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NEW RANGE: Acanthus Vintage Curtain Pole Collection

16th June 2015

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our website, from the prestigious UK curtain pole manufacturer Alison Davies, the Acanthus Vintage range! This is a brand new wooden curtain range that combines the contemporary designs of previous Alison Davies’ collections with the competitive pricing that truly sets this range out from the crowd.

Exclusively in a 45mm diameter, there are 8 brand new finials to choose, all with names inspired by French, including Amelie, Bagatelle, Ballon, Bon Bon, Bouton, Chateu, Enchante, and Pample Mousse.  Finishes for the range include Calico, Faded White, French Grey and Stone. Each curtain pole set purchased from Alison Davies is handcrafted to perfection, with their expert team putting in the delicate care and effort required to create an exceptionally high standard for each and every pole set.

Accessories, also coming soon, include rings, holdbacks and French brackets, perfectly in keeping with the finial titles and fantastic additions to any curtain pole set.

alison davies acanthus vintage wooden curtain pole collection sample 2015

A sample of the finials available in this beautiful collection

All curtain poles in the Acanthus Vintage Collection have a 3-4 working day delivery period and for a short period we will be offering free shipping on all curtain pole sets in the Acanthus Vintage Collection, so why not browse and take advantage!

alison davies acanthus vintage wooden curtain pole collection display

Alison Davies Acanthus Vintage Wooden Curtain Pole Collection



Neo Metal Curtain Pole Sale at Aspect Window Styling!

9th May 2013

We would like to announce that we having a Neo curtain pole Sale at Aspect Window Styling!

We have cut prices very significantly to pass on the savings to you the customer for a very short period and will end in a months time! Why not take a look! You can find the Neo Curtain pole sets here.


Neo Metal curtain pole sets

Neo Sale at Aspect Window Styling!



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4th January 2013

Happy New Year! and Happy New Shutter Sale!

That’s right we are currently having an S-Craft Shutter Sale! This year S-Craft are offering a fantastic 15% off on all shutter retail prices!!

This is a tremendous offer which only lasts until the end of January, so get in contact and let us help you make a great saving!

Please look at our shutter section for more details on our shutter ranges.

Sale must end 31/01/2013!!

Please also look at our Social network pages Twitter Facebook Pinterest and Google Plus accounts for daily updates on all things shutters!!


Shutter Sale!



10% Cash Back on Luxaflex Duette Blinds!

18th May 2012

Need something to retain heat, keep cool, control the amount of light that is cost effective and most importantly green conscious?

Well you’re in luck as this May and June Luxaflex are offering 10% cash back on any purchases made on their Duette Shades!

Duette Blinds

10% cash back is a mighty tempting offer no matter what the product but why should you be interested in Duette Shades?

To start with they are very environmentally friendly.  Due to their honeycomb design these shades are able to trap 3 pockets of air in its 4 layers which doubles its insulating qualities!  The honeycomb effect also allows the shades to keep heat out in the Summer making this an essential all year round product.  They are available in hundreds of colours and a wide variety of fabrics including opaque and semi opaque fabrics.


Luxaflex Architella Duette Shades- Honeycomb effect

10% Cash Back Details

Now onto the details of the deal.

  • 10 % Cash back is available on Luxaflex Duette Shades, only purchased from a Luxaflex Gallery and Inspiration Dealers (eg. The Pole Company).
  • The offer only applies to orders over £150.
  • The offer is limited to to one claim per household.
  • To claim you will need to download a voucher from the Luxaflex website here and show this to our sales staff on purchase.
  • The dealer will give you a HD order number and help you fill in the necessary information to make your claim.
  • The just send it to the following address with proof of purchase:

The Luxaflex® Marketing Department
HunterDouglas Ltd
Mersey Industrial Estate
Heaton Mersey
SK4 3EQ!

The offer runs from 1/5/2012 until 30/6/2012 (Closing date for claims on purchases made between the offer period will be 21/7/2012).


