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Woodline Curtain Pole Sets

11th June 2014

We spoke about Neo Curtain poles, the reliable and affordable metal pole collection, in our last blog which you can read here.

We would like to tell you about one of our other favourite wooden curtain pole collection. This curtain pole collection is another of our most popular sellers. The line offers solid wood curtain poles at very competitive prices.

Diameters available in the line include 28mm and 35mm.

Available colours include Black, Cream, Dark Oak, Rosewood and White. These poles come with 2 ball finials.

With next day delivery, these are fantastic wooden curtain poles that can fill the needs of anyone looking for a basic curtain pole for their home.

To browse this product please click here.














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New Beginnings

14th February 2014

We here at The Pole Company have been away for while but we want to let you know we’re back.

We have made some changes to the site including a new phone number and a reduction in our product focus to curtain poles, curtain tracks, and curtain accessories.

Over the next few months we will be updating the site with new products and new prices but for the meantime please enjoy the site!

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Neo Premium: Close the Loop

15th October 2012

The year is 2044.  Time Travel has not yet been invented but 30 years from now, it will have been.  As soon as it is invented it will be immediately outlawed, with only few using it in secret including Doc Brown, The Terminator and The Pole Company.

In the present, we employ Loopers.  Loopers are individuals that pick up new curtain pole ranges sent back from the future by outlaw designers and pass them onto businesses like us, and they become a part of history if you like.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense? Hey, don’t think too hard about the risk of temporal paradoxes.  This time travel business, just fries your brain like a egg.

But anyway what we would like to talk about is the Neo Premium collection.  A brand new range from Hallis Hudson expanding on the classic Neo range.  These curtain poles are a fantastic addition to the Neo range and have a very futuristic appeal to them.

The curtain poles arrive in 2 diameters (28mm & 35mm) and four classic colours including Black Nickel, Chrome, Spun Brass and Stainless Steel.  The finials, include:


Faceted Ball-This design was inspired on the natural formations of crystals and gemstones.


Faceted Ball Finial

Neo Faceted Ball Finial



























Plain Ball-A modern classic combining the simplicity with elegance.


Plain Ball Finial

Neo Plain Ball Finial (Spun Brass)



























Tear drop-This timeless design playfully  reflects light beautifully blending with a wide range of interiors.


Teardrop finial

Neo Tear Drop Finial (Stainless Steel)



























Barrel-The dynamic new barrel design is heavily influenced by using wires


Barrel Finial

The Neo Barrel Finial (Chrome)



























The new Neo Premium curtain pole collection is available in our shop only at the moment.  We have a brand new display set up in shop today and when we are able to, we will be uploading them to our Website!  But for now please contact us! Or visit!

Of course time travel is preposterous and we are letting our movie going habits taking over our blogs again, or is that what we want you to think..?

Got to go close the loop.

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The Walking Dead

29th June 2012

Surprisingly at The Pole Company we are never asked what curtain poles would be useful in a Zombie Apocalypse.  A query like this may seem trivial now but ask Rick and the rest of his gang of survivors about what they would do and this blog may not seem so out of context.  So why should you pick up a curtain pole instead of a shotgun?

Well in all fairness, if The Pole Company is still standing customer service may be somewhat strained due to the hordes of zombies running around.  However here at The Pole Company we are optimistic about our chances and simply refuse to let our passion for window dressings be dampened by the looming presence of the undead.

To help you decide on what you need why don’t we set a couple of scenarios where certain products, that we currently sell online, could help make a difference!

So you’ve woken up to find yourself in this dangerous situation, most likely in hospital (that’s where most great zombie situations begin) and miraculously find your friends and family again.  Great news! You won’t quite know the extent of whats going on at first but that’s ok! How about an Out of the Fire Wrought Iron curtain pole?  We have mentioned these curtain poles once or twice before, but we always like to reiterate this range’s great benefits!  They are very stylish with many different finials to choose from, and are highly durable, great for the dual purpose of holding up your curtains as you rebuild your life and for beating zombies with (please note this has never been tested and we do not endorse or recommend trying it).

Scenario 2 you find yourself chased from your home and in new surroundings in say…a prison! (Sorry spoilers). What would we recommend for sprucing up your drab new location?  Shutters are a very useful.  They not only are great for blocking sunlight but also maintaining privacy, great when that peeping zombie is looking for dinner.  We have many types of shutters which can all be found here!

There’s also a 10% Cash Back Sale on Duette Blinds which for more information see here.  In terms of a zombie apocalypse, no they won’t offer much protection but their heat and light control is superb as well as their environmentally conscious attributes.   Hey a good deal in a Zombie related end of days scenario is still a good deal.

Thanks for reading a few last tips when Hershel says don’t look in the barn; don’t look in the barn,  don’t mention the governor and don’t trust Kirkman he’s almost as bad as George R R Martin in terms of ‘character development’.

