Glass Curtain Poles

18th July 2011

The Glass curtain poles we have on display, generate a vast amount of interest in the shop and on our website but we often find that customers are wary of taking that initial leap with such an unusual pole.

It is not uncommon for customers to take a long look and ponder over the practicalities of choosing a pole such as this, often reminiscent of an early scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones after scaling the abandoned temple pours over the golden idol artifact considering when/if he should take it.

However the glass curtain pole is not as mysterious as it appears to be. This blog aims to dispel a handful of common worries customers have often asked and ensure you are not snared by a any pitfalls or ‘booby traps’ along the way to purchasing one!

Are the poles strong enough? Yes, the glass curtain pole is as strong as many of the other poles we sell. They are designed to take up to 25kg in weight which with any curtain weight spread across the pole, is more than manageable to carry the majority of curtains.

Are they expensive? Yes/No, compared to wooden and several metal curtain poles they are slightly more expensive. That said every Glass curtain pole is individually manufactured and completed to the highest quality on every glass related product. Compared to other designer poles of similar craft they are nowhere near as expensive.

Will the rings scratch the pole every time I move my curtains? No, unfortunately every pole that is regularly used will suffer from wear and tear over the years but the rings the glass pole use (Acrylic or Metal) have an inner lining present to ensure that no scratches are made on the pole itself.

Are these just for interior designers? No, anyone who likes the pole and wants to be adventurous is encouraged to buy a glass curtain pole!

We hope this has cleared up some confusion about these luxurious curtain poles and encouraged you to take a chance on them today! However if you are still unsure about Glass Curtain Poles then please feel free to comment or contact us with your questions!


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