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Showroom Collection Assemble!

25th April 2012

There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable curtain poles, so when we needed them, they could do the job other curtain poles never could.  And so we assembled the Showroom Collection!

Before we get into the new section cast your mind back to our previous blog about all the changes we’ve made recently to The Pole Company site.  Here we’re expanding on what is included in the showroom collection and unfortunately this blogger has been influenced by a certain film coming out this week so keep glued for the hidden references!

Here at The Pole Company we have assembled a crack team of our best shop curtain pole ranges for our new online selection and we’re bringing the party to you! These include…

Artisan– Iron curtain poles a contender to our other Wrought Iron Curtain pole selection Out of the Fire!  Mjolnir would be proud!

Byron and Byron– Moving to the slightly higher end of the  market, Byron and Byron have created some of the most luxurious wooden curtain poles we sell.  In particular we recommend the Barnwood Collection, a range of curtain poles based on the appeal of the natural wood look.  Mr Barton’s clear favourite.

The Bradley Collection– This is a big collection with ranges including Steel, Elysian, Edge, Decorative, Mio and Foundation.  The types of curtain pole include metal, wood and painted options, one for each type of SHIELD agent! The photography is particularly fantastic!  So be sure to check out the various catalogues we’ve attached to the range!

Cameron Fuller-Again this range focuses on wood curtain poles with a mix of gentle colours perfect for anyone thinking of fitting a bay window!  It’s a range definitely suited for the Banner inside you rather than the Hulk.

Finale– An extremely modern set of metal curtain poles that would not look out of place on Stark’s new suit-but he doesn’t tell me anything so who knows?  Very bright and colourful set of finials and poles, a fitting piece to any modern home.

Walcot House-Now you may recognise the name if you have been keeping up with the blogs, as we do sell Walcot House online already!  Due to the extent and compatibility off the range we aren’t able to display it all but now we’re offering the entire range through our new section!  A particular finial choice from Ms Romanoff to look out for is Moonstone!

So that is our collection of the The Pole Company’s Mightiest (in shop) curtain pole ranges!  Now available for you to look over and consider for your window!  To make things easier, as mentioned above, we’ve included a catalogue for each range which should detail sizes and material available.  If you are interested please enquire our friendly staff are more than happy to take your phone call or your email to make sure your purchase is the right one!

The Pole Company's Showroom Collection

The Pole Company's Showroom Collection in all its glory!











Thanks for reading and if you happen to go to the cinema this weekend there’s one film you should watch to make sense of any of the references made here, something like Whedon’s wanderers?  Anyway until next time Showroom Collection Assemble!  (What do you mean they don’t actually say it in the film….?)


Need a New Years Resolution? Let Integra inspire you this Jannuary!!

10th January 2012

So we find ourselves in 2012 and with every new year we are prompted with the need for change and general self improvement through the dreaded New Year’s Resolution.  Well if you’ve struggled for Inspiration this year or maybe given up entirely on the idea, why not treat your house, or more precisely your windows to a resolution instead?   If you’re searching for inspiration why not take a look at our new metal curtain pole range Inspired by Integra?

You may think its easy for us to bring up New Year Resolutions and not mention what we’re up to for ours, but we are joining in too.  Other than working harder, generating more sales and ensuring all our staff own expensive sports cars by 2013, we are also making a few changes online all beginning with our Inspired metal curtain pole range.   This range is a prime product in our shop but this year we are aiming to increase our online selection by adding a lot of showroom based curtain poles to this site one way or another.  So Integra Inspired is the first in what could be a very long line of ‘showroom only’ curtain poles to make online appearances (Watch this blog for more information about these curtain poles very soon!)

Integra Inspired is a beautiful addition as a range that we are extremely glad to welcome onboard to the site.  The range is fairly compact with only 2 separate diameters, 19mm and 28mm.

The 19mm part of the range has 6 different modern finials to choose from including the Nera Moda in Torino/Rimini/Napoli/Sienna/Milano/Sorrento.  Don’t let the names worry you, these are exquisite designs, follow the links for a closer inspection.  The only available curtain pole colour for the 19mm section of the range comes in a Satin Nickel, which makes choosing your curtain pole for this diameter even easier.

Fantastic Milano Finial

Milano-As stunning as it sounds.

For the 28mm section we have a greater selection of colours.  The curtain poles available in 28mm are Satin Nickel, Chrome and Black Nickel.  The finials include Ronda/Quaza/Sphera/Zara again why not feed your curiosity and follow the links to our finials section for further information.

