malfunctioning upon paying.

But of course you may be wondering why I need such an item-well why does anyone?  There’s a lonely little window out there crying out for a partner…but more so, I recently dropped two friends off at a new home which when last I checked was a little unfurnished.  Plus I should really let them know I did in fact survive Utah, lovely spot by the way, high recommendation if you’re free in June.

Anyway I must run, people to see, places to explore, and galaxies to…well you know,


But my sincerest thanks!


The Doctor’


We would like to encourage all our customers to leave a comment after purchasing an item so you can let everyone know how good a job we do here!  To see our latest testimonials take a look here, or if you have dealt with us in the past and would like to leave a comment please take a look at our temporary testimonial blog page here!



31st August 2011

Thats right the Neo Curtain pole sale is coming to an end…

Its been a good run for Neo these last 2 months but we can’t extend the sale any longer! If you are lucky enough to catch this post then please take advantage of our fantastic sale prices here for the last time!

The clock is ticking on the Neo Curtain pole sale, don’t miss out!!

Last day of the Neo Sale!!

Last day...

PS. some exciting news coming so stay tuned…


Neo Sale: Final Week

23rd August 2011

Like all good things, the Neo Curtain Pole Sale must come to an end.  Due to its popularity we were able to keep the Sale open for a month longer than we originally intended but unfortunately time is calling on our extended offer.
Over the last 2 months we’ve seen why Neo Curtain poles are some of our finest products, we highly encourage you to take advantage of such a fantastic offer while it lasts!

Don't let this deal slip through your fingers!

Don't let this deal slip through your fingers!











If you’re still unsure about Neo products why not browse them here just in case!

With just over 7 days to go don’t let this deal pass you by!



Neo Extended Sale!

1st August 2011
Neo Sale

Neo Sale now on throughout August!








Due to the high demand and popularity of the Neo Sale, we are very pleased to announce that the July Neo Curtain Pole Sale, has now extended to become the July-August Neo Curtain Pole Sale!  So if you were worried on missing out on one of The Pole Company’s biggest online Sale, fear no more as you still have one more month to take advantage on this fantastic bargain!  So if you’re looking for that special metal curtain pole to complete your window why not take a chance on Neo!  You can find all our Neo curtain pole sets here!



JULY SALE: Last few days of Neo…..

22nd July 2011

Neo Curtain Poles Finial

Its not long until the end of our online Neo curtain pole sale! Despite the erratic weather its been a good month for Neo, the July sale has really pushed this range to the forefront of our website and renewed its value as a truly excellent product, which we are all very pleased about.   We are even considering another sale very shortly on a few other ranges so stay tuned for news on that soon!  But for now please enjoy this great deal on a timeless collection of metal curtain poles, take a look at our Neo Line here!


JULY SALE: Why choose Neo Curtain Poles?

4th July 2011
Make Neo The Perfect Choice this July.

Make Neo The Perfect Choice this July

With our Neo Sale in full swing, we thought it would be a great opportunity for us to tell you why we think Neo curtain poles could be the perfect choice for your window.

Neo Curtain poles are simply a modern classic.  They have been specifically designed to create effortless styling on a very inexpensive pole which has made the range very popular amongst our customers.

There are four metallic finishes to choose from including Stainless Steel, Spun Brass, Black Nickel and Chrome each of which bring a unique look to their environment.   The stainless steel poles use real stainless steel foil while the other available finishes are electro-plated, all to ensure every pole is highly durable and less prone to chipping.  These colours are available across 3 diameters and an eyelet option is available too.

We highly encourage you to browse our Neo range as this is an offer far too tempting to miss out on.  All of our listed Neo products are accompanied with a free downloadable PDF Brochure full of extra information however if you would like to speak to one of our design experts about any of the Neo range please do not hesitate to contact us.


Neo Curtain Pole July Sale

4th July 2011
Neo Curtain Pole July Sale

July Sale!

The Pole Company is offering a significant discount on Neo curtain pole sets throughout our website this July.  Please browse our Neo pole selection for fantastic saving on a superb range of metal curtain poles here. Don’t miss out on this limited offer!


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