Bay Window Display

21st September 2012

The Pole Company are Bay window specialists!  Over the years our staff have seen, measured and fitted many different types of bay windows which makes them experts when it comes to anything Bay.

The Pole Company uses a lot of well known bay pole brands including Silent Gliss, The Bradley Collection and Cameron Fuller.  Our bay poles range from mid to top end and cover standard and made to measure products.  We can also do bay curtain tracks if that option is more suitable for your needs.

Our bay window work has become so popular we have created a dedicated display for them in our shop.  Below are some images of our very own bay pole display.

Bay Window/bay pole display

Our bay window/pole display!



curling leaf finial

Bay Pole Curling leaf finial



Ball finial-Silent Gliss

Bay Pole Ball Finial


Stud finial from Bradley

Bay Pole Stud Finial






















































More images of our Bay window pole display at The Pole Company can be found in our Gallery here with further information on the various Bay pole product options.  Also if you would like to see some of our previous bay window work please have a look at our blog and gallery item of a job in Cheyne walk.

We have sold hundreds of bay poles to very satisfied customers so please come and visit us! Or contact us for more information on our bay poles; we can advise you on anything from measuring to fitting advice.

Also why not have a look at our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus?  We update regularly!

Thanks for reading!


A Special Testimonial Part Two

14th September 2012

Its been a a little while since we last spoke about testimonials here at The Pole Company but we haven’t forgotten their importance.

You may remember a similar blog this time last year coincidentally posted during the billing schedule of a particular program on the BBC about a Doctor; I think it was called ‘Casualty’ or something?  Well it turns out a year on we’ve received a follow up response.  Have a read to see who this could be?

Hello again Pole Company!

Look at you all!  1 year later and you haven’t changed a bit, apart from age, and size. Its great to be back!  I do apologise for the delay, I meant to return the week after my last visit to update you on how my last purchase was received (the curtain pole based on the Beta Six Sonic Screw Driver model?) but was a tad delayed.  You know what happens, fake your death, reveal you’re not dead, seems to attract a lot of questions, Daleks attack again, the usual cycle.  Makes popping back in anywhere, well…challenging.

But yes I have returned once again, that’s the main thing, this time instead of a curtain pole, bit old hat now I’ve been told, I decided to acquire a shutter, or shutters, depending on how well the psychic paper is working. Ahem.  

Marvelous invention though these shutters! I’ve seen many in my time, and other times. Saw some lovely sets in Paris in the 18th century, no hang on that’s not recent is it? 17th? No no 21st, sorry I’m not used to doing that in the right order…Shutters though always make a classic look, great for privacy, light, and heat control, lovely stuff just what Amy and Rory deserve, the best!  Also read somewhere a good shutter will keep a good marriage together too.  True? Well yes, and No, more likely no, in fact definitely no, but all the same, great to be back.

The staff were as helpful as ever, definitely a ‘Pond’s’ ranking, a great recommendation few people in the Universe are bestowed and I should know, I’ve met most of them.  Even complimented me on the Bow Tie.  See, they are cool.

In the end we decided upon a custom fit shutter, S-Craft model I believe, seems to be a popular one, sturdy enough to stand up to the journey between time and space, so again very groovy.

Highly recommend this establishment! I am absolutely sorted and look forward to seeing you soon, possibly in the new year, who knows whats on the horizon!

Yours truly

The Doctor

We can’t work out who this eccentric fellow was?  But we would like to encourage all our customers to leave a comment after purchasing!  Of course it doesn’t have to be as enthusiastic as the one above but every testimonial is welcome!  To see our latest reviews take a look here, or if you have dealt with us in the past and would like to leave a comment!

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17th August 2012

He existed a step or two to one side of the common world, largely out of sight, a shadow, all but invisible.  Whatever he fitted, either he had measured previously or he was going on customers own numbers.

At The Pole Company we have a fitter.  He drives, he measures, he fits and from time to time he’ll even give you advice on anything from curtain poles to awnings.

