Myth Buster: The Pole Company Prices

12th August 2011

At The Pole Company we sell a vast number of curtain poles, blinds, shutters, curtain pole accessories and many other items from numerous suppliers. Due to the designer companies we deal with, we are often perceived to be slightly expensive, with people often a little worried about price before even entering the front door!  However this is not the case, we do indeed sell cheaper lines which match the quality of our more expensive ranges!

When thinking cheap curtain poles, which may or may not excite you, we often refer customers to our Woodline range. Woodline curtain poles are a fine collection of wooden poles with that everyday value.  The curtain poles in this range sport the classic Ball finial and deal in very natural colours such as Light Oak, dark oak and Rosewood which all can easily slot in your home without costing a fortune.  The Woodline range may be a much cheaper line than some other curtain poles on our website but only in price, not in quality.

Natural effect Dark Oak Woodline Curtain Pole

Perfect Natural looking curtain pole effect











Another popular product topic we’re asked about is cheap curtain tracks.  A popular range which is also inexpensive is the Integra Discreet curtain tracks. With prices starting at just under £20 these are a fantastic deal to pick up. The track is made from a strong Aluminium base and comes in fully assembled lengths for that easy to fit style. Perfect for that minimalistic efficient effect.

Integra Discreet Aluminium Curtain Track

Efficient and cost effective curtain track system.











So remember you don’t have to be a ‘Delboy’ to get the best deal out there, The Pole Company may look expensive from the outside but we will always accommodate any customer interested in adding something special to their homes. If you would like more information on Woodline or Integra Discreet tracks please contact us.


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