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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours 2015

18th December 2015

Christmas is here again and we will be closing next Tuesday at lunchtime (22/12/2015) until the New Year and reopening Monday 04/01/2015. Any orders processed between this time will be processed on our return.

Happy Christmas and we wish you a happy New Year!


Neo Premium: Close the Loop

15th October 2012

The year is 2044.  Time Travel has not yet been invented but 30 years from now, it will have been.  As soon as it is invented it will be immediately outlawed, with only few using it in secret including Doc Brown, The Terminator and The Pole Company.

In the present, we employ Loopers.  Loopers are individuals that pick up new curtain pole ranges sent back from the future by outlaw designers and pass them onto businesses like us, and they become a part of history if you like.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense? Hey, don’t think too hard about the risk of temporal paradoxes.  This time travel business, just fries your brain like a egg.

But anyway what we would like to talk about is the Neo Premium collection.  A brand new range from Hallis Hudson expanding on the classic Neo range.  These curtain poles are a fantastic addition to the Neo range and have a very futuristic appeal to them.

The curtain poles arrive in 2 diameters (28mm & 35mm) and four classic colours including Black Nickel, Chrome, Spun Brass and Stainless Steel.  The finials, include:


Faceted Ball-This design was inspired on the natural formations of crystals and gemstones.


Faceted Ball Finial

Neo Faceted Ball Finial



























Plain Ball-A modern classic combining the simplicity with elegance.


Plain Ball Finial

Neo Plain Ball Finial (Spun Brass)



























Tear drop-This timeless design playfully  reflects light beautifully blending with a wide range of interiors.


Teardrop finial

Neo Tear Drop Finial (Stainless Steel)



























Barrel-The dynamic new barrel design is heavily influenced by using wires


Barrel Finial

The Neo Barrel Finial (Chrome)



























The new Neo Premium curtain pole collection is available in our shop only at the moment.  We have a brand new display set up in shop today and when we are able to, we will be uploading them to our Website!  But for now please contact us! Or visit!

Of course time travel is preposterous and we are letting our movie going habits taking over our blogs again, or is that what we want you to think..?

Got to go close the loop.

As always please visit our social network pages!



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Thanks for reading!


Bay Window Display

21st September 2012

The Pole Company are Bay window specialists!  Over the years our staff have seen, measured and fitted many different types of bay windows which makes them experts when it comes to anything Bay.

The Pole Company uses a lot of well known bay pole brands including Silent Gliss, The Bradley Collection and Cameron Fuller.  Our bay poles range from mid to top end and cover standard and made to measure products.  We can also do bay curtain tracks if that option is more suitable for your needs.

Our bay window work has become so popular we have created a dedicated display for them in our shop.  Below are some images of our very own bay pole display.

Bay Window/bay pole display

Our bay window/pole display!



curling leaf finial

Bay Pole Curling leaf finial



Ball finial-Silent Gliss

Bay Pole Ball Finial


Stud finial from Bradley

Bay Pole Stud Finial






















































More images of our Bay window pole display at The Pole Company can be found in our Gallery here with further information on the various Bay pole product options.  Also if you would like to see some of our previous bay window work please have a look at our blog and gallery item of a job in Cheyne walk.

We have sold hundreds of bay poles to very satisfied customers so please come and visit us! Or contact us for more information on our bay poles; we can advise you on anything from measuring to fitting advice.

Also why not have a look at our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus?  We update regularly!

Thanks for reading!


A Special Testimonial Part Two

14th September 2012

Its been a a little while since we last spoke about testimonials here at The Pole Company but we haven’t forgotten their importance.

You may remember a similar blog this time last year coincidentally posted during the billing schedule of a particular program on the BBC about a Doctor; I think it was called ‘Casualty’ or something?  Well it turns out a year on we’ve received a follow up response.  Have a read to see who this could be?

Hello again Pole Company!

Look at you all!  1 year later and you haven’t changed a bit, apart from age, and size. Its great to be back!  I do apologise for the delay, I meant to return the week after my last visit to update you on how my last purchase was received (the curtain pole based on the Beta Six Sonic Screw Driver model?) but was a tad delayed.  You know what happens, fake your death, reveal you’re not dead, seems to attract a lot of questions, Daleks attack again, the usual cycle.  Makes popping back in anywhere, well…challenging.

But yes I have returned once again, that’s the main thing, this time instead of a curtain pole, bit old hat now I’ve been told, I decided to acquire a shutter, or shutters, depending on how well the psychic paper is working. Ahem.  

