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Honister Curtain Poles now available!

5th February 2018

We are very happy to announce the return of the Honister curtain pole collection to The Pole Company site!

This is a fantastic range of wooden curtain poles that provide contemporary design at an affordable price!

Honister curtain pole collection banner


Diameters in the range include 28mm, 35mm and 50mm.



The Honister range has a classic ball finial. Take a look at below!



Available colours include:

  • Cafe Latte
  • French Grey
  • Linen White
  • Pale Slate
  • Stone
  • Truffle

Take a look at the colours below!

Honister curtain pole collection shots in 50mm including different colours.

These colours meet the poles with a subtle sheen and matt finish, perfect for most modern living spaces.



Pole lengths begin at 120cm and go up to 360cm.

Poles in this range are also available in one length up to 200cm, offering a smoother finish than most of its competitor ranges.

All of the Honister curtain poles are complete sets available with the key components and straightforward fitting instructions.


This is a truly special and very reliable range of curtain poles to match any traditional or contemporary home, so why not browse the new Honister curtain pole collection today?

Honister curtain pole collection ring samples and promotional card.


Woodline Curtain Pole Sets

11th June 2014

We spoke about Neo Curtain poles, the reliable and affordable metal pole collection, in our last blog which you can read here.

We would like to tell you about one of our other favourite wooden curtain pole collection. This curtain pole collection is another of our most popular sellers. The line offers solid wood curtain poles at very competitive prices.

Diameters available in the line include 28mm and 35mm.

Available colours include Black, Cream, Dark Oak, Rosewood and White. These poles come with 2 ball finials.

With next day delivery, these are fantastic wooden curtain poles that can fill the needs of anyone looking for a basic curtain pole for their home.

To browse this product please click here.














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Neo Metal Curtain Pole Sets

3rd June 2014

Neo Metal Curtain Pole Sets are one of our most popular products on the site.

These are a fantastic choice for any home as they provide a designer look at an affordable price.

Neo curtain poles come in 3 diameters including 19mm, 28mm, and 35mm. Available lengths include 120cm, 180cm, 240cm, 300cm, and 360cm (this length is only available on the 35mm diameter curtain poles).

Colours include Black Nickel, Chrome, Spun Brass, and Stainless Steel.

Finials include Ball, Bullet, Stud and Trumpet. Each finial length, bracket projection and back-plate diameter will be given with each of the Neo products, but please contact us if you are unsure about any aspects of the product.

An Eyelet curtain pole option is also available.

Quick and easy to order, Neo Poles are a solid product that we can’t recommend enough please visit the Neo section.

This product also has many other curtain accessories to choose from including Brackets, Holdbacks, and Rings. Charges on delivery are noted in the Delivery section.

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Neo Curtain poles now in our metal section!



Neo Premium: Close the Loop

15th October 2012

The year is 2044.  Time Travel has not yet been invented but 30 years from now, it will have been.  As soon as it is invented it will be immediately outlawed, with only few using it in secret including Doc Brown, The Terminator and The Pole Company.

In the present, we employ Loopers.  Loopers are individuals that pick up new curtain pole ranges sent back from the future by outlaw designers and pass them onto businesses like us, and they become a part of history if you like.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense? Hey, don’t think too hard about the risk of temporal paradoxes.  This time travel business, just fries your brain like a egg.

But anyway what we would like to talk about is the Neo Premium collection.  A brand new range from Hallis Hudson expanding on the classic Neo range.  These curtain poles are a fantastic addition to the Neo range and have a very futuristic appeal to them.

The curtain poles arrive in 2 diameters (28mm & 35mm) and four classic colours including Black Nickel, Chrome, Spun Brass and Stainless Steel.  The finials, include:


Faceted Ball-This design was inspired on the natural formations of crystals and gemstones.


Faceted Ball Finial

Neo Faceted Ball Finial



























Plain Ball-A modern classic combining the simplicity with elegance.


Plain Ball Finial

Neo Plain Ball Finial (Spun Brass)



























Tear drop-This timeless design playfully  reflects light beautifully blending with a wide range of interiors.


Teardrop finial

Neo Tear Drop Finial (Stainless Steel)



























Barrel-The dynamic new barrel design is heavily influenced by using wires


Barrel Finial

The Neo Barrel Finial (Chrome)



























The new Neo Premium curtain pole collection is available in our shop only at the moment.  We have a brand new display set up in shop today and when we are able to, we will be uploading them to our Website!  But for now please contact us! Or visit!

Of course time travel is preposterous and we are letting our movie going habits taking over our blogs again, or is that what we want you to think..?

Got to go close the loop.

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Poles Only; The Only choice.