There’s a thousand streets in this city.  You don’t need to know the route.  You give me a time and place, I give you a five minute window.  Anything happens in that 5 minutes I’m yours, no matter what. Anything happens a minute either side of that and you’re on your own. Do you understand?

Having an expert fitter on hand who has been in the business for 20 years means he doesn’t get it wrong.  With such confidence in our fitter’s ability we are able to offer this free measuring service.

With many past jobs in London and Cornwall, our fitter will drive wherever you need him to be whenever you need him to be there.  Our fitter also won’t be leaving you in the lurch if your job runs over or under the scheduled time.

What you can expect from our fitter’s visit is a prompt arrival and pleasant greeting ready to measure whatever you agreed in our shop.  Our fitter will then record your measurements and either return to the shop to put together a quote or offer further advice there and then as to what is suitable for your window.

This service is available to anyone but unfortunately due to the reach of our site we have to limit our free measuring and inevitably our fitting service to in shop customers only.

‘You want a tooth pick?’ or would like a measuring service?  Then please contact us.

If you’re not sure if you need a measuring service please come and talk to us first; we’d much rather you received a product with the correct measurements than not.

Thanks for reading!

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The S-Craft Legacy

9th August 2012

For the last couple of years S-Craft have been busy planting agents across the UK .  These agents or ‘S-Craft Master Partners‘ have been hand selected by the renowned shutter company to represent them officially.

Now lets just be clear the S-Craft Master Partner program isn’t a shutter company conspiracy that The Pole Company has just unearthed, instead this initiative is a training and sales orientated scheme that only very few outlets are able to take part in.

There was never just one.  The Pole Company has always maintained a very transparent and upfront working ethos and want its customers to know all about the extra training our staff go through in order to give them the best service possible.  We would also like to mention that we are not the only S-Craft Master partners out there.  However this doesn’t mean we’ll be using a Bourne or Cross to take down the other Master Partners anytime soon but instead we welcome the fact that we are one of a select few.

So what does the Master Partner scheme involve?  Well S-Craft is one of the UK’s largest shutter companies with over 15 years experience picked some of its best wholesalers and offered them the chance to join this new training program with the aim to improve overall shutter customer service.

After a quick Welcome to the program the selected shop (ie.  The Pole Company) is given a number of extremely detailed training session to ensure that they are as well informed on all of S-Craft’s products and suitable to display the S-Craft Master Partner name.

To help show off our S-Craft work, we’ve included a list of some of the shutters we sell with a very brief summary of each.

1.  Full Height Shutters-These cover the full height if the window, great for privacy.

2.  Cafe Style Shutters- The panels are designed to cover the base of the window only, creating a very classic style.

3.  Tier on Tier Shutters- This involves independent shutter panels and help maintain fantastic light and heat control.

4.  Bi-fold/By-Pass Shutters- Utilises a track system for smooth operating and works incredibly efficiently as room divides.

5.  Solid Shutters- The original shutter ensemble.  This design was used in the UK for over 200 years and still works perfectly today!

6.  Shutters for French Doors- For those looking to cover their doors in stylish fashion.

7.  Shaped Shutters- Because every window is different.  This covers all types of custom shutters, just look at our shop display upstairs for a great example.

8.  Bay Windows- The classic window shape that if done incorrectly can cause a world of difficulty.  We have had many experiences with this one and highly recommend anyone looking to buy this type of shutters to please contact us first!

Our shutter expertise expands way beyond this blog and even the shutter section itself on the site so we highly recommend contacting the shop directly to speak to one of our trained staff as after all we aren’t Master Partners for nothing.

Thank you for reading and please join us on your preferred social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest) for more fun and exclusive content.

Shutters are just the tip of the Iceberg.

Que Moby.


The Pole Company Rises

20th July 2012

Today is the day.  That’s right it’s Friday.  The Pole Company is open as per usual. The Sun is out there somewhere and a certain something is opening at the cinema today.

To help celebrate we have employed some interesting characters to unofficially help us out today.  You may think we should have learned from our infamous Star Wars Day recruits, but here we go again.

