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The Pole Men -The Sale Saga- The Final Chapter

11th November 2011

6 months on from our last chapter….

The Pole Company were facing the end of the fiscal year.  The final dayLooking back on the events of the past year it was hard to revisit some the trials they had faced.  Team members had come and gone, customers had ranged from good to bad to ugly, the inevitable question of discount, but for now it was over.  The group had agreed to take time off each to find themselves again and recharge.

As they left the building that evening, the Professor set the alarm and gave one final look at her shop, and whispered.

‘We’ll be back.’

And with that the shop was closed.


….for now.

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The Pole Men -The Sale Saga- part 5.

11th November 2011

It had been a few days since the Sale had gone live and the P-Men were all residing themselves to the fact that The Pole Company’s grave future would not come to pass now.

As the morning progressed, a customer entered with his wife, and both began to cautiously browse the Luxaflex blinds.  None of the P-Men took much notice, as this was not an odd occurrence for new customers to keep to themselves whilst in the shop.  A few minutes went by and the young couple had begun quietly murmuring to each other, while the team went about their daily duties.

‘Excuse me.’ Said the man,  ‘What kind of discount can I get on these curtain poles?’

A question heard all too often in the shop.  Discount was something everyone was looking for.

‘Well Sir’ Replied Professor H, ‘A discount can vary and depends on the range, quantity of the curtain pole sets you order, as well as if you have an account with us.’

‘Right, Well how much is this one’s discount then?’ Pointing at a familiar wooden curtain pole.

‘Thats a special one sir, a Museum Curtain Pole.  We have just raised an internet sale on that particular product.  10% off..’

‘10% Thats not nearly enough! How can you expect customers to come back with such measly discounts?!?’ His voice grew colder sterner, and his eyes focused on the Professors.

‘Sir please, we are a business we need to make a profit even if its a small one.  10% is all we can afford to give at this time..’

‘ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.’  And with that he began shaking violently, hair began erupting from all over his skin and before their eyes he had turned into a huge monster.


‘Jeremy no!’ His partner shouted ‘calm down, 10% is fine!’

But it was too late the beast had began his rant around the shop, ashing out at the displays.  Wolverine and Beast lunged at the enraged customer, but were easily shrugged off by the behemoth.

‘That is enough sir!’ The Professor stated.  
‘Discounts are not something we take lightly.  Do you believe your the first customer to ask for discount?  No sir, we are asked on a daily basis and put into an awkward position to give or not give discount.  We are a business, we work hard and we will not let our prices be compromised.  If you can’t accept this, then good day to you sir.’

And with that a wave of clarity fell on the beast and he began to revert back to his original appearance.  After a calm discussion the couple eventually went ahead and bought a curtain pole set.  This matter was resolved, but the issue of discounts was always a problem they would have to face.




The Pole Men -The Sale Saga- part 4.

11th November 2011

The door Burst open to reveal an extremely disheveled  Wolverine.  The P-Men on duty that morning could not help but stare at his odd arrival.

‘Where’s the Professor!’  Wolverine snarled.

‘Upstairs…She got in 10 mins ago.’ Beast sheepishly replied.

Without a moments hesitation Wolverine leaped across the room and bolted the stairs.  Once there he saw the Professor sat at the laptop drinking her morning coffee.

‘Professor. A Word.’  Wolverine then went to explain his nightmarish vision of The Pole Company’s future, straining emphasis on the importance of the organising another Sale.  The two discussed the matter intently until the Professor delivered a resolve to the matter.

‘Fine.  We will do another Sale, but you will take of it.  The prices, the pictures, the PR, everything.’

‘Deal’ Wolverine replied.  And with that he sat down and poured himself over the catalogues.  Hours went by until finally he had found the perfect product to take up the Sale Mantle;  The Museum Curtain Pole Range.  Another wooden curtain pole range but different enough to make a stand on The Pole Company website.

Returning from lunch, he noted a difference in the air at his desk.  Suddenly men in blue jumpsuits jumped out of the stockroom brandishing weapons.  Without warning they attacked Wolverine who mercilessly responded.  Slashing back against the marauders he was relentless, not giving way until finally there was nothing left to slash.  Panting he had looked closely at his attackers and saw a familiar emblem.  ‘J-Poles’.  Sworn enemies of The Pole Company.  Attacking as an attempt to undercut The Pole Company’s prices once again.  He knew a Sale wouldn’t be easy but he had not quite realised the struggle he would face.

As the afternoon grew to a close he was able to finalise the Sale and with a firm click it was on the site again, but he could not help but wonder would this save The Pole Company?



Pole-Men -The Sale Saga- part 3.

