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The Walking Dead

29th June 2012

Surprisingly at The Pole Company we are never asked what curtain poles would be useful in a Zombie Apocalypse.  A query like this may seem trivial now but ask Rick and the rest of his gang of survivors about what they would do and this blog may not seem so out of context.  So why should you pick up a curtain pole instead of a shotgun?

Well in all fairness, if The Pole Company is still standing customer service may be somewhat strained due to the hordes of zombies running around.  However here at The Pole Company we are optimistic about our chances and simply refuse to let our passion for window dressings be dampened by the looming presence of the undead.

To help you decide on what you need why don’t we set a couple of scenarios where certain products, that we currently sell online, could help make a difference!

So you’ve woken up to find yourself in this dangerous situation, most likely in hospital (that’s where most great zombie situations begin) and miraculously find your friends and family again.  Great news! You won’t quite know the extent of whats going on at first but that’s ok! How about an Out of the Fire Wrought Iron curtain pole?  We have mentioned these curtain poles once or twice before, but we always like to reiterate this range’s great benefits!  They are very stylish with many different finials to choose from, and are highly durable, great for the dual purpose of holding up your curtains as you rebuild your life and for beating zombies with (please note this has never been tested and we do not endorse or recommend trying it).

Scenario 2 you find yourself chased from your home and in new surroundings in say…a prison! (Sorry spoilers). What would we recommend for sprucing up your drab new location?  Shutters are a very useful.  They not only are great for blocking sunlight but also maintaining privacy, great when that peeping zombie is looking for dinner.  We have many types of shutters which can all be found here!

There’s also a 10% Cash Back Sale on Duette Blinds which for more information see here.  In terms of a zombie apocalypse, no they won’t offer much protection but their heat and light control is superb as well as their environmentally conscious attributes.   Hey a good deal in a Zombie related end of days scenario is still a good deal.

Thanks for reading a few last tips when Hershel says don’t look in the barn; don’t look in the barn,  don’t mention the governor and don’t trust Kirkman he’s almost as bad as George R R Martin in terms of ‘character development’.

Of course there will be fun things happening on our  blog in conjunction with this blog so please join follow or add us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Google Plus!

11th May 2012

That’s right True believers!  The Pole Company has joined Google Plus!  But wait a second, What actually is Google Plus? and how is this going to affect The Pole Company?

Well Google Plus is another social network that will sit alongside our other social networking accounts on Twitter and Facebook.  Through much trial and error, most of which is still ongoing, I can sum up that Google Plus is another virtual space to advertise what The Pole Company is about.  We have posted several items there already including blogs, and a few images curtain pole accessories we have also been testing out the ‘circle‘ application adding many unsuspecting victims/customers to build an audience.

There is also a ‘Hang Out‘ and ‘Huddle‘ application there which involves hanging out via video cam and huddling on instant messenger.  Unfortunately we don’t have a webcam attached to our workstations here so the ‘hang Out’ option will remain redundant for the time being.  However if you are in our circle or your circle or our paths cross on Google Plus we are more than up for a ‘Huddle’, so fire away related questions to us and we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Like any other application this will take time to grow.  We hope that it will stand as successfully as our other online assets.  If you have Google Plus or are thinking of getting it please find us on there and add/follow/circle us at anytime! The link to our profile is here!

Thanks for reading!

Google Plus With the Pole Company

Google Plus!


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