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17th January 2012

Choices are a big part of everyday life.  Throughout the day, we make choices, some more subconscious than others but all of which contribute to determine/effect where we are and how we feel at the end of that day.  Its even a choice as to whether you choose to continue reading the rest of this blog!

At The Pole Company we understand that choice is an integral part of everyone’s lives, so we have decided to expand the choice by adding a new section with more products.  However being able to make more choices is one thing but having more control over those choices is another.   So with that in mind we would like to Introduce our Poles Only Section!

The Poles Only section allows you the customer to have the freedom of building your own curtain pole set!   You begin with a single curtain pole which you could purchase straight away or you could add Finials, Brackets and Rings in whichever quantity suits you (The individual curtain poles and curtain pole accessories all come with relevant information to help when choosing your quantities).  Then if you would like to add even more to your set, try adding other less essential curtain accessories such as Holdbacks or for Bay windows why not try a corner piece.

Individual Curtain Poles

The Curtain Pole-the first step to building your set.











The section itself has been live and was briefly mentioned in our last blog (All about New Years Resolutions which if you haven’t already you can read here), but now it is full of the relevant brands.  The brands and ranges included in our new section our Decotec, Modern Country, Neo, Integra Inspired, Jones Hardwick & Lunar, and The Painted Curtain Pole Company.  All fantastic brands with extensive component choices.

So if you are looking to buy a curtain pole set from us why not try buying it from our Poles Only section? Its very straightforward and lets you know exactly what you’re buying!  So give it a go!  For more information please contact us or visit our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
Thanks for reading!


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