The Initiative: Curtain Tracks!!

20th February 2012

At The Pole Company we have hit the ground running this year with our online services;  We’ve added new products, updated our Gallery section and just finished our successful 2012 Shutter Sale, so as you can imagine we’re feeling extremely positive about this year already!  That said we are not ones to rest on our laurels here, we’re moving forward with something we like to call ‘The Initiative‘.

The Initiative is an idea we have had for some time now in our Pole Company headquarters.  After a prosperous year of promoting and selling curtain poles and curtain accessories here online, we want to shift our attention and focus onto our other online products.  The next push we are excited to announce is for our curtain tracks section!

Wave Curtain Tracks just part of our selection

Curtain Tracks are here to stay!

Curtain tracks are a fantastic product.  They effortless act as an efficient modern addition to any window, which can easily slot into your home. Curtain tracks are also very popular in the business world with a lot of our online products lending themselves to big contract work for offices or conference halls on a range of scales, proving to be very cost efficient too. For examples on the different types of curtain tracks available take a look at our Gallery Section for our ‘Curtain Tracks!’ album or if you are interested in our contract work, involving curtain tracks or any other product for that matter, why not look at our Contract section?

Over the next week we will be highlighting a few of our online curtain track products including Metropole and Metroflat, Autoglide, the Silent Gliss Systems, a host of Integra curtain tracks, so stay tuned for a few specific blogs coming this way!

One last thing to mention before we begin this week properly is that we have reduced our pricing on many of our curtain tracks.  This is all part of The Initiative to generate interest in our curtain track products!

So please have a browse at the section here, or for more information please contact us!

Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks

Curtain Tracks are here!!




As always please look at our Facebook group and Twitter profile for exclusive updates, and heaps of new content!  Thanks for reading!


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