METRO FLAT curtain tracks Explained

2nd March 2012

A couple of days ago we blogged about Metropole curtain tracks and the wonder they hold for your room but you’ve been hard at work all week taking on the worst your city has to offer and needless to say priority wise, designing your windows is still not nearing the top.  Well here at The Pole Company we can appreciate the daily trials and tribulations of busy lifestyles and are more than capable of fitting in around your schedule.

Now we are currently pushing our curtain track initiative which you might remember from our previous blog?  Well like your wardrobe, sometimes you need a change of pace, so we’re proposing you look at Metro Flat curtain tracks!

Metro Flat curtain tracks are another popular product from the Silent Gliss curtain track family.  Unlike Metropole, this curtain tracks has been designed more faithfully to the original curtain track design.  This product has a very modern appeal with an industrial inspired look.  The Metro flat curtain tracks come in 4 metallic colours (Black/Chrome/Gunmetal/Silver) up to 600cm.  Like Metropole, again they can be bent to fit bay windows or any other awkward window space incredibly easily.

Metro Flat curtain tracks 2

Metro Flat Curtain Tracks.

We have also been looking at prices here on our curtain track products and reduced the price on Metro Flat and Silent Gliss offer a 5 year guarantee on all Metro Flat products!  Take advantage of our generosity!  So don’t leave it One More Day, enquire about our available curtain tracks now!

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