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Bay Window Display

21st September 2012

The Pole Company are Bay window specialists!  Over the years our staff have seen, measured and fitted many different types of bay windows which makes them experts when it comes to anything Bay.

The Pole Company uses a lot of well known bay pole brands including Silent Gliss, The Bradley Collection and Cameron Fuller.  Our bay poles range from mid to top end and cover standard and made to measure products.  We can also do bay curtain tracks if that option is more suitable for your needs.

Our bay window work has become so popular we have created a dedicated display for them in our shop.  Below are some images of our very own bay pole display.

Bay Window/bay pole display

Our bay window/pole display!



curling leaf finial

Bay Pole Curling leaf finial



Ball finial-Silent Gliss

Bay Pole Ball Finial


Stud finial from Bradley

Bay Pole Stud Finial






















































More images of our Bay window pole display at The Pole Company can be found in our Gallery here with further information on the various Bay pole product options.  Also if you would like to see some of our previous bay window work please have a look at our blog and gallery item of a job in Cheyne walk.

We have sold hundreds of bay poles to very satisfied customers so please come and visit us! Or contact us for more information on our bay poles; we can advise you on anything from measuring to fitting advice.

Also why not have a look at our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus?  We update regularly!

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Metropole Explained

27th February 2012

Whether you’re swinging around the city, engaging in illustrious altercations with fellow super powered individuals or simply overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life it can be difficult to find to consider the precarious well being of your home environment.  As always your friendly neighbourhood Pole Company has the solution at hand.

If you could lower your web-shooters for a second and resist leaping back into action for a few more we would like to cast your mind back to last week where we mentioned our intention of promoting curtain tracks on our site as a potential alternative to curtain poles (see the blog itself for more details).

Of course its up to you, some people prefer the thought of curtain poles holding up their curtains rather than curtain tracks, but if you feel your windows are currently sporting a quick fix soltuion and need something new then here’s an idea which could help you out. The curtain track product we would like to introduce is the wonderful Metropole range.  The range itself combines  beautiful decorative curtain pole designs with the function of a traditional curtain track, essentially giving you the best of both worlds.  Is your Spidey Sense tingling yet?

At a closer look this particular range of curtain track comes in 3 diameters, 23mm, 30mm and 50mm in lengths up to 600cm.  The Metropole curtain track systems are available in two formats Hand Drawn and Cord Drawn.  However please note that the cord drawn Metropole option is not available in 23mm.

Metropole curtain tracks

A stunning combination of pole and curtain track














Colours for the range include White, Black, Diva Gold, Chrome, Oak, Mahogany and many more.  All look incredibly stylish while also a perfect for each and every Spider costume you may find yourself in over the years.  Again note that the large selection of colours is dependent on the diameter, so please check before purchasing!  Finials available online include the Spear and Ball, however we do sell an extensive range in the shop.  Take a look at the online brochure which can be found with each Silent Gliss product or here.  If you see a product you like please contact us.

All Metropole products can be bent to the necessary angle, which makes them perfect for bay windows.  They are not however suitable to bend around a Green Goblin’s head but they are able to easily fit into very awkward window spaces.

Bay Windows perfect for Bay windows


So you’ve read what Metropole has to offer, but I know you’re thinking ‘With all this power…’ where is the responsibility right?  Well all Silent Gliss products, including Metropole, have a 5 year guarentee! See here for details.

We’ve loaded a few curtain track lifestyle shots for you to have a look at which might spark your interest so check them out in our gallery here! Please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile.  Thanks for reading, now get back to swinging webs and catching thieves just like flies.

P.S Looking forward to the new film, Spidey!


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