17th January 2012

Choices are a big part of everyday life.  Throughout the day, we make choices, some more subconscious than others but all of which contribute to determine/effect where we are and how we feel at the end of that day.  Its even a choice as to whether you choose to continue reading the rest of this blog!

At The Pole Company we understand that choice is an integral part of everyone’s lives, so we have decided to expand the choice by adding a new section with more products.  However being able to make more choices is one thing but having more control over those choices is another.   So with that in mind we would like to Introduce our Poles Only Section!

The Poles Only section allows you the customer to have the freedom of building your own curtain pole set!   You begin with a single curtain pole which you could purchase straight away or you could add Finials, Brackets and Rings in whichever quantity suits you (The individual curtain poles and curtain pole accessories all come with relevant information to help when choosing your quantities).  Then if you would like to add even more to your set, try adding other less essential curtain accessories such as Holdbacks or for Bay windows why not try a corner piece.

Individual Curtain Poles

The Curtain Pole-the first step to building your set.











The section itself has been live and was briefly mentioned in our last blog (All about New Years Resolutions which if you haven’t already you can read here), but now it is full of the relevant brands.  The brands and ranges included in our new section our Decotec, Modern Country, Neo, Integra Inspired, Jones Hardwick & Lunar, and The Painted Curtain Pole Company.  All fantastic brands with extensive component choices.

So if you are looking to buy a curtain pole set from us why not try buying it from our Poles Only section? Its very straightforward and lets you know exactly what you’re buying!  So give it a go!  For more information please contact us or visit our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
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28th October 2011

As the title suggests the Wood Works Sale is coming to an end.  Its been a quick two months, but Wood Works has risen from its fellow wooden curtain pole ranges to face its Sale destiny.

The sale has been very successful so far and we at The Pole Company are extremely happy with its progress, but there is still one week left to get a fantastic deal on this classic wooden curtain pole range!  The sale must end next week!

Take a look at our Wood Works range here and see if you can get yourself an amazing deal!

Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale

Last Week of our Wood Works Sale! Don't miss out!!









But we have plans for our Christmas period…so stay tuned!


Walcot House Curtain Poles More Than Meets The Eye

24th October 2011

Walcot House is the latest addition to our growing online family-see our last blog for its introduction!

These curtain poles aren’t your average curtain poles….. If you look closely at these pole sets and their immaculate design and finish you may see a slight resemblance to that of a warring race of giant robots?

No? In all honesty this curtain pole range are no robots in disguise, Optimus can breathe a sigh of relief now.  But then how does this curtain pole range stand out from the rest?  Read on and see if Walcot House is the range for you!

Curtain Poles from Walcot House

Walcot House a Fine Collection


Some readers may be disappointed that these incredible curtain poles were not actually forged on Cybertron a millennium ago, but the real story behind their origin is just as mesmerizing if a little closer to home.  The Walcot House company have been creating designer curtain poles and accessories since 1991.  Inspired by their surrounding area in the Cotswolds, their range of curtain poles reflects a tranquil image of mother nature, combined with the modern cool exterior of sleak finished metals (again not from Cybertronian origin), these influences of design create some absolutely gorgeous products.

The range contains over 35 designs including a mix and match option on some of the finials.  The curtain poles are spread across three diameters-19mm, 30mm, and 50mm which can be found in the Metal and Wood sections on our site.  Options for types of curtain pole include Stainless Steel, Brushed Bronze, acrylic and stained wood, all of which go up to 480cm apart from 50mm pole sets which go to 400cm.  Each curtain pole is completed with a fine glossy finish.

Walcot House has a vast array of finials which range from fabric infused metals to delicately crafted glass including Apollo, Bismarck and Riva cube. A particular favourite in our shop is the Moonstone finial. These finials live up to their name, and could have easily been collected from the Moon itself, not the dark side of the moon though Mr Bay.   These finials can easily be added to any of the poles across the three diameters. The Moonstone finials act on a mix and match basis, with a choice of up to 3 finials and numerous stunning colours including Flame, Dusky Pink, Crocus, and Pale Aqua.

Moonstone Curtain Pole

Contact us for Details on The Moonstone Poles

Unfortunately we are still working out the tweaks on our Matrix to allow our online customers to purchase this product, so for the time being the Moonstone curtain pole sets are shop exclusives, but please contact us for more details!!

So there you have it! Walcot house is an extremely special range of curtain poles that we, The Pole Company, are proud to have on our site.  Remember there’s more than meets the eye with Walcot House and these poles truly deserve a closer look.

Walcot House ROLL OUT!


The Pole Company At The Movies.

28th September 2011

During the average weekend, work is the last thing on most people’s minds. Its fair to say that in our spare time we try and forget about any work related stress and any tasks facing us on our return to the work place.

