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Business Against Poverty: Romania Project

26th June 2012

At The Pole Company we are very enthusiastic  about charity.  From our time in Bath we have become associated with the charity group Business Against Poverty.  Business against poverty, or people against poverty as its otherwise known, are a global organisation of like minded people dedicated to alleviating world poverty.  This local international charity runs many projects across the world helping people in extreme poverty through various schemes and activities such as counselling, educational sessions and summer camps for children.

We have been a member for several years now and are always willing to do more for the charity.  One project we are currently lending our support to for Business Against Poverty is Dobravat House in Romania.  Business Against Poverty alongside the Way of Joy have helped establish a multipurpose centre where the local community can come and work with staff to receive education as well as many other opportunities in order to build a brighter future for themselves.  They also offer a children’s summer camp which simply aims to transfer them from their environment for a few days and give them an opportunity to have fun.

The Pole Company are supplying children’s curtains (the picture of which can be seen in our gallery or Facebook album) and a handful of white aluminium curtain tracks to decorate some of the rooms with all free of charge of course.  We hope that they will enjoy them and will be posting photos as soon as we can!  Just got to make sure our fitter has got his passport in order…


The pole company charity curtains

A sample of the curtains we're shipping over!

If this has inspired you or you would like to know more on what can be done to help fight poverty please visit their website here

Its a great charity and we highly recommend taking a look!

Thanks for reading.


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