Marvelous invention though these shutters! I’ve seen many in my time, and other times. Saw some lovely sets in Paris in the 18th century, no hang on that’s not recent is it? 17th? No no 21st, sorry I’m not used to doing that in the right order…Shutters though always make a classic look, great for privacy, light, and heat control, lovely stuff just what Amy and Rory deserve, the best!  Also read somewhere a good shutter will keep a good marriage together too.  True? Well yes, and No, more likely no, in fact definitely no, but all the same, great to be back.

The staff were as helpful as ever, definitely a ‘Pond’s’ ranking, a great recommendation few people in the Universe are bestowed and I should know, I’ve met most of them.  Even complimented me on the Bow Tie.  See, they are cool.

In the end we decided upon a custom fit shutter, S-Craft model I believe, seems to be a popular one, sturdy enough to stand up to the journey between time and space, so again very groovy.

Highly recommend this establishment! I am absolutely sorted and look forward to seeing you soon, possibly in the new year, who knows whats on the horizon!

Yours truly

The Doctor

We can’t work out who this eccentric fellow was?  But we would like to encourage all our customers to leave a comment after purchasing!  Of course it doesn’t have to be as enthusiastic as the one above but every testimonial is welcome!  To see our latest reviews take a look here, or if you have dealt with us in the past and would like to leave a comment!

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The Pole Company Rises

20th July 2012

Today is the day.  That’s right it’s Friday.  The Pole Company is open as per usual. The Sun is out there somewhere and a certain something is opening at the cinema today.

To help celebrate we have employed some interesting characters to unofficially help us out today.  You may think we should have learned from our infamous Star Wars Day recruits, but here we go again.

Let the Games begin!’

Despite the unusual headgear, Mr Bane proved to be a very enthusiastic volunteer.  Big fellow, quite chatty seemed to have a connection with customers so we thought we’d trial him on the shop counter but first we had a quick question.

‘Do you really need the mask?’

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask…and I need it for health reasons.’

Never one to downplay Health and Safety, we put him in the safest place imaginable at The Pole Company.  The IT department.  Hey, no one ever died using Google Analytics.

Managing the website for us he was able to load some gallery items, a few new products and conducted general browsing of our other blog items.  He won’t admit it but we’re pretty sure there was a smile underneath that disturbing mask of his.

Our second recruit of the day refused to give a name.  However he must have decided he was in mourning or couldn’t be bothered to get out of his Gothic pyjamas as he showed up in a very peculiar outfit that made Mr Bane’s hockey mask look relatively subtle.   So all things considered, to wake this grumpy goose up we put him on the phone.


Big mistake.  Found him growling at a customer wanting to confirm their fitting date so we switched him very quickly to deal with our showroom customers instead.  Surprisingly he seemed to get on with the public, especially when he wasn’t talking to them.

All was going well until lunch time when Mr Bane and Pyjama Man sat together.  Discussing the day we presume Pyjama boy made a cheap shot about Mr Bane’s unique asthma inhaler or Mr Bane said he was Gotham’s reckoning but whatever was said just meant we had to separate the two for the rest of the afternoon.

A few more hours of curtain poles, blinds and shutter discussions 5pm came as did the end of our delightful day here at The Pole Company’s HQ.

One thing was learned never hire vigilantes or villains to run the shop.  They argue, fight and scare off customers.

I bet we wouldn’t have had this kind of trouble with Spiderman.

Thank you Nolan and thank you for reading.  Why not look at our Facebook page for a few special extras!  It’s worth it!


The Walking Dead

29th June 2012

Surprisingly at The Pole Company we are never asked what curtain poles would be useful in a Zombie Apocalypse.  A query like this may seem trivial now but ask Rick and the rest of his gang of survivors about what they would do and this blog may not seem so out of context.  So why should you pick up a curtain pole instead of a shotgun?

Well in all fairness, if The Pole Company is still standing customer service may be somewhat strained due to the hordes of zombies running around.  However here at The Pole Company we are optimistic about our chances and simply refuse to let our passion for window dressings be dampened by the looming presence of the undead.

To help you decide on what you need why don’t we set a couple of scenarios where certain products, that we currently sell online, could help make a difference!

So you’ve woken up to find yourself in this dangerous situation, most likely in hospital (that’s where most great zombie situations begin) and miraculously find your friends and family again.  Great news! You won’t quite know the extent of whats going on at first but that’s ok! How about an Out of the Fire Wrought Iron curtain pole?  We have mentioned these curtain poles once or twice before, but we always like to reiterate this range’s great benefits!  They are very stylish with many different finials to choose from, and are highly durable, great for the dual purpose of holding up your curtains as you rebuild your life and for beating zombies with (please note this has never been tested and we do not endorse or recommend trying it).

