22nd May 2012

Its been heralded as a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Olympic Torch as it passes through England this week.  Today it is Bath’s turn!  It started the day off in Taunton and is slowly making its way to Bristol for a big celebration tonight and we are lucky enough to catch it in between.

Bath itself is busy as expected but there is a fantastic ambience over the city today .  Crowds are already forming along the route, with rumours of a legion of deck chairs setup along Great Poultney Street since 11am this morning.  As you can imagine people are excited.

One of our staff ran up to the World Record attempt taking place in Victoria Park just in front of the Bath Crescent where people have gathered to form the 5 Olympic Circles.  Aiming for a crowd of 5000 people, the attempt fell short of that number with a final total of 2,234 people signed up and present in the circles (possibly still a World Record!).  Here’s an image of their attempt below!

Bath World Record attempt

Bath World Record Attempt!











Other events have included a number of musical buses.  Whether those taking advantage of the occasion to take up a spot of open air karaoke is official or not has yet to be determined.  A favourite of these musical buses was what appeared to be a religious vehicle singing what can only be described as a ‘modern’ gospel song.  The bass nearly blew our windows out.  No exaggeration.

Traffic wardens have also multiplied this morning with a mixture of sunshine, a bustling amount of traffic and even more ‘power’ flowing through their veins than ever before which is making Bath a difficult place to park so watch out if you are planning a trip to Bath today!

We’ve also had a bit of fun here in the shop itself, using a couple of display curtain poles and finials to represent the Olympic Flame! We are hoping people will be inspired today and venture into our shop for an Olympic torch esque curtain pole of their own!


Olympic Torch fun aThe Pole Company
The Olympic Torch at The Pole Company!















We will attempt to close the shop for about 20mins around 4pm so that the staff can witness the torch passing by! Apologies for the inconvenience!  We will also inevitably be posting more pics on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts so please join them to see them!

If you are seeing or saw the torch at any point please let us know!  If not enjoy this beautiful day!!

Thanks for reading!


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