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Awning Club

6th July 2012

The first rule about Awning club is you don’t talk about awning club.  The second rule of Awning club is you DON’T talk about Awning club.  Third rule of Awning club if someone yells “stop!” you move onto curtain poles.  Fourth rule, one customer per display per time.  Fifth rule , one brand at a time.  Sixth rule, no discounts, not until we say so.  Seventh rule, awning demonstrations will go on as long as they have to.  And the eight and final rule, if this is your first time at Awning club you got to use the remote controlled Markilux 990 awning display downstairs.

If the reference above made no sense, then maybe try our other awning blog?

Thank you Tyler.

No we haven’t lost our minds here at The Pole Company and created a dual personality personified in a youthful (at the time) Hollywood actor to run an underground awning club that no one is allowed to discuss which in turn will become one of the most single driven anti establishment group of individuals that can change the world in a matter of months (spoiler).  That would be crazy right?  Why all the fuss over awnings?

Awnings are one of the most underrated products in our showroom.  With a name like The Pole Company,  Awnings isn’t the first product that comes into people’s minds when they think of us.  Granted there is a lot of passing interest and even more so with our latest display but we want to take this opportunity to state why we think awnings are great for any home with a garden.

The awning can act as front line protection from the ultraviolet light.  It is perfect for providing shade in your garden which can help you keep cool and protect house fabrics from fading, such as curtains and carpets.  Of course you could pull the curtains shut and we would agree with you, but only when the Sun goes down.  This your life and it is ending one minute at a time so why waste the view of your lovely garden?  Awnings provide great cover which on a sunny day is extremely helpful!

The summer we are having right now you could argue that awnings are a waste of time this year at least.  This however is not quite true as the Markilux 990 awning actually needs a little bit of rain once in a while to ensure it remains clean with its self-cleaning properties.

Most awnings are designed for longevity, so see them as an investment.  Attached to the side of the house, the awning doesn’t protrude much from the wall and doesn’t create an eye sore either.  Each awning, depending on which company’s product is more suitable for your situation, comes with several options as to how it can be operated.  These include the simple manual winding handle, the hard-wired electric motor, or even remote-controlled options.  Fantastic for anyone looking to kit their home out with one so let the chips fall where they may.

That is why awnings are so exciting!  Now you know, and knowing is only half the battle, so please come and visit us to see our awning displays or contact us here! Please also visit our awning section too we have even more information particularly on Luxaflex awnings!!

Thanks for reading and make sure you look at our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages! Now hit me..with that awning!!



10% Cash Back? Cowabunga!!

18th May 2012

Did you catch our last post on Luxaflex’s 10% Cashback deal on Duette Shades?  Well we’ve already had some customers taking advantage of the 10% Cash Back.  We managed to get a few words out of them while making their purchase.

Why did you decide on Duette Blinds today?

‘Well dude 10% Cashback is an awesome deal!!’

‘What Mikey is trying to say is we really love the idea of an environmentally conscious product which not only helps with our heating bills but also spruces up the place’

‘Leo, how is that any different to what I just said?’


Was getting the 10% Cash Back easy?


‘You just download a form, make sure you bring that first time not a slice of pizza…’

‘Hey that wasn’t my fault!’

‘Mikey.  Who else brings a piece of pizza to the store instead of the voucher?’


‘SPLINTER?! (inaudible)’

Did you get all the necessary advice?

‘Oh yeah very helpful.  Knew their stuff alright.’

‘Even measured up.’

‘I was getting there Don.’

‘Hey Raph, I was only saying…’

‘Yeah well I’m only saying (inaudible)’

Do you Recommend this deal to anyone else?

‘Hey Donny check this sound byte, this deal is so good I’m dealing with Shell-Shock.’

‘Too derivative’

‘Well I guess we didn’t have to Shell-Out too much’

‘Too Cliche.’

‘Well it was a Shell of a good of an idea!’

‘I like it.  Step up.’

‘….Can I just add it was out this world!  Like Extraterrestrial man! Like where we’re from dude!’  Is that OK Mr Bay?’

‘Why did we sign that new movie deal?’

So there you have it another set of happy customers.

To get more information on the Luxaflex Duette Deal please read our blog here with all the necessary information on what you can do to get 10% Cash Back on Duette Shades!

Be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter for more from this blog!

Thanks for reading!



10% Cash Back on Luxaflex Duette Blinds!

18th May 2012

Need something to retain heat, keep cool, control the amount of light that is cost effective and most importantly green conscious?

Well you’re in luck as this May and June Luxaflex are offering 10% cash back on any purchases made on their Duette Shades!

Duette Blinds

10% cash back is a mighty tempting offer no matter what the product but why should you be interested in Duette Shades?

To start with they are very environmentally friendly.  Due to their honeycomb design these shades are able to trap 3 pockets of air in its 4 layers which doubles its insulating qualities!  The honeycomb effect also allows the shades to keep heat out in the Summer making this an essential all year round product.  They are available in hundreds of colours and a wide variety of fabrics including opaque and semi opaque fabrics.