The range is made up of components so this fits in perfectly with our poles only section!  Where you can mix and match the components to create your own Integra curtain pole set.  But for those who would prefer a quick and easier way you can pick up a standard set from our Inspired range in our main curtain pole section, under metal curtain poles.  One we made earlier!




Zara finial curtain pole set

Available as both sets and components!











So that concludes our introduction to Inspire from Integra.  Its a superb range that definitely could fulfill your home’s New Years Resolution! Look at our complete sets here or try building your own in our poles only section.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested by this Integra range! As always join our Facebook and Twitter profiles for new and related content.

Thanks for reading!


Counting Down to Christmas!

16th December 2011

Here at The Pole Company we are all looking forward to Christmas, but with just over a week to go there are lots of things still to do here!

We are finishing both our Museum and Walcot House Sales next wednesday.  For more information please look at our previous blogs for Museum here or for Walcot House here.  This is a great saving for anyone looking for a designer curtain pole at extremely reasonable prices.  Again we emphasise that any purchases made for these sales will be delivered for Museum at a next day delivery option and Walcot House deliveries will most likely be post Christmas, but all at sale prices if ordered before the 21st!  This is not an opportunity to miss out on!

We highlighted our portiere rods as our pick of the Christmas month which you can read about here or even see our online selection here!  A nice winter warmer perfect for keeping out the draft this Christmas and delivered next day with stock in mind.

Opening hours and delivery times for the Christmas period were mentioned very recently but just in case you missed that one here it is again. We like to keep you the customer up to date on our delivery times to help ensure a smooth transaction with all your purchases!

Also you may have noticed a new section pop up recently on our website…’poles only section‘….see if you can find it but we will be announcing it officially in the new year!

So thats it for us at TPC for this week we’ll be back next week with a few more announcements and blogs.  Have a great weekend!  For those of you Christmas shopping we salute you and good luck!  For those who have already done it, how very organised of you!  and for those not buying anything for anyone well lets just say you should have watched a Christmas Carol when you were younger…

Thanks for reading, as always look at our Facebook and Twitter for little extras, still grinch season see what he’s been up to this week.


The Pole Company Winter Season!

Winter Wonderland at The Pole Company!



6th December 2011

Its that time of year where Jingle Bells are in the air, trees have invaded homes across the country and mince pies shares have risen dramatically.   At The Pole Company we’ve even been to Homebase for their Christmas tree special, so take a look at our decorations if you’re in Bath over the next few weeks!

But with Christmas all around us, The Grinch is unfortunately moving into The Pole Company for the next couple of weeks.   So you may know the Dr Suess story of the Grinch, the Green imp that that tried to steal Christmas, but what does his presence at The Pole Company mean?   Well with Christmas period comes the inevitable disruptions and delays in delivery for some of our products.

However the delay does vary across the products, so The Grinch is being kept at bay for now.    To examine the degrees of  delay here a few examples to explain our delivery problems; some brands such as Out of The Fire designs will be difficult to get this side of Christmas due to the handcrafted nature of the poles.   Then there are a couple of brands who may be able to squeeze in a few orders before Christmas such as Alison Davies and Decotec, this is time dependent and orders should be made sooner than later! But Hallis Hudson products are still able to give you next day delivery right up until we close for Christmas, subject to Stock availability.

The best thing to do is contact us if you want anything for Christmas! If you give us a ring or email, we’ll be able to give you an honest answer about the chances of getting your curtain pole, curtain accessory, or anything else before Christmas!

The Pole Company itself closes for Christmas 21/12/2011 this year, so not long! But up until this point we will be taking calls right up until 5pm that day. Our internet Sales for Museum and Walcot House curtain poles will run up until 5pm that day too, although these products may be delivered in the New Year (at Sale prices if ordered before the closing date), for more information on the curtain pole sales take a look at a previous blog here.

Fantastic Service from the The Pole Company

Don't fret we will do our best to make sure your purchases get to you for Christmas!

Having The Grinch in shop doesn’t mean we want customers to worry, we like to be honest with our customers and let them know about any changes as soon as we do.   We’ve managed to get him upstairs for now so still feel safe to visit!  To see our Grinch theme in action why not take a look at our Facebook page? Or how about our Twitter profile? Both containing completely exclusive daily updates for our fans only! Thanks for reading.


