Energy-Saving in Style (Spot the Green References)

9th March 2012

Did you know up to 50% of the heat in our home escapes through the window? and on sunny days excessive radiant energy pours in through the window potentially creating a detrimental effect in your living space?  Scratching your head a bit like Frankenstein (He was green see) over what to do next?

Energy saving is a huge concern here at The Pole Company.  Over the last few years we have been working with some of the UK’s biggest Shutter, Blind and Curtain companies to create  energy reducing products for our customers.  So as you can probably tell we’ve gone green!  This doesn’t mean we’ve gone to  Star Trek convention, employed the Poddington Peas or become sponsored by Greenpeace but we like to play our part against environment degradation.

With over 20 years of experience here, The Pole Company know their energy saving products, which can reduce the energy loss in your home by up to 50%! and ultimately your energy bill reduced it will be!  Yoda couldn’t have put it better himself.

We know Its not easy being Green so here are some of our energy efficient products as discussed in our Green Leaflet to make things a little easier!



Shutters are something we’ve talked a lot about here, just see some of our previous blogs! Shutters are extremely efficient at filtering daylight to create a soft ambient glow and blocking the exorbitant amounts of solar radiation we previously mentioned.  When closed, the shutter’s veins trap a layer of air next to the window and increasing the general temperature of your home!  Might be a stretch for the dustbin though Oscar.

Bathroom Shutters

S-Craft Shutters Stylish and energy efficient!

S-Craft is one of our main shutter suppliers and we highly commend their environmental efforts  with their new L-Shape frame design to block out any drafts.

We’d also like to highlight Luxaflex Vinyl shutters which are 100% recyclable! Now that’s some conscious thinking from the toxic avengers at those companies!


Venetian Blinds

S-Craft have created the closest fitting wood Venetian blinds on the market right now.  I know what you’re thinking is S-Craft run by Captain Planet? Surprisingly no, they’re just really committed bunch of people.

What makes them really special is the the cords are placed on the slats which means no cord holes, which means when the slats are closed they mean closed; no more drafts!  Which is a great thing as you wouldn’t like us when we’re drafty


Curtains With Thermal Lining

So Shutters? tick. blinds? tick.  How about curtains? well the good people at Drapes have designed a range of thermally lined curtains! This makes them  particularly well insulated and needless to say-NO DRAFTS!!


Roman Blind with Thermal Lining 

Drapes are just the company to keep on giving as they’ve been working away to deliver thermally insulated Roman blinds! So in Brightest Day and Blackest Night…these blinds will reduce draft as well as keeping your home warm and stylish!


Luxaflex Duette Architella Shade

With its honeycomb pleated fabric this product is able to trap 3 pockets of air in its 4 layers, doubling the insulating properties of a window in winter and limiting the entry of solar radiation in the summer by half. Great news for you, less so for the Swamp Thing.

Easily one of the most energy efficient blinds on sale at The Pole Company today!


Luxaflex Architella Duette Shades- Displaying the Honeycomb effect


So that is our extensive blog on energy saving at The Pole Company.  Please look at our previous blog about some of the environmental events going on over the next month here in bath with the Bath Homes fit for the future organisation!  If any of those items above interested you why not give us a call or an email?

Please check out our Facebook group and Twitter for updates and more information on upcoming events and exclusive updates! There will be a lot of relate material for this subject!

Remember stay energy conscious and  Cowabunga dudes!  Thanks Michelangelo and thanks for reading!


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