A Very Special Testimonial

7th October 2011

Testimonials can play an important role when deciding whether or not to buy from online businesses.  We see it all over the web, and here at The Pole Company we take this very seriously and are always on the look out for recommendations and feedback on our previous work.

We have just found a very special testimonial that we’ve taken a little time to piece together from a recent customer.  See if you can work out who this could be?


Dear Pole Company,

I must firstly congratulate you on a splendid, if not slightly compact considering the amount of poles and blinds and other window goods you sell, shop.  Small but not too small mind you, or maybe thats just me? can I suggest implementing Tardis technology? all the rage in Gallifrey, well at least it was a millenium ago.

Doing as much travelling as I do, sometimes temporal solar flares can throw me out a decade or two but I’m glad I stumbled across your fine establishment!

Your collection of curtain poles were inspired, I’ve never seen such a collection so early in this century!   I believe you tried to show me Wood Works Curtain Poles?  I


believe there’s an internet sale on at the moment? Oh yes there it is, nice and red, very good, don’t know why I didn’t spot that before!  But yes, back to the point no wooden curtain poles, not really my thing, sonic screw driver doesn’t appreciate them, no, found that out the hard way in a quiet library a few years back, oh, and with the Silurians.  I know I really should fix the design fault, not the first time I’ve mentioned it either…but where we?

Ah yes, no to wooden curtain poles, so next they pulled out a glass curtain pole.  An astonishing creation! Absolutely fantastic!  I did think long and hard over this one, definitely went in the ‘maybe’ pile.  We moved on to the Metal curtain poles, now this was something I could get behind!  Neo Curtain Poles very nice, very very nice.  Sleek, shiny very modern.  But no, my ideal curtain pole was a beautiful Jones pole.  It was a Square finial set I believe.  Very reminiscent of the old Mark Beta six Sonic Screwdriver, perfect reminder for anyone missing me.  But a brilliantly designed curtain pole!

And your team! Yes, I must say your team were marvellous!  A fine group of assistants if ever I met one!  A shame they didn’t fancy coming along for a ride, would’ve got them back for tea, well give or take a month or two.  Must also check the psychic paper is still working, seemed to be malfunctioning upon paying.

But of course you may be wondering why I need such an item-well why does anyone?  There’s a lonely little window out there crying out for a partner…but more so, I recently dropped two friends off at a new home which when last I checked was a little unfurnished.  Plus I should really let them know I did in fact survive Utah, lovely spot by the way, high recommendation if you’re free in June.

Anyway I must run, people to see, places to explore, and galaxies to…well you know,


But my sincerest thanks!


The Doctor’


We would like to encourage all our customers to leave a comment after purchasing an item so you can let everyone know how good a job we do here!  To see our latest testimonials take a look here, or if you have dealt with us in the past and would like to leave a comment please take a look at our temporary testimonial blog page here!


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