Luxaflex Architella Duette Shades- Honeycomb effect

10% Cash Back Details

Now onto the details of the deal.

  • 10 % Cash back is available on Luxaflex Duette Shades, only purchased from a Luxaflex Gallery and Inspiration Dealers (eg. The Pole Company).
  • The offer only applies to orders over £150.
  • The offer is limited to to one claim per household.
  • To claim you will need to download a voucher from the Luxaflex website here and show this to our sales staff on purchase.
  • The dealer will give you a HD order number and help you fill in the necessary information to make your claim.
  • The just send it to the following address with proof of purchase:

The Luxaflex® Marketing Department
HunterDouglas Ltd
Mersey Industrial Estate
Heaton Mersey
SK4 3EQ!

The offer runs from 1/5/2012 until 30/6/2012 (Closing date for claims on purchases made between the offer period will be 21/7/2012).


Its as easy as that.  If you have any more questions please contact us!  For more information on Duette Shades we have on our site please have a look at our Luxaflex section here.  If you would like to know more about our Green contributions and environmentally friendly products why not take a look at our previous blog all about them here!

Thanks for reading!


Energy-Saving in Style (Spot the Green References)

9th March 2012

Did you know up to 50% of the heat in our home escapes through the window? and on sunny days excessive radiant energy pours in through the window potentially creating a detrimental effect in your living space?  Scratching your head a bit like Frankenstein (He was green see) over what to do next?

Energy saving is a huge concern here at The Pole Company.  Over the last few years we have been working with some of the UK’s biggest Shutter, Blind and Curtain companies to create  energy reducing products for our customers.  So as you can probably tell we’ve gone green!  This doesn’t mean we’ve gone to  Star Trek convention, employed the Poddington Peas or become sponsored by Greenpeace but we like to play our part against environment degradation.

With over 20 years of experience here, The Pole Company know their energy saving products, which can reduce the energy loss in your home by up to 50%! and ultimately your energy bill reduced it will be!  Yoda couldn’t have put it better himself.

We know Its not easy being Green so here are some of our energy efficient products as discussed in our Green Leaflet to make things a little easier!



Shutters are something we’ve talked a lot about here, just see some of our previous blogs! Shutters are extremely efficient at filtering daylight to create a soft ambient glow and blocking the exorbitant amounts of solar radiation we previously mentioned.  When closed, the shutter’s veins trap a layer of air next to the window and increasing the general temperature of your home!  Might be a stretch for the dustbin though Oscar.

Bathroom Shutters

S-Craft Shutters Stylish and energy efficient!

S-Craft is one of our main shutter suppliers and we highly commend their environmental efforts  with their new L-Shape frame design to block out any drafts.

We’d also like to highlight Luxaflex Vinyl shutters which are 100% recyclable! Now that’s some conscious thinking from the toxic avengers at those companies!


Venetian Blinds

S-Craft have created the closest fitting wood Venetian blinds on the market right now.  I know what you’re thinking is S-Craft run by Captain Planet? Surprisingly no, they’re just really committed bunch of people.

What makes them really special is the the cords are placed on the slats which means no cord holes, which means when the slats are closed they mean closed; no more drafts!  Which is a great thing as you wouldn’t like us when we’re drafty


Curtains With Thermal Lining

So Shutters? tick. blinds? tick.  How about curtains? well the good people at Drapes have designed a range of thermally lined curtains! This makes them  particularly well insulated and needless to say-NO DRAFTS!!


Roman Blind with Thermal Lining 

Drapes are just the company to keep on giving as they’ve been working away to deliver thermally insulated Roman blinds! So in Brightest Day and Blackest Night…these blinds will reduce draft as well as keeping your home warm and stylish!


Luxaflex Duette Architella Shade

With its honeycomb pleated fabric this product is able to trap 3 pockets of air in its 4 layers, doubling the insulating properties of a window in winter and limiting the entry of solar radiation in the summer by half. Great news for you, less so for the Swamp Thing.

Easily one of the most energy efficient blinds on sale at The Pole Company today!


Luxaflex Architella Duette Shades- Displaying the Honeycomb effect


So that is our extensive blog on energy saving at The Pole Company.  Please look at our previous blog about some of the environmental events going on over the next month here in bath with the Bath Homes fit for the future organisation!  If any of those items above interested you why not give us a call or an email?

Please check out our Facebook group and Twitter for updates and more information on upcoming events and exclusive updates! There will be a lot of relate material for this subject!

Remember stay energy conscious and  Cowabunga dudes!  Thanks Michelangelo and thanks for reading!


Blinds and Child Safety

29th February 2012

Blinds and child safety is something we take very seriously here at The Pole Company.  We would like to take the opportunity to talk to you about how we address the issue here, but firstly we send out or deepest sympathies to the families of the poor children who recently died as a result of blind cord accidents.  This tragic events are a horrible thing to have happened and many of our staff with young families of their own are shaken by the news.