For my weekend I was lucky enough to be sat in the cinema this past Sunday watching ‘Drive’, with work firmly off my mind. As the film went on a particular scene (for anyone who hasn’t seen it and is intending to, a small plot spoiler lies in this sentence) the lead actor, Ryan Gosling, is in a hotel room fighting off two assailants intent on redecorating the room with him. As the scene goes on Gosling suddenly breaks a curtain pole/curtain track in half and puts a firm halt to one of the attackers. Upon seeing this my mind unintentionally threw me forward to my desk at The Pole Company and Monday morning’s jobs rushed through my head.

Curtain Poles in Cinema!

Come and see your favourite curtain poles in the cinema today!

This got me thinking about how much curtain poles, or curtain tracks are used in media without anyone noticing. The obvious places to find curtain poles, curtain tracks, blinds and shutters is buried deep in the movie or television sets, especially those based on living spaces, like houses or hotels. You may not have given it much thought before now but a company like The Pole Company supplied those for that film, just a hint Hollywood.

But do curtain poles really have enough relevance in movie media to warrant attention other than on this blog? Well as it happens there is a bit of history of curtain poles and cinema, there is actually a film solely dedicated to the art of buying a curtain pole. The film itself is called ‘The Curtain Pole‘, presumably done to keep things relatively simple.

Its a short black and white movie made in 1909, about a wealthy gentlemen who is unfortunate enough to break a curtain pole in his dining room and sets off to find a new one however his search ends in a pub which makes getting his new curtain pole home even more interesting. The film itself is being shown on our Facebook page, so if you have a Facebook account please ‘Like’ us on there as we value every fan we receive.

So all in all the next time you wonder what relevance The Pole Company or any of the products we sell have in the world think of these examples.

Of course we don’t condone Mr Gosling’s actions in the film (although some customers have been known to push it…) nor can we offer the best curtain pole to fend off assailants with but we can direct you to a suitable pole, blind, shutter or track for your home. So pop in if you are in Bath or please take a look at what we have to offer online.

Finally for a great opportunity to pick up an expensive pole for much less, please have a look at our Wood Works curtain pole sale here. Thank you for reading.



21st September 2011

The Wood Works curtain Pole Sale is well under way now. We’ve seen a lot of interest in the Sale which we are all very happy about here.

Classic Wooden curtain poles

Wood Works a classic range of curtain poles

Wooden curtain poles on sale!

Wood Works Sale Now on!












Thanks to Neo we experienced the age of Metal here at The Pole Company and now we find ourselves in the age of wood.   Its a great feeling seeing one of our favourite ranges getting such a warm response from online customers.

For many products it can be difficult to stand out online and unfortunately, similar to the selection process of a school team, are often the last to be picked.   Letting Wood Works shine through, is perfect to rouse interest in wooden curtain poles here on the site.

We highly suggest you take a look at this fantastic range while the prices are as low as they are!  Check them out here!


SALE-Wood Works the Curtain Pole to rule them all?

8th September 2011
Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale

Fantastic Bargain for Wooden Curtain Poles

Like most good sales they are never late, nor early, they arrive precisely when they mean to. As I’m sure you are now aware the Wood Works Sale is well in swing however to a lot of customers Wood Works is just another title in a forest of wooden curtain poles.
One does not simply walk into a sale, at least without having some familiarity with the brand or range in question so this blog is to help show you the customer why Wood Works is worthy of our Autumn sale and why you don’t need to be king of Gondor to afford them!


Over the years Wood Works has established itself as one of the most prominent wooden curtain pole ranges in the industry and the kingdom of men. It hails under the Hallis Hudson banner which you can take a look at here using our new brand selector tool.

The Wood Works collection has a mix of natural and warming colours including Cream, cream gold, Dark Oak, Mid Oak and Light Oak. This is perfect for creating a tranquil effect in any room, needless to say if you have a flat in Mordor you may benefit from this in particular.

Wood Works also has a moderate number of complimenting finials which truly complete the curtain poles. These include the classic ball (Coincidently this happens to be the White Wizard’s personal favourite) and ribbed ball finials, acorn, square, teardrop and the urn, all of which are available in all of the colours mentioned previously. Diameter wise this range comes in 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm to suit most types of curtains.

Wood Works Curtain Pole in Dark Oak

Wood Works Curtain Pole!

If whole sets isn’t what you’re searching for this time we have a fair few Wood Works items in our Accessory section such as the ‘one’ ring, in a pack of six. So have a look at these too!

So that concludes our brief introduction to Wood Works curtain poles. It is a ‘precious’ vast collection which you won’t need to scour Middle Earth for, so please take this great opportunity to look at this fantastic range at an unbeatable price. This a bargain for any customer looking for a nice set of wooden curtain poles for their own ‘bag end’. So don’t be fool of a took and hesitate have a look here today!

And our check out is now Balrog free so you shall pass no problem.


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