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The National Self Build & Renovation Centre: Our Stand

28th September 2012

We are very happy to announce our brand new stand at The National Self Build & Renovation Centre!

But wait, what is The National Self Build & Renovation Centre?

Situated in Swindon this is the UK’s ONLY permanent centre for self builders and renovators.  The aim of the centre is to aid and advise anyone looking to self build or renovate a property.  There are hundreds of stalls filled with the latest products and advice to help with all your building needs.  To give an idea of the scale of the centre they even have 2 fully functional house displays in the centre.  Definitely worth a visit!

Our new stand (as pictured  below)has been up and running for a few weeks now, we’ve been very busy but we’ve just managed to secure some photos!


The Pole Company Swindon Stand

Our stand!


















Swindon stand for the pole company

The stand again!























The Pole Company’s aim at the centre, as well as highlighting our work and services, is to promote our energy efficient products.  Our stand has two main sections, firstly  the Markilux Awning which we have already mentioned a few times on our blog (these can be seen here and here) and gallery images of our shop display.  Secondly we want to highlight S-Craft Shutters, an incredibly energy conscious product that can create perfect light and heat control.

We have expert advisers manning the stall during the week, who are ready to answer all of your questions.  However for anyone who finds themselves wanting more information at the stand our advisers will put you in contact with us here at The Pole Company so we can guide you through our products and services in even greater detail.

We hope you can visit the stand at some point, and if you do please post a photo to the Facebook group or tag us!

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Markilux Relax

20th July 2012

Late last week we had a very special delivery from our friends at Markilux, the brand new Markilux Relax Seat!

The Pole Company has really enjoyed working with Markilux; You may remember that we recently installed a Markilux awning display in our showroom, which you can read all about here or see the pictures in our dedicated gallery item!   We were looking at some of their new products and thought that the Markilux Relax was the perfect addition for the shop!  But what makes it so special?

The Markilux Relax is a fresh new German engineered seat which arguably makes other garden furniture look obsolete.  This modern, versatile and innovative seat has been designed to give maximum comfort while also providing a sturdy and long term solution for multiple uses including outdoor environments.

When first sitting on the Markilux Relax it feels almost like a bean bag.  Using a high-quality foam padding consisting of expanded Polypropylene it makes a much more solid seating experience than any bean bag, but not solid enough to cause discomfort or irritation.  As you can tell already its not your average chair!

New Markilux Product!

The New Markilux Seat!

The width of the Relax seat is 60-75cm and its height is 100-125cm.  There are 3 types of Markilux Relax the Indoor, Outdoor and Outdoor +.


The indoor Markilux Relax is specifically designed for use in the home.  A low maintenance item that is particularly scuff and mark resistant.  The outer fabric can also be removed and washed!  A perfect piece for any modern home.


The Markilux Relax outdoor is a bit sturdier than the indoor version.  Suited for the outdoor environment it uses light and real weather fabrics. It is also dirt and water repellent, perfect for conservatories patios and balconies.

Outdoor +

Very similar to the Outdoor Markilux Relax, this particular piece has been upgraded to withstand much heavier weather in all seasons and is generally more robust. Its high water repellent properties make this an ideal item for any garden or holiday home!

All Markilux Relax products come with a detachable double pillow which can be used as arm or as a head rests.  Extremely to move this is a keeper for anyone looking to decorate their home with something a bit different!

This fantastic product is available in our shop now!  We are very happy for anyone to come and trial the seat or please look at our gallery item for the Markilux Relax!  If you would like to know more why not contact us?

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