SALE-Wood Works the Curtain Pole to rule them all?

8th September 2011
Wood Works Curtain Pole Sale

Fantastic Bargain for Wooden Curtain Poles

Like most good sales they are never late, nor early, they arrive precisely when they mean to. As I’m sure you are now aware the Wood Works Sale is well in swing however to a lot of customers Wood Works is just another title in a forest of wooden curtain poles.
One does not simply walk into a sale, at least without having some familiarity with the brand or range in question so this blog is to help show you the customer why Wood Works is worthy of our Autumn sale and why you don’t need to be king of Gondor to afford them!


Over the years Wood Works has established itself as one of the most prominent wooden curtain pole ranges in the industry and the kingdom of men. It hails under the Hallis Hudson banner which you can take a look at here using our new brand selector tool.

The Wood Works collection has a mix of natural and warming colours including Cream, cream gold, Dark Oak, Mid Oak and Light Oak. This is perfect for creating a tranquil effect in any room, needless to say if you have a flat in Mordor you may benefit from this in particular.

Wood Works also has a moderate number of complimenting finials which truly complete the curtain poles. These include the classic ball (Coincidently this happens to be the White Wizard’s personal favourite) and ribbed ball finials, acorn, square, teardrop and the urn, all of which are available in all of the colours mentioned previously. Diameter wise this range comes in 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm to suit most types of curtains.

Wood Works Curtain Pole in Dark Oak

Wood Works Curtain Pole!

If whole sets isn’t what you’re searching for this time we have a fair few Wood Works items in our Accessory section such as the ‘one’ ring, in a pack of six. So have a look at these too!

So that concludes our brief introduction to Wood Works curtain poles. It is a ‘precious’ vast collection which you won’t need to scour Middle Earth for, so please take this great opportunity to look at this fantastic range at an unbeatable price. This a bargain for any customer looking for a nice set of wooden curtain poles for their own ‘bag end’. So don’t be fool of a took and hesitate have a look here today!

And our check out is now Balrog free so you shall pass no problem.


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