Awnings: Markilux 990

6th July 2012

The Pole Company has recently installed the Markilux 990 Awning in our Bath Showroom.  This brand new display is a testament to our love of awnings and our relationship with Markilux.    Its the second awning display we have in our shop and we are extremely happy with how it looks!  Why not see for yourselves in our dedicated Gallery item?

So our new display looks impressive but what is so special about the Markilux 990 awning?

Engineered with Markilux’s awning experts and an experienced design studio, the 990 awning is the perfect combination of practical and sleek design.  Sticking closely to the initial premise of designing a slim and compact awning, the overall height of the Markilux 990 is less than 13cm, has a width of 500cm and a maximum projection of 300cm.

In terms of operating the 990 awning all products, unless stated otherwise, come with standard stainless steel winding handle.  Other options include hard wired electric motor and radio controlled motor with remote added too.  If you make it to the showroom we have the latter of the three options installed.  We must say it is great fun playing with the remote during customer demonstrations.

As mentioned in our gallery section, the Markilux 990 has a very unique Sunsilk design.  This innovative awning fabric is extremely resistant to ultraviolet light which is due to its finely dyed fabrics.  It is thinner and smoother than the typical acrylic counterparts found on most other awnings.  It also has a self cleaning effect in rain (where sufficient run off is present) which means that the 990 awning guarantees radiant colours for years!

Showroom Awnings

New Markilux 990 Awning display!


As well as the striped pattern in our shop, awning fabric comes in many designs and patterns, so please contact us for details on other options!  The fixtures come in three colours a textured off-white, stone grey metallic, and anthracite metallic.  Again please contact us for more details on this!

So that is why we love the Marilux 990 awning!  It has lots of great attributes which are great for anyone looking for a bit of shade this summer!  Even if the Sun refuses to come out this year the great benefit of the 990 awning is the longevity of this product, which is why it comes highly recommended!  If you would like to look at other awning services please look at our awning section on the site here!

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Awning Club

6th July 2012

The first rule about Awning club is you don’t talk about awning club.  The second rule of Awning club is you DON’T talk about Awning club.  Third rule of Awning club if someone yells “stop!” you move onto curtain poles.  Fourth rule, one customer per display per time.  Fifth rule , one brand at a time.  Sixth rule, no discounts, not until we say so.  Seventh rule, awning demonstrations will go on as long as they have to.  And the eight and final rule, if this is your first time at Awning club you got to use the remote controlled Markilux 990 awning display downstairs.

If the reference above made no sense, then maybe try our other awning blog?

Thank you Tyler.

No we haven’t lost our minds here at The Pole Company and created a dual personality personified in a youthful (at the time) Hollywood actor to run an underground awning club that no one is allowed to discuss which in turn will become one of the most single driven anti establishment group of individuals that can change the world in a matter of months (spoiler).  That would be crazy right?  Why all the fuss over awnings?

Awnings are one of the most underrated products in our showroom.  With a name like The Pole Company,  Awnings isn’t the first product that comes into people’s minds when they think of us.  Granted there is a lot of passing interest and even more so with our latest display but we want to take this opportunity to state why we think awnings are great for any home with a garden.

The awning can act as front line protection from the ultraviolet light.  It is perfect for providing shade in your garden which can help you keep cool and protect house fabrics from fading, such as curtains and carpets.  Of course you could pull the curtains shut and we would agree with you, but only when the Sun goes down.  This your life and it is ending one minute at a time so why waste the view of your lovely garden?  Awnings provide great cover which on a sunny day is extremely helpful!

The summer we are having right now you could argue that awnings are a waste of time this year at least.  This however is not quite true as the Markilux 990 awning actually needs a little bit of rain once in a while to ensure it remains clean with its self-cleaning properties.

Most awnings are designed for longevity, so see them as an investment.  Attached to the side of the house, the awning doesn’t protrude much from the wall and doesn’t create an eye sore either.  Each awning, depending on which company’s product is more suitable for your situation, comes with several options as to how it can be operated.  These include the simple manual winding handle, the hard-wired electric motor, or even remote-controlled options.  Fantastic for anyone looking to kit their home out with one so let the chips fall where they may.

That is why awnings are so exciting!  Now you know, and knowing is only half the battle, so please come and visit us to see our awning displays or contact us here! Please also visit our awning section too we have even more information particularly on Luxaflex awnings!!

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The Walking Dead

29th June 2012

Surprisingly at The Pole Company we are never asked what curtain poles would be useful in a Zombie Apocalypse.  A query like this may seem trivial now but ask Rick and the rest of his gang of survivors about what they would do and this blog may not seem so out of context.  So why should you pick up a curtain pole instead of a shotgun?

