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Integra Curtain Tracks Explained

8th March 2012

Continuing with our curtain track initiative here at The Pole Company we would like to introduce our next range on our curtain track hit list….Integra curtain tracks!

Integra curtain tracks is another of our online metal curtain track ranges.  The depth of the track ranges from 19mm and 26mm, with lengths up to 310cm and 600cm depending on the type of Integra curtain track you select.   Options for this range include regular, Discreet face fix, Discreet top fix, Double Duty Face fix,  Double duty top fix and Ultraglide as well as the corded and hand drawn options for the Regular, Discreet and Double duty sets.  Now these options may sound a little confusing so here is a brief summary of each of these below to help you identify which option suits you best.

Regular curtain track-  This is a standard white Integra curtain track.  For quick and easy appliance this type of curtain track is a great fit for all windows.

Curtain Track Regular from Integra

Integra Regular











Discreet Curtain track–  Like the name suggests these are minimal curtain tracks.  They have a simple yet efficient look which position well within any window setting for both modern and older homes.  They are perfect for light curtains in straight or bay settings too.

Integra Discreet curtain track

Integra Discreet





Double Duty curtain track–  These curtain tracks are a bit more sturdy than the Discreet range.  Aimed at heavier curtain fabrics they have been designed to support denser curtains which make them ideal for traditional window settings, both for straight or Bay windows.

Integra Double duty

Integra Double Duty











Top fix curtain track–  This refers to the position in which the curtain track can be placed.  For this particular option the curtain track will be fixed into the ceiling or the lintel.

Face fix curtain track–  This again refers to the position of the the curtain track.  Here the curtain track is fixed into the window frame.  The image below shows how the two differ.

Face fix top fix positions.

Face Fix Top Fix options












Ultraglide curtain track–   This is a pre-corded, extendable white, rolled steel curtain track including silicon enriched gliders which can be added or removed very easily.

Integra Ultraglide curtain track

Integra Ultraglide








We hope this clears up what these all mean!  However to help explain Integra even more,  we have added fitting instructions through an online PDF with as many Integra products as possible.  For further information please contact our staff who are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

So that is Integra briefly explained, hopefully this will inspire you to take a look at our curtain tracks section today!  Please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile to see what we come up with over there on Integra too.


Need a New Years Resolution? Let Integra inspire you this Jannuary!!

10th January 2012

So we find ourselves in 2012 and with every new year we are prompted with the need for change and general self improvement through the dreaded New Year’s Resolution.  Well if you’ve struggled for Inspiration this year or maybe given up entirely on the idea, why not treat your house, or more precisely your windows to a resolution instead?   If you’re searching for inspiration why not take a look at our new metal curtain pole range Inspired by Integra?

You may think its easy for us to bring up New Year Resolutions and not mention what we’re up to for ours, but we are joining in too.  Other than working harder, generating more sales and ensuring all our staff own expensive sports cars by 2013, we are also making a few changes online all beginning with our Inspired metal curtain pole range.   This range is a prime product in our shop but this year we are aiming to increase our online selection by adding a lot of showroom based curtain poles to this site one way or another.  So Integra Inspired is the first in what could be a very long line of ‘showroom only’ curtain poles to make online appearances (Watch this blog for more information about these curtain poles very soon!)

Integra Inspired is a beautiful addition as a range that we are extremely glad to welcome onboard to the site.  The range is fairly compact with only 2 separate diameters, 19mm and 28mm.

The 19mm part of the range has 6 different modern finials to choose from including the Nera Moda in Torino/Rimini/Napoli/Sienna/Milano/Sorrento.  Don’t let the names worry you, these are exquisite designs, follow the links for a closer inspection.  The only available curtain pole colour for the 19mm section of the range comes in a Satin Nickel, which makes choosing your curtain pole for this diameter even easier.

Fantastic Milano Finial

Milano-As stunning as it sounds.

For the 28mm section we have a greater selection of colours.  The curtain poles available in 28mm are Satin Nickel, Chrome and Black Nickel.  The finials include Ronda/Quaza/Sphera/Zara again why not feed your curiosity and follow the links to our finials section for further information.

The range is made up of components so this fits in perfectly with our poles only section!  Where you can mix and match the components to create your own Integra curtain pole set.  But for those who would prefer a quick and easier way you can pick up a standard set from our Inspired range in our main curtain pole section, under metal curtain poles.  One we made earlier!




Zara finial curtain pole set

Available as both sets and components!











So that concludes our introduction to Inspire from Integra.  Its a superb range that definitely could fulfill your home’s New Years Resolution! Look at our complete sets here or try building your own in our poles only section.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested by this Integra range! As always join our Facebook and Twitter profiles for new and related content.

Thanks for reading!


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