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Swish Tracks Explained

15th March 2012

Continuing the rundown of all of our curtain track brands here at The Pole Company we would like to introduce the brand Swish.

Swish may be a very familiar sounding name; ‘Even I’ve heard of that one!‘ A direct quote The Pole Company’s IT Department,  proving its popularity indefinitely.  The great thing about Swish curtain tracks is its affordable nature.  You will receive a reasonable curtain track without costing too much,which makes it a great alternative to a curtain pole!  Looking at our online collection we have a very humble selection of Swish curtain tracks, these include Swish Supreme Cord and Swish Supreme Glide.

Swish Supreme Cord is a highly durable aluminium curtain track.  It has been pre-corded and sizes start at 150cm continue up until 500cm.  The depth of the profile is 28mm and comes in a White finish only.

Swish Supreme Glide is another highly dependable curtain track.  It is a hand drawn system and sizes, much like the Supreme Cord, begin at 150cm and end at 500cm.  The depth of the profile is also 28mm and also comes in a White finish only.

Other information to note is that both of the curtain tracks can be bent and fitted specifically for bays although you will have to contact us directly for this service.

Swish curtain track

Our humble Swish Collection












Our online selection may appear small but we also sell Swish curtain tracks in our shop.  We have an extensive range on display as well as a few additional manufacturer’s catalogues for you to take a  look at.  If you’ve taken a liking to Swish tracks good news as we expect to see a few more Swish products heading to the site soon!


So that is Swish curtain tracks explained. Please have a look at our Facebook group and Twitter for updates and more information on upcoming events and exclusive updates!

Thanks for reading!


Integra Curtain Tracks Explained

8th March 2012

Continuing with our curtain track initiative here at The Pole Company we would like to introduce our next range on our curtain track hit list….Integra curtain tracks!

Integra curtain tracks is another of our online metal curtain track ranges.  The depth of the track ranges from 19mm and 26mm, with lengths up to 310cm and 600cm depending on the type of Integra curtain track you select.   Options for this range include regular, Discreet face fix, Discreet top fix, Double Duty Face fix,  Double duty top fix and Ultraglide as well as the corded and hand drawn options for the Regular, Discreet and Double duty sets.  Now these options may sound a little confusing so here is a brief summary of each of these below to help you identify which option suits you best.

Regular curtain track-  This is a standard white Integra curtain track.  For quick and easy appliance this type of curtain track is a great fit for all windows.

Curtain Track Regular from Integra

Integra Regular











Discreet Curtain track–  Like the name suggests these are minimal curtain tracks.  They have a simple yet efficient look which position well within any window setting for both modern and older homes.  They are perfect for light curtains in straight or bay settings too.

Integra Discreet curtain track

Integra Discreet





Double Duty curtain track–  These curtain tracks are a bit more sturdy than the Discreet range.  Aimed at heavier curtain fabrics they have been designed to support denser curtains which make them ideal for traditional window settings, both for straight or Bay windows.

Integra Double duty

Integra Double Duty











Top fix curtain track–  This refers to the position in which the curtain track can be placed.  For this particular option the curtain track will be fixed into the ceiling or the lintel.

Face fix curtain track–  This again refers to the position of the the curtain track.  Here the curtain track is fixed into the window frame.  The image below shows how the two differ.

Face fix top fix positions.

Face Fix Top Fix options












Ultraglide curtain track–   This is a pre-corded, extendable white, rolled steel curtain track including silicon enriched gliders which can be added or removed very easily.

Integra Ultraglide curtain track

Integra Ultraglide








We hope this clears up what these all mean!  However to help explain Integra even more,  we have added fitting instructions through an online PDF with as many Integra products as possible.  For further information please contact our staff who are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

So that is Integra briefly explained, hopefully this will inspire you to take a look at our curtain tracks section today!  Please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile to see what we come up with over there on Integra too.


METRO FLAT curtain tracks Explained

2nd March 2012

A couple of days ago we blogged about Metropole curtain tracks and the wonder they hold for your room but you’ve been hard at work all week taking on the worst your city has to offer and needless to say priority wise, designing your windows is still not nearing the top.  Well here at The Pole Company we can appreciate the daily trials and tribulations of busy lifestyles and are more than capable of fitting in around your schedule.

Now we are currently pushing our curtain track initiative which you might remember from our previous blog?  Well like your wardrobe, sometimes you need a change of pace, so we’re proposing you look at Metro Flat curtain tracks!

Metro Flat curtain tracks are another popular product from the Silent Gliss curtain track family.  Unlike Metropole, this curtain tracks has been designed more faithfully to the original curtain track design.  This product has a very modern appeal with an industrial inspired look.  The Metro flat curtain tracks come in 4 metallic colours (Black/Chrome/Gunmetal/Silver) up to 600cm.  Like Metropole, again they can be bent to fit bay windows or any other awkward window space incredibly easily.

Metro Flat curtain tracks 2

Metro Flat Curtain Tracks.

