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15th May 2012

Fitting/adj. 1. appropriate or proper; suitable.  2. work carried out by a fitter.

Prologue-The Shop

‘Did you know The Pole Company is also a shop too?’

What is a Pole Company?

The Pole Company is indeed a shop Vincent! Its where we can show off the majority of our fine selection of products including curtain poles, blinds, shutters and many other curtain accessories.  Our expert interior designers are on hand to help you select the perfect product for you.

Prelude to Measuring

In the shop after you’ve made your initial decision we offer a free measuring service.  That’s right free!

What’ you say?  Say what again.  Say what again.  I dare you.  I double dare you.’

‘What’ Jules is trying to say is contact us for more details.


We will come out to visit your home/site to help measure up so we can ensure that your purchase is as accurate as possible.  Whether its curtain poles, shutters or Bay windows, whatever is proving too problematic to measure we will be able to help you.

Prelude to Fitting

Once we have your measurements, product selected and deposit paid we can go ahead and set a fitting date.  Fitting dates can vary depending on product lead times.  Curtain poles depending on which company is putting your order together can take up to 28 working days (please see individual product lead times on each of our online products).  Shutters, blinds and Bay poles products inevitably will take longer due to their made to measure nature.

Fitting dates are always available at The Pole Company unfortunately due to the popularity of the fitting service it can often be up to a month or longer waiting time for an appointment.   Our very helpful team are always ready to organise a suitable date with you for fitting and will let you know of any the cancellations to potentially speed up the process.


I’m Winston Wolf.  I solve problems

On a typical fitting day our fitter will be racing around the local area and further a field to meet your appointment slot and ensure you have your product up and ready asap.  Incidently he’s not called Winston or Wolf.


Epilogue-The Shop

Every journey begins again at the shop or our website.  Please contact us for details on our fitting service.

‘OK everybody be cool!’


Thanks for reading!


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