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Portiere Rods: A Winter Warmer?

9th December 2011

Over the last month, we have been receiving a growing number of enquiries about Portiere Rods on our site; with Christmas right around the corner and the cold weather now upon us, a Portiere Rod may be just what you need in your home!

Portiere Rods are essentially smaller curtain poles.  They are used for door curtains as they are very useful in reducing any drafts or heat loss which at this time of year is a very welcoming prospect.  In warmer months where a curtain may no longer be necessary, the Portiere Rod has been designed to allow the curtain to be removed easily.  The traditional Portiere Rod, also known as a Rising Portiere Rod, are fixed to the door by a pivoting bracket which attaches to the frame or the wall at the side of the door.  The curtain will then ‘follow’ the door every time it moves.

Alternatively to the traditional (Rising) Portiere Rod, is the ‘swing arm’ Portiere.  Much like the traditional Rising Portiere Rod it is designed for door curtains but instead of following the door it is designed to act independently.  This means the curtain resides against the wall and can be closed manually whenever necessary.

Our Range of Hallis Hudson Portiere Rods

Some of our online Portiere Rods!


Ranges of Portiere Rods we sell include Hallis Hudson, Artisan which are made from Wrought Iron, and Cameron Fueller Portiere Rods.  Currently online we have a modest collection of Hallis Hudson Rising Portiere Rods ranging from brass to powder-coated steel in white to bronze.  Of course the other options mentioned are available in our shop, for more information please contact us.

Please also note that at The Pole Company we endeavor to add new products  to our site all the time but due to the busy nature of the shop we can be delayed  in putting all of the options online, so as soon as we load more Portiere Rods or any other product to our curtain accessories section you’ll find out first in our blog!

As always please follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Page for exlcusive content!  Its still Grinch season so see our related content on both of these applications so its worth a look!  Thank you for reading.



A guide to TPC Brands

19th August 2011

Brands are a big part of how we shop.  No matter where you go, they are always there, even if you’re simply buying a drink you are faced with thousands of brands all vying for your attention.  The worlds of curtain poles, curtain tracks, shutters, blinds and awnings are no different, brands also play a big role here.

As we are a small company ourselves we can appreciate the need to get your brand out there and recognised.   On our website we have a mixture of major brands including Hallis Hudson, Luxaflex and S-Craft, which even the least curtain pole orientated person may recognise the sound of,  and smaller brands including Decotec, The Painted Pole Company and Out of the Fire; all housing some fantastic products!  But of course deciding which brand is perfect for your home can prove to be a difficult task.

To make it easier we’ve got a wonderful new application on our homepage which allows you to filter on any brand that might have caught your eye!  The tool will allow you to see all the available products under that brand to make it even easier to scroll through! Have a look here.

Before you take the brand selector out for a spin, we thought it would be a great idea to post a little summary below about each of our available brands to help get you in the mood.

Alison Davies–  This line is an exquisite composition of wooden curtain poles, combining luxury designer look with natural and painted colours.  With hundreds of products its hard not to appreciate this line of curtain poles.

Decotec-This is a very straightforward simple set of curtain poles which are not only cost effective but also match the quality and style of some of our high end designer poles.

Swish-A recent edition to our website product family.  Also another big contributor to the curtain tracks industry and even branching into our curtain pole section. Definitely worth taking a look at!

That was a very brief summary of each of our brands and we highly recommend you take a look at these lines in more detail!  We may also be posting specific blogs about each of our beloved brands as the weeks go on so stay tuned for that too!


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