Well in all fairness, if The Pole Company is still standing customer service may be somewhat strained due to the hordes of zombies running around.  However here at The Pole Company we are optimistic about our chances and simply refuse to let our passion for window dressings be dampened by the looming presence of the undead.

To help you decide on what you need why don’t we set a couple of scenarios where certain products, that we currently sell online, could help make a difference!

So you’ve woken up to find yourself in this dangerous situation, most likely in hospital (that’s where most great zombie situations begin) and miraculously find your friends and family again.  Great news! You won’t quite know the extent of whats going on at first but that’s ok! How about an Out of the Fire Wrought Iron curtain pole?  We have mentioned these curtain poles once or twice before, but we always like to reiterate this range’s great benefits!  They are very stylish with many different finials to choose from, and are highly durable, great for the dual purpose of holding up your curtains as you rebuild your life and for beating zombies with (please note this has never been tested and we do not endorse or recommend trying it).

Scenario 2 you find yourself chased from your home and in new surroundings in say…a prison! (Sorry spoilers). What would we recommend for sprucing up your drab new location?  Shutters are a very useful.  They not only are great for blocking sunlight but also maintaining privacy, great when that peeping zombie is looking for dinner.  We have many types of shutters which can all be found here!

There’s also a 10% Cash Back Sale on Duette Blinds which for more information see here.  In terms of a zombie apocalypse, no they won’t offer much protection but their heat and light control is superb as well as their environmentally conscious attributes.   Hey a good deal in a Zombie related end of days scenario is still a good deal.

Thanks for reading a few last tips when Hershel says don’t look in the barn; don’t look in the barn,  don’t mention the governor and don’t trust Kirkman he’s almost as bad as George R R Martin in terms of ‘character development’.

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Business Against Poverty: Romania Project

26th June 2012

At The Pole Company we are very enthusiastic  about charity.  From our time in Bath we have become associated with the charity group Business Against Poverty.  Business against poverty, or people against poverty as its otherwise known, are a global organisation of like minded people dedicated to alleviating world poverty.  This local international charity runs many projects across the world helping people in extreme poverty through various schemes and activities such as counselling, educational sessions and summer camps for children.

We have been a member for several years now and are always willing to do more for the charity.  One project we are currently lending our support to for Business Against Poverty is Dobravat House in Romania.  Business Against Poverty alongside the Way of Joy have helped establish a multipurpose centre where the local community can come and work with staff to receive education as well as many other opportunities in order to build a brighter future for themselves.  They also offer a children’s summer camp which simply aims to transfer them from their environment for a few days and give them an opportunity to have fun.

The Pole Company are supplying children’s curtains (the picture of which can be seen in our gallery or Facebook album) and a handful of white aluminium curtain tracks to decorate some of the rooms with all free of charge of course.  We hope that they will enjoy them and will be posting photos as soon as we can!  Just got to make sure our fitter has got his passport in order…


The pole company charity curtains

A sample of the curtains we're shipping over!

If this has inspired you or you would like to know more on what can be done to help fight poverty please visit their website here

Its a great charity and we highly recommend taking a look!

Thanks for reading.


Game of Curtain Poles

22nd June 2012

Winter is coming.

Well with the Summer Solstice now over and the weather forecast recently we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that.  

The Pole Company is well aware that we are not the only curtain pole retailer in the South West or the rest of England for that matter.  As Robert will tell you ruling a kingdom, even one populated by curtain poles, is difficult at the best of times.

Our quest is to give the best well rounded service we possibly can, both online and in our lovely shop.  We offer a large selection of quality products from high end designer curtain poles such as Alison Davies’ exquisite hand made curtain poles to more affordable ranges including Wood Works and Neo curtain poles.

With so much selection online vying for your attention its hard to choose which site is best for your needs.  To separate us from the other online ‘houses‘ The Pole Company aims to deliver a quality experience similar to that received by customers visitng our shop.   All of our online selection has been accurately categorised and filled with additional information to help you make the right decision for your home.  If you find yourself wanting more information then please contact us.  We pride ourselves on our in house knowledge and years of experience in the design industry, so do not hesitate to send a raven today!

Another way we stand out from the crowd is attempting to promote and sell specialist curtain poles.  These include Lawson Johnston’s glass curtain poles; hand crafted beyond the wall by the white walkers (possibly) see our link to a previous blog on them here, and Out of the Fire our favourite local blacksmith who specialises in hand forged wrought iron curtain poles.

If you find yourself in Winterfell, I mean Bath, then please come and visit.  We are open 9-5 all week and 10-5 on Saturday.  There will always be an expert designers in The Pole Company.  Our helpful staff are on hand to answer any questions you have about any of our products and general advice.   Ideally when paying we would like you to follow the Lannister’s code of conduct when it comes to debt.   For more details on what to expect when visiting the shop please see our previous blog!

