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Swish Tracks Explained

15th March 2012

Continuing the rundown of all of our curtain track brands here at The Pole Company we would like to introduce the brand Swish.

Swish may be a very familiar sounding name; ‘Even I’ve heard of that one!‘ A direct quote The Pole Company’s IT Department,  proving its popularity indefinitely.  The great thing about Swish curtain tracks is its affordable nature.  You will receive a reasonable curtain track without costing too much,which makes it a great alternative to a curtain pole!  Looking at our online collection we have a very humble selection of Swish curtain tracks, these include Swish Supreme Cord and Swish Supreme Glide.

Swish Supreme Cord is a highly durable aluminium curtain track.  It has been pre-corded and sizes start at 150cm continue up until 500cm.  The depth of the profile is 28mm and comes in a White finish only.

Swish Supreme Glide is another highly dependable curtain track.  It is a hand drawn system and sizes, much like the Supreme Cord, begin at 150cm and end at 500cm.  The depth of the profile is also 28mm and also comes in a White finish only.

Other information to note is that both of the curtain tracks can be bent and fitted specifically for bays although you will have to contact us directly for this service.

Swish curtain track

Our humble Swish Collection












Our online selection may appear small but we also sell Swish curtain tracks in our shop.  We have an extensive range on display as well as a few additional manufacturer’s catalogues for you to take a  look at.  If you’ve taken a liking to Swish tracks good news as we expect to see a few more Swish products heading to the site soon!


So that is Swish curtain tracks explained. Please have a look at our Facebook group and Twitter for updates and more information on upcoming events and exclusive updates!

Thanks for reading!


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