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27th July 2011

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After a final check out of the window this morning The Pole Company can confirm that the summer is upon us, at least for the next few hours. This is a perfect time of year for being out and about and doing things in the sun, but with longer days and more sunshine than ever this can prove to be a problem for those of us trying to get a good nights sleep. Help is at hand with the Blackout Blind!

Blackout Blinds are simply designed to help block out light through a combination of dense fabric and secure fitting.  Blackout Blinds are highly energy efficient by retaining great amounts of heat and warmth; a big positive for the environment.   The Blackout Blind effect can be achieved in a lot of different styles of blinds available in our shop but the most effective are Rollers, Romans, and Duettes blinds.

Blackout Blinds are excellent for roof windows or any other window directly exposed to the sun.  Also with the school holidays now in full swing, children’s Blackout Blinds are perfect for early bedtime battles and can help keep your children asleep for longer in the summer mornings. For a few examples of children’s Blackout Blinds please head on over to our gallery section here.

If you are interested in Blackout Blinds, looking at our online blinds section, or would like to talk to a specialist regarding adding the Blackout effect to your room please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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