Child safety is something every parent knows a lot about and blind cords are unfortunately a hidden danger due to their heightened risk of strangulation.  At The Pole Company we take every opportunity to ensure your blinds are safe and child friendly.  As we work with some of the UK’s biggest blind companies such as Luxaflex, we aim to meet their high standard of safety.  We also work within the British Blinds and Shutter Association (BBSA) for more on their safety tips and awareness please follow this link Make it safe blinds.

During our personal consultations we aim to advise not only the best quality of service but also the safest approach.  All our shop staff are highly trained to manage product safety and have years of experience to help in every situation.

In light of these tragic events we are now increasing our blind safety promotion with leaflets and posters in our shop.  We also welcome anyone who would like to know more about this topic to contact us or to visit our shop.  We are passionate about all of our products and services and this aspect is no different, so please don’t hesitate to ask about safety.

For more information about child safety from Luxaflex and Silent Gliss please visit their respective websites.

Thanks for reading.


A guide to TPC Brands

19th August 2011

Brands are a big part of how we shop.  No matter where you go, they are always there, even if you’re simply buying a drink you are faced with thousands of brands all vying for your attention.  The worlds of curtain poles, curtain tracks, shutters, blinds and awnings are no different, brands also play a big role here.

As we are a small company ourselves we can appreciate the need to get your brand out there and recognised.   On our website we have a mixture of major brands including Hallis Hudson, Luxaflex and S-Craft, which even the least curtain pole orientated person may recognise the sound of,  and smaller brands including Decotec, The Painted Pole Company and Out of the Fire; all housing some fantastic products!  But of course deciding which brand is perfect for your home can prove to be a difficult task.

To make it easier we’ve got a wonderful new application on our homepage which allows you to filter on any brand that might have caught your eye!  The tool will allow you to see all the available products under that brand to make it even easier to scroll through! Have a look here.

Before you take the brand selector out for a spin, we thought it would be a great idea to post a little summary below about each of our available brands to help get you in the mood.

Alison Davies–  This line is an exquisite composition of wooden curtain poles, combining luxury designer look with natural and painted colours.  With hundreds of products its hard not to appreciate this line of curtain poles.

Decotec-This is a very straightforward simple set of curtain poles which are not only cost effective but also match the quality and style of some of our high end designer poles.

Swish-A recent edition to our website product family.  Also another big contributor to the curtain tracks industry and even branching into our curtain pole section. Definitely worth taking a look at!

That was a very brief summary of each of our brands and we highly recommend you take a look at these lines in more detail!  We may also be posting specific blogs about each of our beloved brands as the weeks go on so stay tuned for that too!


A guide to Blackout Blinds

27th July 2011

Blue Blackout BlindBlackout BlindBlack Blackout Blind













After a final check out of the window this morning The Pole Company can confirm that the summer is upon us, at least for the next few hours. This is a perfect time of year for being out and about and doing things in the sun, but with longer days and more sunshine than ever this can prove to be a problem for those of us trying to get a good nights sleep. Help is at hand with the Blackout Blind!

Blackout Blinds are simply designed to help block out light through a combination of dense fabric and secure fitting.  Blackout Blinds are highly energy efficient by retaining great amounts of heat and warmth; a big positive for the environment.   The Blackout Blind effect can be achieved in a lot of different styles of blinds available in our shop but the most effective are Rollers, Romans, and Duettes blinds.

Blackout Blinds are excellent for roof windows or any other window directly exposed to the sun.  Also with the school holidays now in full swing, children’s Blackout Blinds are perfect for early bedtime battles and can help keep your children asleep for longer in the summer mornings. For a few examples of children’s Blackout Blinds please head on over to our gallery section here.

If you are interested in Blackout Blinds, looking at our online blinds section, or would like to talk to a specialist regarding adding the Blackout effect to your room please do not hesitate to contact us today.


Haute Couture for Windows

4th May 2011

LuxaflexNew trends for window blinds
When the spring sun wakes us in the early morning, it’s time to start thinking about blinds for our windows and with the new season comes a stunning array of new blind designs, ushering in a hint of haute couture to our interior design schemes. Style your windows with mystery, elegance and beauty.

Style your windows with mystery, elegance and beauty
Luxaflex® Silhouette®, Facette® and Duette® Shades allow you to create your own individual look from a wealth of delightful window styling possibilities. These innovative designs adjust and control the light, save energy and create a variety of moods to add character to every room.

FREE child-friendly operating systems
For a limited period, the safety qualities of Duette® and Plissé® Shades can be enhanced at no extra cost. Until 30th June, The Pole Company is offering the child-friendly operating systems SmartCord™ Haute Couture for Windowsand LiteRise® for Duette and Plissé® Shades free of charge.

Contact us
For a consultation or to view the full range of blinds, curtains, poles, tracks, shutters and awnings, please visit our Bath Showroom or contact us.


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