We have also been looking at prices here on our curtain track products and reduced the price on Metro Flat and Silent Gliss offer a 5 year guarantee on all Metro Flat products!  Take advantage of our generosity!  So don’t leave it One More Day, enquire about our available curtain tracks now!

As always please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile.

Thanks for reading.


Metropole Explained

27th February 2012

Whether you’re swinging around the city, engaging in illustrious altercations with fellow super powered individuals or simply overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of everyday life it can be difficult to find to consider the precarious well being of your home environment.  As always your friendly neighbourhood Pole Company has the solution at hand.

If you could lower your web-shooters for a second and resist leaping back into action for a few more we would like to cast your mind back to last week where we mentioned our intention of promoting curtain tracks on our site as a potential alternative to curtain poles (see the blog itself for more details).

Of course its up to you, some people prefer the thought of curtain poles holding up their curtains rather than curtain tracks, but if you feel your windows are currently sporting a quick fix soltuion and need something new then here’s an idea which could help you out. The curtain track product we would like to introduce is the wonderful Metropole range.  The range itself combines  beautiful decorative curtain pole designs with the function of a traditional curtain track, essentially giving you the best of both worlds.  Is your Spidey Sense tingling yet?

At a closer look this particular range of curtain track comes in 3 diameters, 23mm, 30mm and 50mm in lengths up to 600cm.  The Metropole curtain track systems are available in two formats Hand Drawn and Cord Drawn.  However please note that the cord drawn Metropole option is not available in 23mm.

Metropole curtain tracks

A stunning combination of pole and curtain track














Colours for the range include White, Black, Diva Gold, Chrome, Oak, Mahogany and many more.  All look incredibly stylish while also a perfect for each and every Spider costume you may find yourself in over the years.  Again note that the large selection of colours is dependent on the diameter, so please check before purchasing!  Finials available online include the Spear and Ball, however we do sell an extensive range in the shop.  Take a look at the online brochure which can be found with each Silent Gliss product or here.  If you see a product you like please contact us.

All Metropole products can be bent to the necessary angle, which makes them perfect for bay windows.  They are not however suitable to bend around a Green Goblin’s head but they are able to easily fit into very awkward window spaces.

Bay Windows perfect for Bay windows


So you’ve read what Metropole has to offer, but I know you’re thinking ‘With all this power…’ where is the responsibility right?  Well all Silent Gliss products, including Metropole, have a 5 year guarentee! See here for details.

We’ve loaded a few curtain track lifestyle shots for you to have a look at which might spark your interest so check them out in our gallery here! Please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile.  Thanks for reading, now get back to swinging webs and catching thieves just like flies.

P.S Looking forward to the new film, Spidey!


The Initiative: Curtain Tracks!!

20th February 2012

At The Pole Company we have hit the ground running this year with our online services;  We’ve added new products, updated our Gallery section and just finished our successful 2012 Shutter Sale, so as you can imagine we’re feeling extremely positive about this year already!  That said we are not ones to rest on our laurels here, we’re moving forward with something we like to call ‘The Initiative‘.

The Initiative is an idea we have had for some time now in our Pole Company headquarters.  After a prosperous year of promoting and selling curtain poles and curtain accessories here online, we want to shift our attention and focus onto our other online products.  The next push we are excited to announce is for our curtain tracks section!

Wave Curtain Tracks just part of our selection

Curtain Tracks are here to stay!

Curtain tracks are a fantastic product.  They effortless act as an efficient modern addition to any window, which can easily slot into your home. Curtain tracks are also very popular in the business world with a lot of our online products lending themselves to big contract work for offices or conference halls on a range of scales, proving to be very cost efficient too. For examples on the different types of curtain tracks available take a look at our Gallery Section for our ‘Curtain Tracks!’ album or if you are interested in our contract work, involving curtain tracks or any other product for that matter, why not look at our Contract section?

Over the next week we will be highlighting a few of our online curtain track products including Metropole and Metroflat, Autoglide, the Silent Gliss Systems, a host of Integra curtain tracks, so stay tuned for a few specific blogs coming this way!

One last thing to mention before we begin this week properly is that we have reduced our pricing on many of our curtain tracks.  This is all part of The Initiative to generate interest in our curtain track products!

So please have a browse at the section here, or for more information please contact us!

Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks are here!!




As always please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile for exclusive updates, and heaps of new content!  Thanks for reading!


The Pole Company At The Movies.

28th September 2011

During the average weekend, work is the last thing on most people’s minds. Its fair to say that in our spare time we try and forget about any work related stress and any tasks facing us on our return to the work place.

For my weekend I was lucky enough to be sat in the cinema this past Sunday watching ‘Drive’, with work firmly off my mind. As the film went on a particular scene (for anyone who hasn’t seen it and is intending to, a small plot spoiler lies in this sentence) the lead actor, Ryan Gosling, is in a hotel room fighting off two assailants intent on redecorating the room with him. As the scene goes on Gosling suddenly breaks a curtain pole/curtain track in half and puts a firm halt to one of the attackers. Upon seeing this my mind unintentionally threw me forward to my desk at The Pole Company and Monday morning’s jobs rushed through my head.