Let the Games begin!’

Despite the unusual headgear, Mr Bane proved to be a very enthusiastic volunteer.  Big fellow, quite chatty seemed to have a connection with customers so we thought we’d trial him on the shop counter but first we had a quick question.

‘Do you really need the mask?’

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask…and I need it for health reasons.’

Never one to downplay Health and Safety, we put him in the safest place imaginable at The Pole Company.  The IT department.  Hey, no one ever died using Google Analytics.

Managing the website for us he was able to load some gallery items, a few new products and conducted general browsing of our other blog items.  He won’t admit it but we’re pretty sure there was a smile underneath that disturbing mask of his.

Our second recruit of the day refused to give a name.  However he must have decided he was in mourning or couldn’t be bothered to get out of his Gothic pyjamas as he showed up in a very peculiar outfit that made Mr Bane’s hockey mask look relatively subtle.   So all things considered, to wake this grumpy goose up we put him on the phone.


Big mistake.  Found him growling at a customer wanting to confirm their fitting date so we switched him very quickly to deal with our showroom customers instead.  Surprisingly he seemed to get on with the public, especially when he wasn’t talking to them.

All was going well until lunch time when Mr Bane and Pyjama Man sat together.  Discussing the day we presume Pyjama boy made a cheap shot about Mr Bane’s unique asthma inhaler or Mr Bane said he was Gotham’s reckoning but whatever was said just meant we had to separate the two for the rest of the afternoon.

A few more hours of curtain poles, blinds and shutter discussions 5pm came as did the end of our delightful day here at The Pole Company’s HQ.

One thing was learned never hire vigilantes or villains to run the shop.  They argue, fight and scare off customers.

I bet we wouldn’t have had this kind of trouble with Spiderman.

Thank you Nolan and thank you for reading.  Why not look at our Facebook page for a few special extras!  It’s worth it!


Markilux Relax

20th July 2012

Late last week we had a very special delivery from our friends at Markilux, the brand new Markilux Relax Seat!

The Pole Company has really enjoyed working with Markilux; You may remember that we recently installed a Markilux awning display in our showroom, which you can read all about here or see the pictures in our dedicated gallery item!   We were looking at some of their new products and thought that the Markilux Relax was the perfect addition for the shop!  But what makes it so special?

The Markilux Relax is a fresh new German engineered seat which arguably makes other garden furniture look obsolete.  This modern, versatile and innovative seat has been designed to give maximum comfort while also providing a sturdy and long term solution for multiple uses including outdoor environments.

When first sitting on the Markilux Relax it feels almost like a bean bag.  Using a high-quality foam padding consisting of expanded Polypropylene it makes a much more solid seating experience than any bean bag, but not solid enough to cause discomfort or irritation.  As you can tell already its not your average chair!

New Markilux Product!

The New Markilux Seat!

The width of the Relax seat is 60-75cm and its height is 100-125cm.  There are 3 types of Markilux Relax the Indoor, Outdoor and Outdoor +.


The indoor Markilux Relax is specifically designed for use in the home.  A low maintenance item that is particularly scuff and mark resistant.  The outer fabric can also be removed and washed!  A perfect piece for any modern home.


The Markilux Relax outdoor is a bit sturdier than the indoor version.  Suited for the outdoor environment it uses light and real weather fabrics. It is also dirt and water repellent, perfect for conservatories patios and balconies.

Outdoor +

Very similar to the Outdoor Markilux Relax, this particular piece has been upgraded to withstand much heavier weather in all seasons and is generally more robust. Its high water repellent properties make this an ideal item for any garden or holiday home!

All Markilux Relax products come with a detachable double pillow which can be used as arm or as a head rests.  Extremely to move this is a keeper for anyone looking to decorate their home with something a bit different!

This fantastic product is available in our shop now!  We are very happy for anyone to come and trial the seat or please look at our gallery item for the Markilux Relax!  If you would like to know more why not contact us?

