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19th September 2011

Over the course of a working day at The Pole Company the staff can find themselves relating more and more to the lives of the one dimensional creations the Mr Men. Thats not to say that the staff are reminiscent of particular shapes and primary or secondary colours but instead are able to adapt to select the best skills suited to handle an average day in The Pole Company.

The Best on Saracen Street

The Pole Company Bath

For those of you that have been to visit us in Bath you will have noticed that The Pole Company prides itself on its shop. Like most shops, The Pole Company has a friendly and warm atmosphere with very sociable and extremely pleasant staff, who often find themselves possessed by Mr Busy.

If the shop isn’t full then quotes are being compiled, accounts updated, displays adjusted, emails flying here there and everywhere and of course the ever vital price adjustments.


One Important point about the shop that The Pole Company would like to put across is that customers are always welcome. No matter which Mr Men character you personally find yourself relating to that particular day, we are always here to accommodate to your needs.

If you feel more like Mr Chatterbox not a problem, we can advise you on everything from glass curtain poles to venetian blinds; if you need your window to be perfect we can channel our inner Mr Perfect to help you achieve this goal or if your day isn’t going quite right and Mr Slow or Mr Forgetful is more in keeping then we can help you with this too, through helpful straightforward advice and email follow ups from your visit.  Here at The Pole Company every customer is valued .

Visit us in Bath!

The Pole Company always open for business


So please come and see us if you’re in Bath or just visiting we are always happy to see fresh faces in the shop. If you aren’t stepping foot near the door anytime soon but like what you see on our website then please contact us.  Or if you would like social network updates and little TPC extras why not join our Facebook group?
P.S. if you are lucky enough to visit our IT Department, their desk would fit in well within the flat of Mr Messy, but we’re working on this.


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