2nd February 2012

As a customer it is important to know what you’re buying.  When customers visit our shop no matter if they’re looking for curtain poles, blinds, shutters or even a spare holdback we endeavor to show the product in the best possible manner to let the customer walk away feeling confident in their final choice.  On our website, depending on which product interests you, we want to help make sure that it is the right decision for you.


With this in mind we are highlighting our Gallery section!  Our gallery section is situated on our menu bar and in a nutshell is the home place of all of our images.  In this section you will find numerous images of all our work and interior shots to accompany a lot of our products.  Here’s a little rundown of what is in the section already:

Bay Window project in Cheyne Walk – This bay window project dates back to last year and is one of our first Gallery items.  This shows off one of our bigger jobs in London.  Have a look at the finished job or read about it here in one of our first blogs!

What we do – This is a handful of images which establish who we are as a company.  The album shows off a project we completed in a local hotel but includes curtain poles, blinds and shutters of all shapes and sizes, letting our work speak for itself.

Children’s Blackout Blinds – A very brief album showing off a few of our children’s Blackout blinds option.  A very simple album just to highlight that we can work with any environment.

TPC Designed Finials – This is one of our collaboration efforts with one of the local companies to create a stunning new finial for their latest range.  If you would like to read more about this new finial and see how it came about why not take a look at our previous blog about it here.

Out of the Fire – Here we decided to expand on one of our most popular lines.  This particular range deals solely in Wrought Iron Curtain poles, and is sourced locally.  Why not take a look at it to admire if nothing else.
Walcot House curtain pole collection – This is an example of another popular range on our site which we thought deserved more attention.  This modern range is shown off in a bunch of spectacular photos ranging from close ups of some of the finials to interior shots with a curtain pole perfectly slotted into a homely scene.

Shutters Feel Inspired! This is the latest of our gallery items.  An array of shutter pics showing off even more of our work.  This details all types of shutters on a number of different scales.

Our exciting Gallery section

A glimpse of our brand new gallery section!

We will be adding more to our Gallery section as the months go on, but in the meantime have a look at our current gallery items as mentioned above.  If you would like anymore information about the gallery items or have any ideas on what you would like to see in our gallery section then please contact us.  As always please join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter!

Thanks or reading!


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