Thanks for reading!



Delivery Questions

16th July 2012

Delivery is something we are asked about all the time on and off the the website.  A lot of customers are unaware of the delivery costs involved with our online products.  Here are some helpful questions which we hope will clear a few issues up surrounding delivery costs.

What is The Pole Company’s current delivery cost?

At the moment our current standard delivery cost is £7.50 for orders under £75.  After that its free!

£7.50 seems a bit expensive especially for some of your smaller products?

Due to the variety and extent of our current online collections a lot of our sets and smaller items (depending on the final quantity) inevitably fall under the £75 order mark and incur the £7.50 delivery charge.  This is an industry standard carriage charge and this is why it is applied on our site for all our products.  We would like to state that we do not make money from the delivery charge it is simply to ensure that your products is delivered securely and on time.

Is there a way around it?

Well possibly, if you have an issue with the carriage charge we may be able to help depending on the supplier, although the lead time will inevitably be extended.  Best thing to do is contact us.

International Delivery and Charges?

For international orders please contact us directly.  We have had orders out to Spain, Italy, Romania and Australia recently and passing interest from a few other countries.  As anyone dealing with international deliveries can tell you, freight charges can vary tremendously so this is why we ask to be contacted directly to ensure our international customers get a great deal and reasonable delivery charge.

Product Lead Times?

We actually wrote a blog about lead times a little while ago which you can find here.

If you have any further questions please check our delivery section on the website or just post them in the comments section below we would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!

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Awnings: Markilux 990

6th July 2012

The Pole Company has recently installed the Markilux 990 Awning in our Bath Showroom.  This brand new display is a testament to our love of awnings and our relationship with Markilux.    Its the second awning display we have in our shop and we are extremely happy with how it looks!  Why not see for yourselves in our dedicated Gallery item?

So our new display looks impressive but what is so special about the Markilux 990 awning?

Engineered with Markilux’s awning experts and an experienced design studio, the 990 awning is the perfect combination of practical and sleek design.  Sticking closely to the initial premise of designing a slim and compact awning, the overall height of the Markilux 990 is less than 13cm, has a width of 500cm and a maximum projection of 300cm.

In terms of operating the 990 awning all products, unless stated otherwise, come with standard stainless steel winding handle.  Other options include hard wired electric motor and radio controlled motor with remote added too.  If you make it to the showroom we have the latter of the three options installed.  We must say it is great fun playing with the remote during customer demonstrations.

As mentioned in our gallery section, the Markilux 990 has a very unique Sunsilk design.  This innovative awning fabric is extremely resistant to ultraviolet light which is due to its finely dyed fabrics.  It is thinner and smoother than the typical acrylic counterparts found on most other awnings.  It also has a self cleaning effect in rain (where sufficient run off is present) which means that the 990 awning guarantees radiant colours for years!

Showroom Awnings

New Markilux 990 Awning display!


As well as the striped pattern in our shop, awning fabric comes in many designs and patterns, so please contact us for details on other options!  The fixtures come in three colours a textured off-white, stone grey metallic, and anthracite metallic.  Again please contact us for more details on this!

So that is why we love the Marilux 990 awning!  It has lots of great attributes which are great for anyone looking for a bit of shade this summer!  Even if the Sun refuses to come out this year the great benefit of the 990 awning is the longevity of this product, which is why it comes highly recommended!  If you would like to look at other awning services please look at our awning section on the site here!

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Awning Club

6th July 2012

The first rule about Awning club is you don’t talk about awning club.  The second rule of Awning club is you DON’T talk about Awning club.  Third rule of Awning club if someone yells “stop!” you move onto curtain poles.  Fourth rule, one customer per display per time.  Fifth rule , one brand at a time.  Sixth rule, no discounts, not until we say so.  Seventh rule, awning demonstrations will go on as long as they have to.  And the eight and final rule, if this is your first time at Awning club you got to use the remote controlled Markilux 990 awning display downstairs.

If the reference above made no sense, then maybe try our other awning blog?