Its as easy as that.  If you have any more questions please contact us!  For more information on Duette Shades we have on our site please have a look at our Luxaflex section here.  If you would like to know more about our Green contributions and environmentally friendly products why not take a look at our previous blog all about them here!

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V-DAY (Last day of the shutter Sale 2012)

14th February 2012

Happy Valentine’s day from The Pole Company!   Have you awoken to a showering of gifts from your partner or admirer?  Awaiting a present later on today after work? Possibly hoping they’ll remember? or single and ready to put this exaggerated commercial holiday down to another year of consumerist madness?  Either way we are sorry to announce that it is V-Day here, in other words the last day of the S-Craft Shutter Sale 2012!!

If you haven’t already made a quick dash for Clinton Cards, and been keeping up with our previous blogs you will have known that the end of the Shutter Sale was coming. Today is your very last chance to enjoy 20% off of all S-Craft shutters! This could be the gift your looking for!

For information on the shutters we offer take a look at our Shutter section here, or if you would prefer to browse our collection of online shutter images including a collection of previous jobs then look here!

Shutter Sale Ends today

Shutter Sale Ends 2012 today


If you aren’t sure, why not contact us? We at The Pole Company are very happy to help and give you the best advice to help you find the best shutter for you!

So there you have it the Sale ends at 5pm today-although if you do want shutters don’t leave it too far beyond 4:30pm and bring the right measurements… As always Please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive content and updates!

Thankd for reading!!


Shutter Sale only 2 weeks to go!

25th January 2012

As the title suggests the shutter sale, with 20% of all S-Craft shutters, is coming to a close soon!  We at The Pole Company have been enjoying all the shutter attention we’ve received so far this January and are expecting a flurry of Shutter queries and orders in the next 14 days!

This kind of sale doesn’t come round very often, so we highly encourage you to take advantage!  For more information on the sale itself why not look at our previous blog which can be found here but if you’d prefer browsing our site for shutters then please go to our Shutter Section here.   Also if you would like to look at some of our previous work with shutters please have a look at our Gallery section which you find through this link here or here.

Shutter Sale in 2012

Only 2 weeks to go!!



So please do have a look at all our shutter information and pictures, it could be the right option for you! If you would like more information regarding shutters that you can’t find online then please contact us, either by phone or by email-we will get back to you asap! Please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive content and updates!

Thanks for reading!!



21st December 2011

Some of you may feel a bit sad at the end of our Museum and Walcot House curtain pole sale, or may have just found out about it from this blog post.  But here at The Pole Company we like to keep our customers happy so we are extremely pleased to announce that our S-Craft Shutter sale is returning this January!

All the details will be coming over the next month as to what this entails but as it stands we are offering 20% off all of our shutters until Valentines day 2012!  This very exciting for us to announce and we are looking forward to the sale already!

If you would like to look at our current selection of shutters on our website feel free to head on over to our shutter section here.  We will be returning on the 4th of January so please pay us a visit or send us an email! Have a fantastic Christmas and we’ll see you in the new year!

Thanks for reading!


S-Craft Shutter Sale 2012

Shutter Sale 2012-Begins January!!



21st December 2011

The 21st of December 2011. If you believe in the rumors, a year today the world won’t exist… But here at The Pole Company we aren’t letting anything like that bring us down, As its our last day of our online curtain pole sales!

The Sale includes the giant Museum curtain pole Sale! Which has seen a tremendous drop in prices across the range. We highly encourage you to browse our Museum Curtain poles today! You might be tempted! Have a look at them here or if you would like to read more information on these charming curtain poles have a look at one of our previous blogs which can be seen here.

Our other Sale is Walcot House which has seen 20% slashed from their original prices, so what a great time to take advantage of this luxurious curtain pole set! For information on this please look here or if you would just like to view the range have a look here!

As its our last day we can no longer guarantee a delivery before Christmas. Unfortunately a lot of our Curtain Pole traders are taking lengthy breaks this Christmas which inevitably will delay and even halt deliveries. That said if you buy one of these curtain poles from either sale today, you will receive them in the new year but you will still only have to pay sale prices on them! You’ve got until 5pm today…so make the most of these sales while they’re available!!