Scenario 2 you find yourself chased from your home and in new surroundings in say…a prison! (Sorry spoilers). What would we recommend for sprucing up your drab new location?  Shutters are a very useful.  They not only are great for blocking sunlight but also maintaining privacy, great when that peeping zombie is looking for dinner.  We have many types of shutters which can all be found here!

There’s also a 10% Cash Back Sale on Duette Blinds which for more information see here.  In terms of a zombie apocalypse, no they won’t offer much protection but their heat and light control is superb as well as their environmentally conscious attributes.   Hey a good deal in a Zombie related end of days scenario is still a good deal.

Thanks for reading a few last tips when Hershel says don’t look in the barn; don’t look in the barn,  don’t mention the governor and don’t trust Kirkman he’s almost as bad as George R R Martin in terms of ‘character development’.

Of course there will be fun things happening on our  blog in conjunction with this blog so please join follow or add us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Game of Curtain Poles

22nd June 2012

Winter is coming.

Well with the Summer Solstice now over and the weather forecast recently we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that.  

The Pole Company is well aware that we are not the only curtain pole retailer in the South West or the rest of England for that matter.  As Robert will tell you ruling a kingdom, even one populated by curtain poles, is difficult at the best of times.

Our quest is to give the best well rounded service we possibly can, both online and in our lovely shop.  We offer a large selection of quality products from high end designer curtain poles such as Alison Davies’ exquisite hand made curtain poles to more affordable ranges including Wood Works and Neo curtain poles.

With so much selection online vying for your attention its hard to choose which site is best for your needs.  To separate us from the other online ‘houses‘ The Pole Company aims to deliver a quality experience similar to that received by customers visitng our shop.   All of our online selection has been accurately categorised and filled with additional information to help you make the right decision for your home.  If you find yourself wanting more information then please contact us.  We pride ourselves on our in house knowledge and years of experience in the design industry, so do not hesitate to send a raven today!

Another way we stand out from the crowd is attempting to promote and sell specialist curtain poles.  These include Lawson Johnston’s glass curtain poles; hand crafted beyond the wall by the white walkers (possibly) see our link to a previous blog on them here, and Out of the Fire our favourite local blacksmith who specialises in hand forged wrought iron curtain poles.

If you find yourself in Winterfell, I mean Bath, then please come and visit.  We are open 9-5 all week and 10-5 on Saturday.  There will always be an expert designers in The Pole Company.  Our helpful staff are on hand to answer any questions you have about any of our products and general advice.   Ideally when paying we would like you to follow the Lannister’s code of conduct when it comes to debt.   For more details on what to expect when visiting the shop please see our previous blog!

So there you have it, why we think you should use us over any other site out there!  For the time being we sit happily on the throne of poles but we know that competition is always out there so we ensure to deliver the best service possible to every customer and make sure they walk away with a valuable experience.

If you have guessed the subtle theme of this blog by now then we would like to just take a moment to emphasise that unlike the inspired source material our staff won’t be subject to swift removal in medieval fashion like Mr Stark, among others, nor do we have a dire-wolf/wolves present in the shop although regular dogs are welcome!

As always please check our Facebook, Twitter and Google + accounts for more information and exclusive updates! thanks for reading and remember…

When you play the game of curtain poles, you win or you go out of business.  There is no middle ground.


10% Cash Back? Cowabunga!!

18th May 2012

Did you catch our last post on Luxaflex’s 10% Cashback deal on Duette Shades?  Well we’ve already had some customers taking advantage of the 10% Cash Back.  We managed to get a few words out of them while making their purchase.

Why did you decide on Duette Blinds today?

‘Well dude 10% Cashback is an awesome deal!!’

‘What Mikey is trying to say is we really love the idea of an environmentally conscious product which not only helps with our heating bills but also spruces up the place’

‘Leo, how is that any different to what I just said?’


Was getting the 10% Cash Back easy?


‘You just download a form, make sure you bring that first time not a slice of pizza…’

‘Hey that wasn’t my fault!’

‘Mikey.  Who else brings a piece of pizza to the store instead of the voucher?’


‘SPLINTER?! (inaudible)’

Did you get all the necessary advice?

‘Oh yeah very helpful.  Knew their stuff alright.’

‘Even measured up.’

‘I was getting there Don.’

‘Hey Raph, I was only saying…’

‘Yeah well I’m only saying (inaudible)’

Do you Recommend this deal to anyone else?

‘Hey Donny check this sound byte, this deal is so good I’m dealing with Shell-Shock.’

‘Too derivative’

‘Well I guess we didn’t have to Shell-Out too much’

‘Too Cliche.’

‘Well it was a Shell of a good of an idea!’

‘I like it.  Step up.’

‘….Can I just add it was out this world!  Like Extraterrestrial man! Like where we’re from dude!’  Is that OK Mr Bay?’