Delivery Times

15th November 2011

Buying from the internet can always be a tad worrying for customers. It seems that websites are ready to take your order very quickly but can often let you down in terms of communication. One problem we are well aware of is the delivery side. This is not to say The Pole Company has had any major problems with deliveries in the past but that we know sometimes things can go wrong.

We at The Pole Company are always brainstorming new ideas to improve customer’s experience of the site and to make their shopping experience with us even better. To help reassure customers, we have added delivery times to our products for all of our brands. These range from Next Day delivery, with Hallis Hudson products (subject to stock availability), to 28 days for our more delicate ranges including the hand crafted Out of the Fire sets and the specialised curtain poles from The Painted Curtain Pole Company.

The Pole Company wants to give as much information as we possibly can to help you get an idea on the whereabouts of your Curtain Pole, set of Rings or Portiere Rods. The delivery dates given are estimates and may take slightly longer if there is a problem, however we will contact you as soon as we notice any changes to your delivery.

The delivery Truck

Delivery Times-The Pole Company keeping you informed about your deliveries.












If you would like more information on Delivery not answered here, or would like to organise international delivery, don’t hesitate to contact us. For exclusive updates join our Facebook Group or our Twitter Account!


The Pole Men -The Sale Saga- The Final Chapter

11th November 2011

6 months on from our last chapter….

The Pole Company were facing the end of the fiscal year.  The final dayLooking back on the events of the past year it was hard to revisit some the trials they had faced.  Team members had come and gone, customers had ranged from good to bad to ugly, the inevitable question of discount, but for now it was over.  The group had agreed to take time off each to find themselves again and recharge.

As they left the building that evening, the Professor set the alarm and gave one final look at her shop, and whispered.

‘We’ll be back.’

And with that the shop was closed.


….for now.

(For accompanying art to our P-Men saga take a look at our Facebook group-trust us, its worth checking out!)


The Pole Men -The Sale Saga- part 5.

11th November 2011

It had been a few days since the Sale had gone live and the P-Men were all residing themselves to the fact that The Pole Company’s grave future would not come to pass now.

As the morning progressed, a customer entered with his wife, and both began to cautiously browse the Luxaflex blinds.  None of the P-Men took much notice, as this was not an odd occurrence for new customers to keep to themselves whilst in the shop.  A few minutes went by and the young couple had begun quietly murmuring to each other, while the team went about their daily duties.

‘Excuse me.’ Said the man,  ‘What kind of discount can I get on these curtain poles?’

A question heard all too often in the shop.  Discount was something everyone was looking for.

‘Well Sir’ Replied Professor H, ‘A discount can vary and depends on the range, quantity of the curtain pole sets you order, as well as if you have an account with us.’

‘Right, Well how much is this one’s discount then?’ Pointing at a familiar wooden curtain pole.

‘Thats a special one sir, a Museum Curtain Pole.  We have just raised an internet sale on that particular product.  10% off..’

‘10% Thats not nearly enough! How can you expect customers to come back with such measly discounts?!?’ His voice grew colder sterner, and his eyes focused on the Professors.

‘Sir please, we are a business we need to make a profit even if its a small one.  10% is all we can afford to give at this time..’

‘ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.’  And with that he began shaking violently, hair began erupting from all over his skin and before their eyes he had turned into a huge monster.


‘Jeremy no!’ His partner shouted ‘calm down, 10% is fine!’

But it was too late the beast had began his rant around the shop, ashing out at the displays.  Wolverine and Beast lunged at the enraged customer, but were easily shrugged off by the behemoth.

‘That is enough sir!’ The Professor stated.  
‘Discounts are not something we take lightly.  Do you believe your the first customer to ask for discount?  No sir, we are asked on a daily basis and put into an awkward position to give or not give discount.  We are a business, we work hard and we will not let our prices be compromised.  If you can’t accept this, then good day to you sir.’

And with that a wave of clarity fell on the beast and he began to revert back to his original appearance.  After a calm discussion the couple eventually went ahead and bought a curtain pole set.  This matter was resolved, but the issue of discounts was always a problem they would have to face.




The Pole Men -The Sale Saga- part 4.

11th November 2011

The door Burst open to reveal an extremely disheveled  Wolverine.  The P-Men on duty that morning could not help but stare at his odd arrival.

‘Where’s the Professor!’  Wolverine snarled.

‘Upstairs…She got in 10 mins ago.’ Beast sheepishly replied.

Without a moments hesitation Wolverine leaped across the room and bolted the stairs.  Once there he saw the Professor sat at the laptop drinking her morning coffee.