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Game of Curtain Poles

22nd June 2012

Winter is coming.

Well with the Summer Solstice now over and the weather forecast recently we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that.  

The Pole Company is well aware that we are not the only curtain pole retailer in the South West or the rest of England for that matter.  As Robert will tell you ruling a kingdom, even one populated by curtain poles, is difficult at the best of times.

Our quest is to give the best well rounded service we possibly can, both online and in our lovely shop.  We offer a large selection of quality products from high end designer curtain poles such as Alison Davies’ exquisite hand made curtain poles to more affordable ranges including Wood Works and Neo curtain poles.

With so much selection online vying for your attention its hard to choose which site is best for your needs.  To separate us from the other online ‘houses‘ The Pole Company aims to deliver a quality experience similar to that received by customers visitng our shop.   All of our online selection has been accurately categorised and filled with additional information to help you make the right decision for your home.  If you find yourself wanting more information then please contact us.  We pride ourselves on our in house knowledge and years of experience in the design industry, so do not hesitate to send a raven today!

Another way we stand out from the crowd is attempting to promote and sell specialist curtain poles.  These include Lawson Johnston’s glass curtain poles; hand crafted beyond the wall by the white walkers (possibly) see our link to a previous blog on them here, and Out of the Fire our favourite local blacksmith who specialises in hand forged wrought iron curtain poles.

If you find yourself in Winterfell, I mean Bath, then please come and visit.  We are open 9-5 all week and 10-5 on Saturday.  There will always be an expert designers in The Pole Company.  Our helpful staff are on hand to answer any questions you have about any of our products and general advice.   Ideally when paying we would like you to follow the Lannister’s code of conduct when it comes to debt.   For more details on what to expect when visiting the shop please see our previous blog!

So there you have it, why we think you should use us over any other site out there!  For the time being we sit happily on the throne of poles but we know that competition is always out there so we ensure to deliver the best service possible to every customer and make sure they walk away with a valuable experience.

If you have guessed the subtle theme of this blog by now then we would like to just take a moment to emphasise that unlike the inspired source material our staff won’t be subject to swift removal in medieval fashion like Mr Stark, among others, nor do we have a dire-wolf/wolves present in the shop although regular dogs are welcome!

As always please check our Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts for more information and exclusive updates! thanks for reading and remember…

When you play the game of curtain poles, you win or you go out of business.  There is no middle ground.


Showroom Collection Assemble!

25th April 2012

There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable curtain poles, so when we needed them, they could do the job other curtain poles never could.  And so we assembled the Showroom Collection!

Before we get into the new section cast your mind back to our previous blog about all the changes we’ve made recently to The Pole Company site.  Here we’re expanding on what is included in the showroom collection and unfortunately this blogger has been influenced by a certain film coming out this week so keep glued for the hidden references!

Here at The Pole Company we have assembled a crack team of our best shop curtain pole ranges for our new online selection and we’re bringing the party to you! These include…

Artisan– Iron curtain poles a contender to our other Wrought Iron Curtain pole selection Out of the Fire!  Mjolnir would be proud!

Byron and Byron– Moving to the slightly higher end of the  market, Byron and Byron have created some of the most luxurious wooden curtain poles we sell.  In particular we recommend the Barnwood Collection, a range of curtain poles based on the appeal of the natural wood look.  Mr Barton’s clear favourite.

The Bradley Collection– This is a big collection with ranges including Steel, Elysian, Edge, Decorative, Mio and Foundation.  The types of curtain pole include metal, wood and painted options, one for each type of SHIELD agent! The photography is particularly fantastic!  So be sure to check out the various catalogues we’ve attached to the range!

Cameron Fuller-Again this range focuses on wood curtain poles with a mix of gentle colours perfect for anyone thinking of fitting a bay window!  It’s a range definitely suited for the Banner inside you rather than the Hulk.

Finale– An extremely modern set of metal curtain poles that would not look out of place on Stark’s new suit-but he doesn’t tell me anything so who knows?  Very bright and colourful set of finials and poles, a fitting piece to any modern home.

Walcot House-Now you may recognise the name if you have been keeping up with the blogs, as we do sell Walcot House online already!  Due to the extent and compatibility off the range we aren’t able to display it all but now we’re offering the entire range through our new section!  A particular finial choice from Ms Romanoff to look out for is Moonstone!

So that is our collection of the The Pole Company’s Mightiest (in shop) curtain pole ranges!  Now available for you to look over and consider for your window!  To make things easier, as mentioned above, we’ve included a catalogue for each range which should detail sizes and material available.  If you are interested please enquire our friendly staff are more than happy to take your phone call or your email to make sure your purchase is the right one!

The Pole Company's Showroom Collection

The Pole Company's Showroom Collection in all its glory!











