27th April 2012

Unless you’ve been trapped in ice for the last 50 years you will probably have heard of Facebook and Twitter.  Well we joined both a little while ago now but with the addition of our brand new Pole Company Facebook and Twitter icons to our sites sidebar we felt it necessary to promote our accounts!

In a modern market both of these social network tools are becoming increasingly important to the way businesses operate.  Its a cost effective way of marketing your business and products.  But why should you consider clicking on the link and joining our pages?

Our Facebook group is filled with lots of extras including exclusive photos, images and themes going beyond these blogs and The Pole Company website.  Now we don’t have a top secret super soldier serum to inject into our site but we do have an enthusiastic IT Team working to give you the best social network experience, for example did you catch our previous blog about the showroom collection?  Well you’ll never guess who appeared in the shop in conjunction with the blog’s theme, take a look here.  You can find more of these extras on the home page and links to the relevant blogs and subject material attached to each of them.  We’ve also included pictures of some of our products including curtain poles, finials and shutters with added commentary.  So please click here and like our page today!

For those with a Twitter account we have linked this to our Facebook account so you won’t miss out on any of updates or statuses!  We regularly add content to our profiles, so there is always new information to be found and if you leave a comment or question we will do our best to reply!

The Pole  Company's Facebook and Twitter Profiles

Facebook and Twitter Profiles














If you don”t have a Twitter or Facebook account that’s no problem as we’ve made the pages public so you can look at some of the fun we’ve been up to!

Thanks for reading and join us today!


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