So there you have it, why we think you should use us over any other site out there!  For the time being we sit happily on the throne of poles but we know that competition is always out there so we ensure to deliver the best service possible to every customer and make sure they walk away with a valuable experience.

If you have guessed the subtle theme of this blog by now then we would like to just take a moment to emphasise that unlike the inspired source material our staff won’t be subject to swift removal in medieval fashion like Mr Stark, among others, nor do we have a dire-wolf/wolves present in the shop although regular dogs are welcome!

As always please check our Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts for more information and exclusive updates! thanks for reading and remember…

When you play the game of curtain poles, you win or you go out of business.  There is no middle ground.



22nd May 2012

Its been heralded as a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Olympic Torch as it passes through England this week.  Today it is Bath’s turn!  It started the day off in Taunton and is slowly making its way to Bristol for a big celebration tonight and we are lucky enough to catch it in between.

Bath itself is busy as expected but there is a fantastic ambience over the city today .  Crowds are already forming along the route, with rumours of a legion of deck chairs setup along Great Poultney Street since 11am this morning.  As you can imagine people are excited.

One of our staff ran up to the World Record attempt taking place in Victoria Park just in front of the Bath Crescent where people have gathered to form the 5 Olympic Circles.  Aiming for a crowd of 5000 people, the attempt fell short of that number with a final total of 2,234 people signed up and present in the circles (possibly still a World Record!).  Here’s an image of their attempt below!

Bath World Record attempt

Bath World Record Attempt!











Other events have included a number of musical buses.  Whether those taking advantage of the occasion to take up a spot of open air karaoke is official or not has yet to be determined.  A favourite of these musical buses was what appeared to be a religious vehicle singing what can only be described as a ‘modern’ gospel song.  The bass nearly blew our windows out.  No exaggeration.

Traffic wardens have also multiplied this morning with a mixture of sunshine, a bustling amount of traffic and even more ‘power’ flowing through their veins than ever before which is making Bath a difficult place to park so watch out if you are planning a trip to Bath today!

We’ve also had a bit of fun here in the shop itself, using a couple of display curtain poles and finials to represent the Olympic Flame! We are hoping people will be inspired today and venture into our shop for an Olympic torch esque curtain pole of their own!


Olympic Torch fun aThe Pole Company
The Olympic Torch at The Pole Company!















We will attempt to close the shop for about 20mins around 4pm so that the staff can witness the torch passing by! Apologies for the inconvenience!  We will also inevitably be posting more pics on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts so please join them to see them!

If you are seeing or saw the torch at any point please let us know!  If not enjoy this beautiful day!!

Thanks for reading!


10% Cash Back? Cowabunga!!

18th May 2012

Did you catch our last post on Luxaflex’s 10% Cashback deal on Duette Shades?  Well we’ve already had some customers taking advantage of the 10% Cash Back.  We managed to get a few words out of them while making their purchase.

Why did you decide on Duette Blinds today?

‘Well dude 10% Cashback is an awesome deal!!’

‘What Mikey is trying to say is we really love the idea of an environmentally conscious product which not only helps with our heating bills but also spruces up the place’

‘Leo, how is that any different to what I just said?’


Was getting the 10% Cash Back easy?


‘You just download a form, make sure you bring that first time not a slice of pizza…’

‘Hey that wasn’t my fault!’

‘Mikey.  Who else brings a piece of pizza to the store instead of the voucher?’


‘SPLINTER?! (inaudible)’

Did you get all the necessary advice?

‘Oh yeah very helpful.  Knew their stuff alright.’

‘Even measured up.’

‘I was getting there Don.’

‘Hey Raph, I was only saying…’

‘Yeah well I’m only saying (inaudible)’

Do you Recommend this deal to anyone else?

‘Hey Donny check this sound byte, this deal is so good I’m dealing with Shell-Shock.’

‘Too derivative’

‘Well I guess we didn’t have to Shell-Out too much’

‘Too Cliche.’

‘Well it was a Shell of a good of an idea!’

‘I like it.  Step up.’

‘….Can I just add it was out this world!  Like Extraterrestrial man! Like where we’re from dude!’  Is that OK Mr Bay?’

‘Why did we sign that new movie deal?’

So there you have it another set of happy customers.

To get more information on the Luxaflex Duette Deal please read our blog here with all the necessary information on what you can do to get 10% Cash Back on Duette Shades!

Be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter for more from this blog!

Thanks for reading!



10% Cash Back on Luxaflex Duette Blinds!

18th May 2012

Need something to retain heat, keep cool, control the amount of light that is cost effective and most importantly green conscious?

Well you’re in luck as this May and June Luxaflex are offering 10% cash back on any purchases made on their Duette Shades!