‘Why did we sign that new movie deal?’

So there you have it another set of happy customers.

To get more information on the Luxaflex Duette Deal please read our blog here with all the necessary information on what you can do to get 10% Cash Back on Duette Shades!

Be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter for more from this blog!

Thanks for reading!



Star Wars Day at The Pole Company

4th May 2012

War is horrid, unless you mean a Battle Beyond the Stars!  Sorry wrong film.  Believe it or believe it not today is Star Wars day!  To celebrate we’re doing a special blog here so have a read!  May the Fourth be with you!

At The Pole Company we have hired some new staff to help out across the business on this special day.  As we have mentioned before, we offer a fitting service for our shop customers.  Today we’ve got a very familiar Mandalorian chap helping us out with fitting duties.  We asked him for a sound bite and his response was as follows…

I always get my man.

What Mr Fett meant to say was we offer a free expert measuring and onsite consultancy service to make sure that you are confident with what you’re buying and that every detail is correct particularly to avoid issues with some of our custom made products.  Unfortunately due to limitations we can only arrange measures and fittings via the shop but please contact us for more details.  We will also go further a field too; please see our bay window fitting in Cheyne walk London in both the Gallery and original blog item.

Our new shop assistant is an eccentric character to say the least.  He’s referred to himself as the Admiral more than once, although he seems more like a Goldfish to me.  He has also repeatedly answered the phone with ‘IT’S A TRAP!‘.  Despite his enthusiasm and unwavering allegiance to the rebels (which he seems to mention every 5 minutes or so), we would like to highlight our shop is manned 9-5 Monday to Saturday where you can find a selection of products on display or in our many catalogues including curtain poles, blinds, curtain accessories, awnings and shutters.  We have several expert interior designers with 20 years experience behind them and plenty of useful knowledge to help you with any queries or purchase you wish to make.

The website is our second shop if you like.  We have a dedicated IT department who are constantly updating our site and Facebook and Twitter groups.  Again in celebration of today we have hired a couple of familiar faces to help the IT team.   These guys refused to wear our purple shirt and instead showed up dressed in all black.  They also seem to have the same first name which was odd, ‘Darth‘, must be modern.  Here’s what they had to say.

We bring together the Dark side of the force to crush our enemies and reign supreme over the web!

Shut up Vader, everyone knows it is I who will drive this site to victory!

You?! You’re half the man you used to be Maul!

Unfortunately they aren’t getting along today at all.  The old hooded man who lent them to us warned they might be a little angsty at first.  The website however is fully operational.  We sell hundreds of products online at competitive prices. Deliveries of purchases £75 and over  are free!  We also offer sales on selected lines from time to time so stay tuned for news on the next Sales event soon! Please have a browse through our site we’ve made it even easier to do so with our new menu bar (see previous blog for details) or our gallery section which has many albums of jobs we’ve completed or products we are highlighting!

So That is Star wars Day at The Pole Company 2012.  We have experimented with our hiring today and our advice for other shops celebrating/acknowledging this special day say is never hire fictional characters to help run your business.  Bring on 5pm!

Thanks for reading!


Oh someone brought Sushi in so we had to move Ackbar upstairs to IT.




27th April 2012

Unless you’ve been trapped in ice for the last 50 years you will probably have heard of Facebook and Twitter.  Well we joined both a little while ago now but with the addition of our brand new Pole Company Facebook and Twitter icons to our sites sidebar we felt it necessary to promote our accounts!

In a modern market both of these social network tools are becoming increasingly important to the way businesses operate.  Its a cost effective way of marketing your business and products.  But why should you consider clicking on the link and joining our pages?

Our Facebook group is filled with lots of extras including exclusive photos, images and themes going beyond these blogs and The Pole Company website.  Now we don’t have a top secret super soldier serum to inject into our site but we do have an enthusiastic IT Team working to give you the best social network experience, for example did you catch our previous blog about the showroom collection?  Well you’ll never guess who appeared in the shop in conjunction with the blog’s theme, take a look here.  You can find more of these extras on the home page and links to the relevant blogs and subject material attached to each of them.  We’ve also included pictures of some of our products including curtain poles, finials and shutters with added commentary.  So please click here and like our page today!

For those with a Twitter account we have linked this to our Facebook account so you won’t miss out on any of updates or statuses!  We regularly add content to our profiles, so there is always new information to be found and if you leave a comment or question we will do our best to reply!

The Pole  Company's Facebook and Twitter Profiles

Facebook and Twitter Profiles














If you don”t have a Twitter or Facebook account that’s no problem as we’ve made the pages public so you can look at some of the fun we’ve been up to!

Thanks for reading and join us today!


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