Honister A brand new traditional wooden curtain pole range!

7th August 2017

Introducing the brand new wooden curtain pole line of Honister! This range is a traditional style of curtain pole that basks in a neutral colours, creating an understated look that seeks to compliment and enhance modern interiors.

Here is the breakdown of this amazing range!


Offering a considerable range of diameter sizes,

the Honister curtain pole line comes in 3 diameters including:

28mm – with lengths starting from 120cm and a maximum length of 360cm.

35mm – with lengths starting from 120cm and a maximum length of 360cm.

50mm – with lengths starting from 180cm and a maximum length of 360cm.


The line keeps things simple with one finial option, the classic Ball finial which is available in all diameters.

honistor curtain pole shop display including all colour options and ball finial

Honister Ball finial


The Honister colours are specifically designed to compliment a wide range of fabrics and modern interiors. Utilising a neutral colour palette, the Honistor range is a perfect partner to most modern furnishings.

Colours in the line include:

Cafe Latte -A darker colour, perfect for combining with brown and beige tones. The colour is truly reflective of its aptly named title.

French Grey – A subtle grey with a slightly cooler tone, but an extremely on trend colour right now!

Linen White – A classic fresh soft white with a warm natural undertone, arguably the most versatile colour of this range

Pale Slate – Versatile and elegant grey that is just neutral enough to work with a wide variety of fabric and room colours.

Stone – Cool neutral pale taupe influenced by natural linen, great for both modern and traditional settings.

Truffle – An ageless colour that uses a warm grey with undertones or taupe.

Unfinished -Honister offers an unfinished version of its wood pole sets, that can be painted, stained or varnished at home.  Currently this colour option is not available online.

This is a fantastic stylish curtain pole line that feels very high end but is also very affordable. The curtain poles in this range compliment such a wide range of colour palettes that make this such a versatile range of poles!

We highly recommend this curtain pole range!

All of the Honister range can be found in the wooden curtain poles section, any queries give us a call!


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