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The Pole Company International: Australian Delivery

5th October 2012

This Thursday, after much delay, we were finally able to send our Charity Curtains to Romania for the Dobravat House project in association with Business Against Poverty (If you would like to read the original article you can find it ~here).  The curtains weren’t the only items were shipping overseas yesterday.  We were also shipping off a Jones curtain pole set to a customer in Queensland Australia.

The Pole she decided upon was the Faceted Clear finial curtain pole set from the Jones Lunar collection, which we have posted a shot of below but can also be found on our site here.

Faceted Finial from Jones Interiors

Jones Lunar Faceted Finial Pole Set on its way to Australia!




















This isn’t our first shipment to Australia.  Earlier this year we shipped an Alison Davies curtain pole set out to a very happy customer in Sydney.

We seem to have regular interest in our work from overseas clients including Spain, Italy and USA so we are more and more prepared to deal with this situation.  If you are anywhere outside of the UK and would like help choosing the right product for you we can help.  Please contact us for more details!  We’ll be happy to respond no matter the time zone!

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Delivery Questions

16th July 2012

Delivery is something we are asked about all the time on and off the the website.  A lot of customers are unaware of the delivery costs involved with our online products.  Here are some helpful questions which we hope will clear a few issues up surrounding delivery costs.

What is The Pole Company’s current delivery cost?

At the moment our current standard delivery cost is £7.50 for orders under £75.  After that its free!

£7.50 seems a bit expensive especially for some of your smaller products?

Due to the variety and extent of our current online collections a lot of our sets and smaller items (depending on the final quantity) inevitably fall under the £75 order mark and incur the £7.50 delivery charge.  This is an industry standard carriage charge and this is why it is applied on our site for all our products.  We would like to state that we do not make money from the delivery charge it is simply to ensure that your products is delivered securely and on time.

Is there a way around it?

Well possibly, if you have an issue with the carriage charge we may be able to help depending on the supplier, although the lead time will inevitably be extended.  Best thing to do is contact us.

International Delivery and Charges?

For international orders please contact us directly.  We have had orders out to Spain, Italy, Romania and Australia recently and passing interest from a few other countries.  As anyone dealing with international deliveries can tell you, freight charges can vary tremendously so this is why we ask to be contacted directly to ensure our international customers get a great deal and reasonable delivery charge.

Product Lead Times?

We actually wrote a blog about lead times a little while ago which you can find here.

If you have any further questions please check our delivery section on the website or just post them in the comments section below we would love to hear them.

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