Duette Blinds

10% cash back is a mighty tempting offer no matter what the product but why should you be interested in Duette Shades?

To start with they are very environmentally friendly.  Due to their honeycomb design these shades are able to trap 3 pockets of air in its 4 layers which doubles its insulating qualities!  The honeycomb effect also allows the shades to keep heat out in the Summer making this an essential all year round product.  They are available in hundreds of colours and a wide variety of fabrics including opaque and semi opaque fabrics.


Luxaflex Architella Duette Shades- Honeycomb effect

10% Cash Back Details

Now onto the details of the deal.

  • 10 % Cash back is available on Luxaflex Duette Shades, only purchased from a Luxaflex Gallery and Inspiration Dealers (eg. The Pole Company).
  • The offer only applies to orders over £150.
  • The offer is limited to to one claim per household.
  • To claim you will need to download a voucher from the Luxaflex website here and show this to our sales staff on purchase.
  • The dealer will give you a HD order number and help you fill in the necessary information to make your claim.
  • The just send it to the following address with proof of purchase:

The Luxaflex® Marketing Department
HunterDouglas Ltd
Mersey Industrial Estate
Heaton Mersey
SK4 3EQ!

The offer runs from 1/5/2012 until 30/6/2012 (Closing date for claims on purchases made between the offer period will be 21/7/2012).


Its as easy as that.  If you have any more questions please contact us!  For more information on Duette Shades we have on our site please have a look at our Luxaflex section here.  If you would like to know more about our Green contributions and environmentally friendly products why not take a look at our previous blog all about them here!

Thanks for reading!


Pulp Fitting

15th May 2012

Fitting/adj. 1. appropriate or proper; suitable.  2. work carried out by a fitter.

Prologue-The Shop

‘Did you know The Pole Company is also a shop too?’

What is a Pole Company?

The Pole Company is indeed a shop Vincent! Its where we can show off the majority of our fine selection of products including curtain poles, blinds, shutters and many other curtain accessories.  Our expert interior designers are on hand to help you select the perfect product for you.

Prelude to Measuring

In the shop after you’ve made your initial decision we offer a free measuring service.  That’s right free!

What’ you say?  Say what again.  Say what again.  I dare you.  I double dare you.’

‘What’ Jules is trying to say is contact us for more details.


We will come out to visit your home/site to help measure up so we can ensure that your purchase is as accurate as possible.  Whether its curtain poles, shutters or Bay windows, whatever is proving too problematic to measure we will be able to help you.

Prelude to Fitting

Once we have your measurements, product selected and deposit paid we can go ahead and set a fitting date.  Fitting dates can vary depending on product lead times.  Curtain poles depending on which company is putting your order together can take up to 28 working days (please see individual product lead times on each of our online products).  Shutters, blinds and Bay poles products inevitably will take longer due to their made to measure nature.

Fitting dates are always available at The Pole Company unfortunately due to the popularity of the fitting service it can often be up to a month or longer waiting time for an appointment.   Our very helpful team are always ready to organise a suitable date with you for fitting and will let you know of any the cancellations to potentially speed up the process.


I’m Winston Wolf.  I solve problems

On a typical fitting day our fitter will be racing around the local area and further a field to meet your appointment slot and ensure you have your product up and ready asap.  Incidently he’s not called Winston or Wolf.


Epilogue-The Shop

Every journey begins again at the shop or our website.  Please contact us for details on our fitting service.

‘OK everybody be cool!’


Thanks for reading!


Google Plus!

11th May 2012

That’s right True believers!  The Pole Company has joined Google Plus!  But wait a second, What actually is Google Plus? and how is this going to affect The Pole Company?

Well Google Plus is another social network that will sit alongside our other social networking accounts on Twitter and Facebook.  Through much trial and error, most of which is still ongoing, I can sum up that Google Plus is another virtual space to advertise what The Pole Company is about.  We have posted several items there already including blogs, and a few images curtain pole accessories we have also been testing out the ‘circle‘ application adding many unsuspecting victims/customers to build an audience.

There is also a ‘Hang Out‘ and ‘Huddle‘ application there which involves hanging out via video cam and huddling on instant messenger.  Unfortunately we don’t have a webcam attached to our workstations here so the ‘hang Out’ option will remain redundant for the time being.  However if you are in our circle or your circle or our paths cross on Google Plus we are more than up for a ‘Huddle’, so fire away related questions to us and we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Like any other application this will take time to grow.  We hope that it will stand as successfully as our other online assets.  If you have Google Plus or are thinking of getting it please find us on there and add/follow/circle us at anytime! The link to our profile is here!

Thanks for reading!

Google Plus With the Pole Company

Google Plus!


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