The Pole Company at Christmas!!

Two Sales One Day
















Have a great Christmas from all of us here at The Pole Company! Enjoy the time off and we’ll catch you in 2012!!!


P.S Our Shutter Sale is returning!!!! So stay tuned. For exclusive updates please look at our facebook page and twitter profile!

Thanks for reading!


Counting Down to Christmas!

16th December 2011

Here at The Pole Company we are all looking forward to Christmas, but with just over a week to go there are lots of things still to do here!

We are finishing both our Museum and Walcot House Sales next wednesday.  For more information please look at our previous blogs for Museum here or for Walcot House here.  This is a great saving for anyone looking for a designer curtain pole at extremely reasonable prices.  Again we emphasise that any purchases made for these sales will be delivered for Museum at a next day delivery option and Walcot House deliveries will most likely be post Christmas, but all at sale prices if ordered before the 21st!  This is not an opportunity to miss out on!

We highlighted our portiere rods as our pick of the Christmas month which you can read about here or even see our online selection here!  A nice winter warmer perfect for keeping out the draft this Christmas and delivered next day with stock in mind.

Opening hours and delivery times for the Christmas period were mentioned very recently but just in case you missed that one here it is again. We like to keep you the customer up to date on our delivery times to help ensure a smooth transaction with all your purchases!

Also you may have noticed a new section pop up recently on our website…’poles only section‘….see if you can find it but we will be announcing it officially in the new year!

So thats it for us at TPC for this week we’ll be back next week with a few more announcements and blogs.  Have a great weekend!  For those of you Christmas shopping we salute you and good luck!  For those who have already done it, how very organised of you!  and for those not buying anything for anyone well lets just say you should have watched a Christmas Carol when you were younger…

Thanks for reading, as always look at our Facebook and Twitter for little extras, still grinch season see what he’s been up to this week.


The Pole Company Winter Season!

Winter Wonderland at The Pole Company!



6th December 2011

Its that time of year where Jingle Bells are in the air, trees have invaded homes across the country and mince pies shares have risen dramatically.   At The Pole Company we’ve even been to Homebase for their Christmas tree special, so take a look at our decorations if you’re in Bath over the next few weeks!

But with Christmas all around us, The Grinch is unfortunately moving into The Pole Company for the next couple of weeks.   So you may know the Dr Suess story of the Grinch, the Green imp that that tried to steal Christmas, but what does his presence at The Pole Company mean?   Well with Christmas period comes the inevitable disruptions and delays in delivery for some of our products.

However the delay does vary across the products, so The Grinch is being kept at bay for now.    To examine the degrees of  delay here a few examples to explain our delivery problems; some brands such as Out of The Fire designs will be difficult to get this side of Christmas due to the handcrafted nature of the poles.   Then there are a couple of brands who may be able to squeeze in a few orders before Christmas such as Alison Davies and Decotec, this is time dependent and orders should be made sooner than later! But Hallis Hudson products are still able to give you next day delivery right up until we close for Christmas, subject to Stock availability.

The best thing to do is contact us if you want anything for Christmas! If you give us a ring or email, we’ll be able to give you an honest answer about the chances of getting your curtain pole, curtain accessory, or anything else before Christmas!

The Pole Company itself closes for Christmas 21/12/2011 this year, so not long! But up until this point we will be taking calls right up until 5pm that day. Our internet Sales for Museum and Walcot House curtain poles will run up until 5pm that day too, although these products may be delivered in the New Year (at Sale prices if ordered before the closing date), for more information on the curtain pole sales take a look at a previous blog here.

Fantastic Service from the The Pole Company

Don't fret we will do our best to make sure your purchases get to you for Christmas!

Having The Grinch in shop doesn’t mean we want customers to worry, we like to be honest with our customers and let them know about any changes as soon as we do.   We’ve managed to get him upstairs for now so still feel safe to visit!  To see our Grinch theme in action why not take a look at our Facebook page? Or how about our Twitter profile? Both containing completely exclusive daily updates for our fans only! Thanks for reading.


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