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16th November 2011

We’ve been running as a business for 11 years this month, what a long journey its been!  Keeping in the birthday spirit, we wanted to do something special to celebrate.   A big idea we immediately thought of was telling the history of The Pole Company which has never been mentioned before, but we thought it was high time to bring up how the company came about.

The idea behind The Pole Company originates with its founders the Hewetts.   With a background in design and agriculture, the entrepreneurial duo set about using their joint skills to take on the curtain pole industry and set alight their passion. So in November 1999 they began putting their dreams into reality.   As all businesses do, they began small, working from Home and building up a solid, loyal customer base offering one on one design consultancies and expert fitting.   After a few years of very hard work they were able to move into a shop in 2004.

The Pole Company on Walcot Street

The Pole Company 2004-2010 Walcot Street













The new shop was situated on Walcot Street.   It was a quaint little shop where customers would not only be able to come and visit properly but also see displays on the wall rather than just in catalogues or by the finished product.   Having a shop so close to the town centre also meant that The Pole Company had begun to get a substantial foothold in Bath and the SouthWest which in turn got them recognised by big players in the Design Industry including S-Craft, Luxaflex and Hallis Hudson to name but a few.

The staff also grew in number, with The Hewetts introducing more design experts to lead the shop so they could finally grant themselves some time off after all these years.  The Pole Company was even able to set up links with Bath University through their graduate internship scheme attempting to involve younger generations in the design industry through practical applications.


After a few years at this location and many sales down the line, an opening became available on Saracen Street.   The shop ‘High and Mighty’ had decided to leave and The Hewetts believing it was a golden opportunity did not hesitate on the matter.   In 2010 they moved into the new shop and immediately began planning the interior design with the help of our friends at The Ministry of Pine (experts in wood design), which is the layout you see today when entering the shop.

The Pole Company Saracen Street

The Pole Company 2010-Present Saracen Street














Having a new spot gave their employees a greater enthusiasm to make the most of the location, catching more customers and also being in a lighter shop allowed the products the opportunity to sell themselves.   The Hewetts quickly made their mark on the shop by putting a fantastic unique custom made shutter in our top stairs window (take a look if you’re in the shop).

The Pole Company Custom Shutter

The Pole Company Custom Shutter Upstairs!







The Pole Company also signed up to Bath Spa University, on the other side of Bath, for their internship scheme and again successfully managed to employ a young graduate from it.

In the last 12 months The Pole Company’s Website was also able to grow with a new IT team in place, dedicated to evolving and enhancing the site, which now is proving to be highly successful and a fierce competitor online.

So there you have it the history of the The Original Pole Company. We are here today through a lot of dedication and hardwork, and hopefully will be able to redo and updated version this blog in another 10 years time!
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