Thanks for reading and if you happen to go to the cinema this weekend there’s one film you should watch to make sense of any of the references made here, something like Whedon’s wanderers?  Anyway until next time Showroom Collection Assemble!  (What do you mean they don’t actually say it in the film….?)


Poles Only; The Only choice.

17th January 2012

Choices are a big part of everyday life.  Throughout the day, we make choices, some more subconscious than others but all of which contribute to determine/effect where we are and how we feel at the end of that day.  Its even a choice as to whether you choose to continue reading the rest of this blog!

At The Pole Company we understand that choice is an integral part of everyone’s lives, so we have decided to expand the choice by adding a new section with more products.  However being able to make more choices is one thing but having more control over those choices is another.   So with that in mind we would like to Introduce our Poles Only Section!

The Poles Only section allows you the customer to have the freedom of building your own curtain pole set!   You begin with a single curtain pole which you could purchase straight away or you could add Finials, Brackets and Rings in whichever quantity suits you (The individual curtain poles and curtain pole accessories all come with relevant information to help when choosing your quantities).  Then if you would like to add even more to your set, try adding other less essential curtain accessories such as Holdbacks or for Bay windows why not try a corner piece.

Individual Curtain Poles

The Curtain Pole-the first step to building your set.











The section itself has been live and was briefly mentioned in our last blog (All about New Years Resolutions which if you haven’t already you can read here), but now it is full of the relevant brands.  The brands and ranges included in our new section our Decotec, Modern Country, Neo, Integra Inspired, Jones Hardwick & Lunar, and The Painted Curtain Pole Company.  All fantastic brands with extensive component choices.

So if you are looking to buy a curtain pole set from us why not try buying it from our Poles Only section? Its very straightforward and lets you know exactly what you’re buying!  So give it a go!  For more information please contact us or visit our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
Thanks for reading!


New Decotec Line-Classic-Now Available!

25th November 2011

Decotec are an interesting Brand.  Like many other brands they solely deal with wooden curtain poles but with the number of ranges in our Wood Curtain pole section how do they stand out from the forest of wooden poles situated there?

Their specialty have always been down to a good mix of distressed and solid painted curtain poles ranging from natural wood such as Oak or Mahogany to more extravagant colour schemes such as Antique Gold or Antique Ivory.  Having designer curtain poles at such reasonable prices also helps the Decotec line to become very accessible.  If Robin Hood was making curtain poles from the trees in Shirwood Forest he would probably be selling them at these prices.

Decotec the brand

Decotec New Range!










This is not to say that Decotec curtain poles are in any way ‘cheap’ products in terms of look or feel, they have been created to match the vision of a high end interior designer but have been marketed at an extremely affordable price.  In not so many words Decotec could be the Robin Hood of the curtain pole worlds, stealing from the designer’s profits to give you the customer a better deal.

Decotec started off small on our website, with only 6 colours and 4 finials across 3 diameters but with their new line, the range has expanded to 18 colours and 5 finials! They have been busy designing!

The New and Updated colours are as follows:

Exciting new wooden Curtain Pole line!

Take a look at Decotec's new range!

  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • Chalk White
  • Distressed Chalk
  • Distressed Cream
  • Distressed Grey
  • Ebony
  • Gold Metal Leaf
  • Natural Oak
  • Natural Mahogany
  • Natural Walnut
  • Pale Gold
  • Old Cream
  • Sage Grey
  • Silver Metal Leaf
  • Vintage Oak
  • Vintage Mahogany
  • Vintage Walnut

The new range also includes a brand new Urn finial, which is available in all the colours mentioned above.  The new finial really slots in well with the rest of the original finials making it a fantastic addition to the Classic range.

So there you have it the new Decotec curtain pole range!  Well worth a look if nothing else, which you can do in our wooden curtain pole section.

As always please like our Facebook page and Twitter profile for extras, exclusive updates and blog related images.  Thanks for reading!




4th November 2011

In the wake of our Wood Works Sale a new Sale arises from the ashes and this time it’s for a range called Museum! Our sale is again focusing on a wooden curtain pole range, but we are very excited to be able to reduce the prices on such a exquisite designer collection.

More information on Museum will be coming soon but for now why not take a look at our current Museum curtain pole collection here?

Museum Curtain Pole Sale

Museum Sale Starts today!!



28th October 2011

As the title suggests the Wood Works Sale is coming to an end.  Its been a quick two months, but Wood Works has risen from its fellow wooden curtain pole ranges to face its Sale destiny.

The sale has been very successful so far and we at The Pole Company are extremely happy with its progress, but there is still one week left to get a fantastic deal on this classic wooden curtain pole range!  The sale must end next week!

Take a look at our Wood Works range here and see if you can get yourself an amazing deal!

Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale

Last Week of our Wood Works Sale! Don't miss out!!









But we have plans for our Christmas period…so stay tuned!


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