11th November 2011

Tossing and turning in bed Wolverine could not help but find himself lost in his disgruntled dreams.  Subconsciously ruled by the events from the last few days, he found himself in a nightmarish land where The Pole Company lay in ruins.  What could have possibly happened here? He frantically pondered.

Turning to face the remains of the front shop window he saw a poster containing the portraits of his fellow P-Men.  As he peered closer he could see they had each been tagged.  Glancing at the tags, he read ‘unemployed’, ‘redundant’, ‘working at a call centre’.  He stumbled back in horror, again questioning the entire scenario.  Suddenly from behind him he heard a familiar voice.

‘Hello Wolverine’

‘Professor H! Whats happened here? What happened to The Pole Company?!?’

‘I’m afraid this is a future where we could not replace Wood Works and gave up on the internet Sale.  Once we had made this decision there was no way to keep up with our online rivals.  Soon we were overrun with debt, angry customers demanding unreasonable unprecedented discounts, even our Web Company couldn’t keep us afloat.  We went into administration and everyone lost their jobs.  It was a dark time for the curtain pole industry.  If only we had done another Sale-this wouldn’t have happened.  I can’t imagine all those unfinished windows we left behind.’

Wolverine stunned by this news fell back against the remnants of The Pole Company’s front door.   Looking down at the broken curtain poles at his feet he uttered.

‘We’ve got to change this we’ve got to do something!’

‘Its too late Wolverine-We lost.’

Suddenly Wolverine arose, waking in a cold sweat, with his dream vivid as the day itself in his mind.  As he began slipping into his purple polo shirt he murmured.

‘We need to sort the Sale.’



Pole-Men -The Sale Saga- part 2.

11th November 2011

As November descended further over The Pole Company, the days seem to drag at the shop.  The team had not only lost a fine curtain pole range but also a beloved member of the team.  Around the shop, The P-men each could be found in their own worlds, sorting stock, typing blogs and mundanely serving customers but none were willing to face the harsh truth of their team’s recent great loss.

As Monday dragged on, the team were forced to face their own personal concerns over what would happen now.  The Sales from the Wood Works Sale had been high, very high but  Wood Works as a range was not the curtain pole for everyone, many customers preferring metal curtain poles to wood.  However no one could argue that they had all come to find a special place in their heart for such a range.

As Professor H sat gazing over new ranges and price lists, she could not help but wonder what could possibly replace such a range as Wood Works.  Curtain tracks? More Curtain poles?  Surely not blinds?  As she pondered over the images on the front desk, she found herself welcomely distracted by customers if only to delay the hard choices that still needed to be made.

Hours went on but still no decision was made.  Then suddenly a great thudding from the stairs began as cyclops appeared at its foot, rucksack firmly over shoulder and all sign of joy departed from his lips.

‘What are you doing cyclops?’

‘I’m leaving Professor.’

‘But Cyclops…’

‘No its over.  The dream is gone.’

‘But think of the company!  Who will keep Wolverine blogging? Beast fitting? Think About this’

‘Goodbye Professor’

And with that he put his notice on the counter and was gone.  In that moment, The Pole Company would never be the same again.  How could the team solve this catastrophe?



Pole Men -The Sale Saga- Part 1

11th November 2011

The Pole Company prided itself on its extremely hardworking team.  Everyone had a role and filled it well, whether it was answering the phone, managing stock, fitting, or simply blogging about the day’s items.  A few months ago The Pole Company began a new initiative.  Agreed upon by all its members, to create an internet sale with a range of curtain poles.  After much discussion and protest, it came down to Wood Works Curtain Poles as the final option for the Autumn Sale.

The Sale itself started well and showed great promise.  Interest for Wood Works rose tremendously especially with Wolverine’s blogs in tow, soon actual sales  followed suit.  It was a glorious few months, where the website was able to keep afloat and truly challenge some of the other teams on the top 100 billboard, but all good things must end…

November was upon the team before they knew it and so too the inevitable end of the Wood Work Sale.  The P-Men were still divided on the matter, with such a great influx of fortune it was hard not to be unsure whether to end the Sale or keep it online permanently and soon arguments broke out.

‘But why can’t we keep it?  We can compete with other websites now!’-Jean asked forcefully.

‘Because then we’ll be just like them.  I won’t let our integrity slide.’ Replied Professor H.

‘But think of the potential profit margins Sir!!’

‘NO.  This Sale will end Friday afternoon!’

This was the last straw for Jean.  She walked out the door, leaving the P-Men utterly devastated by her actions.  The team did not know where to turn, especially Cyclops who had grown close to Jean during the Sale.

But being good loyal employees the Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale came to an end that Friday afternoon.  The Pole Company was left with a dark shadow and many unanswered questions-would there be another Sale?  Could the team stay together? What would become of Jean?




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