‘Professor. A Word.’  Wolverine then went to explain his nightmarish vision of The Pole Company’s future, straining emphasis on the importance of the organising another Sale.  The two discussed the matter intently until the Professor delivered a resolve to the matter.

‘Fine.  We will do another Sale, but you will take of it.  The prices, the pictures, the PR, everything.’

‘Deal’ Wolverine replied.  And with that he sat down and poured himself over the catalogues.  Hours went by until finally he had found the perfect product to take up the Sale Mantle;  The Museum Curtain Pole Range.  Another wooden curtain pole range but different enough to make a stand on The Pole Company website.

Returning from lunch, he noted a difference in the air at his desk.  Suddenly men in blue jumpsuits jumped out of the stockroom brandishing weapons.  Without warning they attacked Wolverine who mercilessly responded.  Slashing back against the marauders he was relentless, not giving way until finally there was nothing left to slash.  Panting he had looked closely at his attackers and saw a familiar emblem.  ‘J-Poles’.  Sworn enemies of The Pole Company.  Attacking as an attempt to undercut The Pole Company’s prices once again.  He knew a Sale wouldn’t be easy but he had not quite realised the struggle he would face.

As the afternoon grew to a close he was able to finalise the Sale and with a firm click it was on the site again, but he could not help but wonder would this save The Pole Company?



Pole-Men -The Sale Saga- part 3.

11th November 2011

Tossing and turning in bed Wolverine could not help but find himself lost in his disgruntled dreams.  Subconsciously ruled by the events from the last few days, he found himself in a nightmarish land where The Pole Company lay in ruins.  What could have possibly happened here? He frantically pondered.

Turning to face the remains of the front shop window he saw a poster containing the portraits of his fellow P-Men.  As he peered closer he could see they had each been tagged.  Glancing at the tags, he read ‘unemployed’, ‘redundant’, ‘working at a call centre’.  He stumbled back in horror, again questioning the entire scenario.  Suddenly from behind him he heard a familiar voice.

‘Hello Wolverine’

‘Professor H! Whats happened here? What happened to The Pole Company?!?’

‘I’m afraid this is a future where we could not replace Wood Works and gave up on the internet Sale.  Once we had made this decision there was no way to keep up with our online rivals.  Soon we were overrun with debt, angry customers demanding unreasonable unprecedented discounts, even our Web Company couldn’t keep us afloat.  We went into administration and everyone lost their jobs.  It was a dark time for the curtain pole industry.  If only we had done another Sale-this wouldn’t have happened.  I can’t imagine all those unfinished windows we left behind.’

Wolverine stunned by this news fell back against the remnants of The Pole Company’s front door.   Looking down at the broken curtain poles at his feet he uttered.

‘We’ve got to change this we’ve got to do something!’

‘Its too late Wolverine-We lost.’

Suddenly Wolverine arose, waking in a cold sweat, with his dream vivid as the day itself in his mind.  As he began slipping into his purple polo shirt he murmured.

‘We need to sort the Sale.’



Pole-Men -The Sale Saga- part 2.

11th November 2011

As November descended further over The Pole Company, the days seem to drag at the shop.  The team had not only lost a fine curtain pole range but also a beloved member of the team.  Around the shop, The P-men each could be found in their own worlds, sorting stock, typing blogs and mundanely serving customers but none were willing to face the harsh truth of their team’s recent great loss.

As Monday dragged on, the team were forced to face their own personal concerns over what would happen now.  The Sales from the Wood Works Sale had been high, very high but  Wood Works as a range was not the curtain pole for everyone, many customers preferring metal curtain poles to wood.  However no one could argue that they had all come to find a special place in their heart for such a range.

As Professor H sat gazing over new ranges and price lists, she could not help but wonder what could possibly replace such a range as Wood Works.  Curtain tracks? More Curtain poles?  Surely not blinds?  As she pondered over the images on the front desk, she found herself welcomely distracted by customers if only to delay the hard choices that still needed to be made.

Hours went on but still no decision was made.  Then suddenly a great thudding from the stairs began as cyclops appeared at its foot, rucksack firmly over shoulder and all sign of joy departed from his lips.

‘What are you doing cyclops?’

‘I’m leaving Professor.’

‘But Cyclops…’

‘No its over.  The dream is gone.’

‘But think of the company!  Who will keep Wolverine blogging? Beast fitting? Think About this’

‘Goodbye Professor’

And with that he put his notice on the counter and was gone.  In that moment, The Pole Company would never be the same again.  How could the team solve this catastrophe?



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