Curtain Poles in Cinema!

Come and see your favourite curtain poles in the cinema today!

This got me thinking about how much curtain poles, or curtain tracks are used in media without anyone noticing. The obvious places to find curtain poles, curtain tracks, blinds and shutters is buried deep in the movie or television sets, especially those based on living spaces, like houses or hotels. You may not have given it much thought before now but a company like The Pole Company supplied those for that film, just a hint Hollywood.

But do curtain poles really have enough relevance in movie media to warrant attention other than on this blog? Well as it happens there is a bit of history of curtain poles and cinema, there is actually a film solely dedicated to the art of buying a curtain pole. The film itself is called ‘The Curtain Pole‘, presumably done to keep things relatively simple.

Its a short black and white movie made in 1909, about a wealthy gentlemen who is unfortunate enough to break a curtain pole in his dining room and sets off to find a new one however his search ends in a pub which makes getting his new curtain pole home even more interesting. The film itself is being shown on our Facebook page, so if you have a Facebook account please ‘Like’ us on there as we value every fan we receive.

So all in all the next time you wonder what relevance The Pole Company or any of the products we sell have in the world think of these examples.

Of course we don’t condone Mr Gosling’s actions in the film (although some customers have been known to push it…) nor can we offer the best curtain pole to fend off assailants with but we can direct you to a suitable pole, blind, shutter or track for your home. So pop in if you are in Bath or please take a look at what we have to offer online.

Finally for a great opportunity to pick up an expensive pole for much less, please have a look at our Wood Works curtain pole sale here. Thank you for reading.


A guide to TPC Brands

19th August 2011

Brands are a big part of how we shop.  No matter where you go, they are always there, even if you’re simply buying a drink you are faced with thousands of brands all vying for your attention.  The worlds of curtain poles, curtain tracks, shutters, blinds and awnings are no different, brands also play a big role here.

As we are a small company ourselves we can appreciate the need to get your brand out there and recognised.   On our website we have a mixture of major brands including Hallis Hudson, Luxaflex and S-Craft, which even the least curtain pole orientated person may recognise the sound of,  and smaller brands including Decotec, The Painted Pole Company and Out of the Fire; all housing some fantastic products!  But of course deciding which brand is perfect for your home can prove to be a difficult task.

To make it easier we’ve got a wonderful new application on our homepage which allows you to filter on any brand that might have caught your eye!  The tool will allow you to see all the available products under that brand to make it even easier to scroll through! Have a look here.

Before you take the brand selector out for a spin, we thought it would be a great idea to post a little summary below about each of our available brands to help get you in the mood.

Alison Davies–  This line is an exquisite composition of wooden curtain poles, combining luxury designer look with natural and painted colours.  With hundreds of products its hard not to appreciate this line of curtain poles.

Decotec-This is a very straightforward simple set of curtain poles which are not only cost effective but also match the quality and style of some of our high end designer poles.

Swish-A recent edition to our website product family.  Also another big contributor to the curtain tracks industry and even branching into our curtain pole section. Definitely worth taking a look at!

That was a very brief summary of each of our brands and we highly recommend you take a look at these lines in more detail!  We may also be posting specific blogs about each of our beloved brands as the weeks go on so stay tuned for that too!


Myth Buster: The Pole Company Prices

12th August 2011

At The Pole Company we sell a vast number of curtain poles, blinds, shutters, curtain pole accessories and many other items from numerous suppliers. Due to the designer companies we deal with, we are often perceived to be slightly expensive, with people often a little worried about price before even entering the front door!  However this is not the case, we do indeed sell cheaper lines which match the quality of our more expensive ranges!

When thinking cheap curtain poles, which may or may not excite you, we often refer customers to our Woodline range. Woodline curtain poles are a fine collection of wooden poles with that everyday value.  The curtain poles in this range sport the classic Ball finial and deal in very natural colours such as Light Oak, dark oak and Rosewood which all can easily slot in your home without costing a fortune.  The Woodline range may be a much cheaper line than some other curtain poles on our website but only in price, not in quality.

Natural effect Dark Oak Woodline Curtain Pole

Perfect Natural looking curtain pole effect











Another popular product topic we’re asked about is cheap curtain tracks.  A popular range which is also inexpensive is the Integra Discreet curtain tracks. With prices starting at just under £20 these are a fantastic deal to pick up. The track is made from a strong Aluminium base and comes in fully assembled lengths for that easy to fit style. Perfect for that minimalistic efficient effect.

Integra Discreet Aluminium Curtain Track

Efficient and cost effective curtain track system.











So remember you don’t have to be a ‘Delboy’ to get the best deal out there, The Pole Company may look expensive from the outside but we will always accommodate any customer interested in adding something special to their homes. If you would like more information on Woodline or Integra Discreet tracks please contact us.


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