Thank you Tyler.

No we haven’t lost our minds here at The Pole Company and created a dual personality personified in a youthful (at the time) Hollywood actor to run an underground awning club that no one is allowed to discuss which in turn will become one of the most single driven anti establishment group of individuals that can change the world in a matter of months (spoiler).  That would be crazy right?  Why all the fuss over awnings?

Awnings are one of the most underrated products in our showroom.  With a name like The Pole Company,  Awnings isn’t the first product that comes into people’s minds when they think of us.  Granted there is a lot of passing interest and even more so with our latest display but we want to take this opportunity to state why we think awnings are great for any home with a garden.

The awning can act as front line protection from the ultraviolet light.  It is perfect for providing shade in your garden which can help you keep cool and protect house fabrics from fading, such as curtains and carpets.  Of course you could pull the curtains shut and we would agree with you, but only when the Sun goes down.  This your life and it is ending one minute at a time so why waste the view of your lovely garden?  Awnings provide great cover which on a sunny day is extremely helpful!

The summer we are having right now you could argue that awnings are a waste of time this year at least.  This however is not quite true as the Markilux 990 awning actually needs a little bit of rain once in a while to ensure it remains clean with its self-cleaning properties.

Most awnings are designed for longevity, so see them as an investment.  Attached to the side of the house, the awning doesn’t protrude much from the wall and doesn’t create an eye sore either.  Each awning, depending on which company’s product is more suitable for your situation, comes with several options as to how it can be operated.  These include the simple manual winding handle, the hard-wired electric motor, or even remote-controlled options.  Fantastic for anyone looking to kit their home out with one so let the chips fall where they may.

That is why awnings are so exciting!  Now you know, and knowing is only half the battle, so please come and visit us to see our awning displays or contact us here! Please also visit our awning section too we have even more information particularly on Luxaflex awnings!!

Thanks for reading and make sure you look at our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages! Now hit me..with that awning!!



The Walking Dead

29th June 2012

Surprisingly at The Pole Company we are never asked what curtain poles would be useful in a Zombie Apocalypse.  A query like this may seem trivial now but ask Rick and the rest of his gang of survivors about what they would do and this blog may not seem so out of context.  So why should you pick up a curtain pole instead of a shotgun?

Well in all fairness, if The Pole Company is still standing customer service may be somewhat strained due to the hordes of zombies running around.  However here at The Pole Company we are optimistic about our chances and simply refuse to let our passion for window dressings be dampened by the looming presence of the undead.

To help you decide on what you need why don’t we set a couple of scenarios where certain products, that we currently sell online, could help make a difference!

So you’ve woken up to find yourself in this dangerous situation, most likely in hospital (that’s where most great zombie situations begin) and miraculously find your friends and family again.  Great news! You won’t quite know the extent of whats going on at first but that’s ok! How about an Out of the Fire Wrought Iron curtain pole?  We have mentioned these curtain poles once or twice before, but we always like to reiterate this range’s great benefits!  They are very stylish with many different finials to choose from, and are highly durable, great for the dual purpose of holding up your curtains as you rebuild your life and for beating zombies with (please note this has never been tested and we do not endorse or recommend trying it).

Scenario 2 you find yourself chased from your home and in new surroundings in say…a prison! (Sorry spoilers). What would we recommend for sprucing up your drab new location?  Shutters are a very useful.  They not only are great for blocking sunlight but also maintaining privacy, great when that peeping zombie is looking for dinner.  We have many types of shutters which can all be found here!

There’s also a 10% Cash Back Sale on Duette Blinds which for more information see here.  In terms of a zombie apocalypse, no they won’t offer much protection but their heat and light control is superb as well as their environmentally conscious attributes.   Hey a good deal in a Zombie related end of days scenario is still a good deal.

Thanks for reading a few last tips when Hershel says don’t look in the barn; don’t look in the barn,  don’t mention the governor and don’t trust Kirkman he’s almost as bad as George R R Martin in terms of ‘character development’.

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